Toca Life World Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

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Toca Life World is an educational game (Apk) that is developed by the toca bota. However, this toca life game can be played by any of the players that are using any of the devices. You are free to use this game via your android, iOS or with the PCs. Actually, this Toca Life World Apk is a game that is based on building your own stories via the game.  Through the game, the players are allowed to create their own unique and amazing world with the storyline.  Actually, there are over 8 locations available. Begin the gameplay with available 39 characters here.

Through the game, you are able to design your characters. Then customize the characters here. Then create your own house for you to taste. However the toca life world Apk is available with over 100 locations, 500+ characters as well as pets available in the shops that are required for purchase.  So in the game, you are able to explore many different locations here. So take the pet to school, to the salon, or to meet the doctor.

toca life world apk

Toca Life World Apk Download for Android

Toca Life World Apk Download

Google Play Download

If you are an android device user, who is willing to enjoy the toca life game, now is your chance for it. But before stepping into any further steps, make sure that your device is with the android OS 5.0 or upwards. If not you are unable to enjoy this toca life world Apk game. Also while installing the game always get the latest version 1.47. always get the latest version to enjoy with all the latest features. Currently, there are over 100,000,000+ individual users who have joined the app. If you’re an experienced user of this toca life game, you can easily get it via the google play store. In the following, you will discover how to get it installed on your device.

  • Open the google play store via your device.
  • Then type and search “Toca life world Apk” on the google play store search bar.
  • You will explore the right app.
  • Then proceed to the download and installation.
  • After completing the download, you will be directed to the installation procedure automatically.
  • Allow the permissions needed by the game.
  • Then install the game and start gameplay.

What is Toca Life World Apk?

So the players are free to explore many different locations here. The players can visit the food courts, shopping malls, and apartments too. By doing those things, you can create many beautiful memories. Obtain the rewards weekly to add to your world. However, you are able to create your world with anyone by using anything.  So I think you are ready to create your dream world with this game. Here’s your chance for that. Create your world and own stories with this amazing toca life world Apk game. Certainly, the players will obtain fun out of your favorite Toca Life World Apk apps that are called such as city, vacation, office, hospital, and many more others. Can obtain all of these things in one place.

Actually, it is a very funny activity to dive into this immersive Toca Life World Apk.  Here the players can do what they want to do and what they feel like doing.  Feel this is your world. So here you can build your character and design any unique stories.

toca life world

More About The App

In this amazing Toca Life World Apk, you are the one and only boss here. Create any kind of story with your favorite character. Play the way that you want to play. In the game, the players can visit Bop city.  That is a colorful city actually. That city is consistent with 8 different locations.  All places are welcome to visit such as shopping malls, food courts, and even an apartment. Keep the first step to start creating your own world.

Actually, the many people that join the game are starting to love it definitely due to all the amazing features that have been listed previously.  When you have downloaded the toca life world Apk, the game is helping to create and bring the stuff into the mega app very easily.  After that start the mixing and matching of the characters and locations that create heaps of new storylines.

This is a game that is supported for turning all the imaginations of the kids into reality. This is the best Game to encourage your child too.  They can enhance their creativity via this amazing app. so this will be displayed as a virtual playroom for your kid. Let’s try it.


  • Availability of the 8 locations.
  • 39 characters
  • Explore many other places included in the game such as shopping malls and the food court.
  • Keep the all Toca Life World Apk apps that you already have
  • Buy more new characters and locations
  • Obtain the rewards every week
  • Discover more exciting storylines
  • The Toca Life World is with shops in locations over 100, over 500 characters, and 500 pets.
  • The game is continuously updating the locations and characters included in the game.

So the given above are some features of the toca life world Apk game. If you want to enjoy some more features of the game, just download the game and start the usage of it. You will receive many more amazing functions.

Toca Life World Download For iOS

Even iOS users can play this. Toca life world is also available for iOS devices this time. By following the below steps you are free to install the toca life game into your device very easily.

  • Launch appstore on your iOS device.
  • Then find the toca life in the appstore using the search bar.
  • You will get the right app here.
  • Then proceed with the download and installation procedure.
  • After ending the downloading procedure, you need to allow some app permissions to install.
  • Then continue gameplay with toca life world apk.

Toca Life World Download for PC

Now, the Toca life world game is available for your PC. But you can’t directly get the game. You have to install the game by using an AE for your device. The bluestacks 5, LD player are some of the best android emulators that suit your task. You can visit the official site of the android emulators and can get them downloaded easily. So then after that follow the below steps for a quick installation.

  • First, open the previously installed android emulator on your device.
  • Then open the play store by using the android emulator.
  • Finish the google sign in process to start the app installation.
  • Find the app in the play store using the search bar.
  • You will find the matching results for your search and then continue to the installation and the download process.
  • Allow for the requesting access by the game.
  • Then open the game by clicking the app icon displayed on the desktop.
  • Start gaming.

How To Play Toca Life World Apk?

Actually, the famous world called the Toca – Boka is taken into the single game that is known as the toca life world Apk. The game is starting with the creation of the character. You will receive multiple images for you. Through that, the players should have to select one from that. Apart from that, the players can create new heroes too.  The inbuilt character system Is amazing. 

The next part of the toca life game is about taking the players into their first apartments. The adventurous phase begins.  There are actually 8 players included in the beginning. The players can design images for any player.  There are so many locations here. So the players can try their own abilities along with this toca life world Apk. Assume that you don’t have an idea to create a hero through the game. No issue. You are having a pre-made character here. Choose one from available other heroes.

Safety And Legality

As stated above, this is a game that is recommended for kids as well. That happened because Toca Life World Apk is an educational game for you.  When we think about the game content, there is no harmful content. Because the game is actually recommended for kids as an educational game. Therefore you need not worry about it. And always try to get it via using an official app store such as the google play store or apple app store. It is a risk-free way. Don’t get the games downloaded from any other 3rd party apps.  Apart from that, the game is not providing the user details to any other parties via the app. When considering the legality issues, you will not face any limitations or restrictions. So you are safe and secure.


Q: Is this toca life world Apk game free?

A: Yes. This game is offered to the players for free.  Just download the game. All the other procedures are free.

Q: Is this game having babies?

A:  Yes. There is a hospital in the game. Therefore the players are able to meet new characters as babies. Through the hospital, you can treat sick parents as well as say goodbye to others.

Q: Is the Toca life world Apk can be played by 12 years old children?

A: Ye. Why not? There is no kind of such issue. The game has rated for children who are over 4 years old and others.

Final Words

The above description is stating the facts regarding the amazing game called the toca life world Apk. Actually, it is a nice game that you can enjoy with a lot of functions. The game is included in the educational category as well. Therefore start gaming with it from now onwards. Have fun.