Teen Patti Gold Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

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Teen Patti Gold is a game (Apk) for Android that is a classic version of Indian poker. The players can observe the game as a refreshing take on traditional card games.  The teen Patti gold Apk is offering a chance for you to play with the real players.  Use an internet connection to play the game with players around the whole world. Teen Patti is available in many languages. Among them, the Indian language is the major language of gaming. Those Hindi languages included the languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, etc.

When we consider the content of the Teen Patti Gold Apk game it is said that the card game is especially native to the Indian subcontinent. There are some simplified rules here. The game can be played with three cards also.  Don’t worry if you are an amateur. Because the amateurs can even understand the game within a couple of minutes.  But that doesn’t mean you can adjust to gaming so quickly. It requires a lot of patience and time to get used to gaming.

teen patti gold apk

Teen Patti Gold Apk Download for Android

Teen Patti Gold Apk Download

Google Play Download

The latest version of the game is 6.81. When you are downloading the game, please select the latest version. If not you will miss some important features of the game. And when you want to use the game it is required to have the android version 4.4 and upwards. Currently, there are over 50,000,000+ downloads performed so far. This is your chance to try it.

  • Open the google play store through your device.
  • Then search for the name teen Patti gold Apk through the google play store search bar.
  • Then you will receive matching results for your search.
  • Tap on the download tab to continue the download procedure.
  • Wait until the download process ends.
  • The installation procedure will begin shortly.
  • Allow for the permissions requested by the game and proceed with gaming.

What is the Teen Patti Gold Apk?

The teen Patti can be identified as a funny, quick, and straightforward game. However, gaming allows you to have fun with your family as well as friends. Simply you could identify this teen Patti gold Apk as an app with a social design and very simple rules. This teen Patti gold Apk is an amazing app that brings out uninterrupted entertainment. Add fun to your mobile phones as well. The game is consistent with the multiple language options.

The teen Patti gold Apk is kind of a simple application. 2D graphics play an important role in gaming. Also, the teen Patti gold Apk can add a photo avatar. Due to all of these features, the game has become much easier to navigate. The peppy animations and the sound effects also add a unique look to the game. Other than that this game is offering options to turn off the sounds, notifications, and messages through the other players. As above stated there are some rules and regulations associated with the game. While you continue gaming, you are able to know the information regarding the game.

teen patti gold

More About The App

The teen Patti gold Apk is featuring three game tables in the game. Those can be played as per each and every game mode. The first option is the normal game mode. That is the simplest mode here.  plus there is a joker table option. In this option, you are able to deal with a joker card. What is offered is that the player can replace any card that is in her hand with another stronger card that could win the race.

Also, the players can choose the best chips. Other than that play in a tournament. By selecting them, the players are able to win millions of chips at stake. Also, note that there is no kind of exchange of real money in gaming. Other than that you could have fun with the friends that are worrying about the expenses. When you are starting the Teen Patti Gold Apk game, the application is offering you free coin awards. Those coins can be used to play as per your preferences. Other than that there are some more methods that can get more coins. The players could get more coins through awards and daily bonuses etc.


  • Play the free poker online on Teen Patti Gold Apk
  • Can play the game with the skillful players
  • There are game variations available
  • Teen Patti Gold Apk is a unique free card game
  • There is an online community offered for the card game players
  • It is very easy to play and learn
  • Invite your friends and family to play the game
  • Availability of the weekly events and challenges
  • All in one card game
  • Get free chips each day
  • Play in your preferred language
  • Availability of the private room
  • break the monopoly of the big bullies
  • Become the governor of the table
  • Invite your friends to play against the others in a private room or table

Teen Patti Gold Download For iOS

This game is available for iOS devices also. You could download the game using the above procedure. Follow the given below procedure to install the teen Patti gold.

  • Open the apple app store via your ios device.
  • Type game name on the search bar.
  • After choosing the correct app, tap on the get option.
  • Wait till the app download gets finished and until the installation will start automatically.
  • No permissions will be requested by the app like Android.
  • Open the app and start gaming.

Teen Patti Gold Download for PC

The teen Patti gold is supportive of the PCs also. But here you could get the game by using an android emulator. There are so many android emulators available such as bluestacks, nox player and the memu player. If the free disk space is about 5 GB, RAM is 4 GB and the windows version should be at least above windows 7, any user is free to use this game. Just after downloading an android emulator, follow the below procedure.

  • Open the android emulator that you have downloaded previously.
  • Then open the google play store via the android emulator.
  • Complete the google sign-in option, to begin with, the app download.
  • Search for the teen Patti gold apk in the search bar.
  • After choosing the suitable app proceed with the game installation.
  • Then allow for the permissions requested by the game.
  • Start gaming.

How To Use Teen Patti Gold Apk?

Usually, you need 3 to 6 players to play the game. The game is using about 52 card packs without any jokers in it. The game is starting with placing a bet. After a bet by a player, every other player should give the boot amount. Each and every player in the Teen Patti Gold Apk game should have to deal with the three cards face down.

The dealer will deal three cards to the player. The next step in the game is to make a call. Or the player can raise in the game. If you have played the game at least once, certainly you know the following things.

The aces are the highest in the game. So the lowest card is 2. The goal is to have the top 3 card hands. And then increase the pot even before the game ended.  If there are three cards in the same rank, the three aces are at the highest, and two are at the lowest. Likewise, there are some rules of the Teen Patti Gold Apk game. If you are aware of the rules and regulations of the game, it is easier to play the game.

Safety And Legality

Let’s see about the safety and the legality of the game. Basically, the game content is very safe for anyone. No unsafe or unprotected content in the teen Patti gold apk. Also, It is better and safer to download the game from trusted sources like the official store. You know there are trusted sources such as the google play store or the apple app store. Don’t try to get the game from unsafe third-party applications. When it comes to legality, there are no issues associated with the game. So you are free to use it.


Q: Is this game a free one?

A: Yes. The teen Patti gold apk is a free game for you. The users don’t have to pay any charge for their usage of it. Therefore feel free to continue gaming.

Q: Are there any advertisements contained in the game?

A: Sometimes there may be some advertisements contained in the game since this is a free game. But don’t worry those are not kind of interruptive advertisements.

Final Words

The given above description is regarding the game teen Patti gold Apk game. It is an interesting card game that all of you must try. Now you are aware of the many facts related to the game. Download the game following the steps above This is your chance to try it.