PUBG Mobile APK 1.7.0 Download | Latest Version (988.9MB)

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PUBG Mobile is a shooter game (APK) for Android iOS and PC (Emulator) and it is the most popular game that everyone is able to play. The PUBG stands for player unknown’s battlegrounds. This is an online game. Although that is a multi-player game. Though the player is capable of adding his companion to the gameplay. Therefore you would get a fast-paced experience in the PUBG mobile Apk. Really you could get a diverse experience with this game. PUBG Mobile Apk allows you for playing together with two, three, four, or solo gaming. Although while in gaming, the players can communicate with each other. That is better while playing the game to target for the win.

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How to Download PUBG Mobile Apk

PUBG Mobile Apk 1.7.0 Download [988.9MB]

APK NamePUBG Mobile
Latest Versionv1.7.0
Android VersionAndroid 4.3+

You could download the PUBG Mobile Apk here.

Download the apk using the link and install it on your android device or pc using an android emulator. If you know this game before, clearly you know how to download it.

More about PUBG Mobile Apk

PUBG Mobile Apk is a most detailed game that could be played by anyone. Especially this game gave designed for mobiles. You can play the game everywhere at any time. Even it is allowing the most intensive free-to-play games. So by adjoining with the game you would be able to compete best with your all opponents. Survival is the only target that the gamers have to be with. If you haven’t adjoined with the PUBG game yet, this is your chance to do so. The player unknown’s battlegrounds are offered by the PROXIMA BETA.

When you are downloading the app, get the latest version of it. It is 1.5.0. Although now with the PUBG Mobile Apk, a wide variety of players have accumulated with the app. So over 500 million people downloaded this app. It is about a 704 MB-sized app that is available on the play store. Survive with the classic battles of up to 100 players, payload modes, zombie modes, and fast-paced team matches.

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PUBG Mobile Apk Features

Free to use

All the players of PUBG Mobile Apk are allowing to play the game freely. If you have an interesting connection and smartphone, you have fulfilled the required basic facts. The fake is powered by the Unreal Engine – 4. Quality gaming is the best advantage by that. Best qualitative graphics and 3D sound will add extraordinary quality for the gaming. For the game controllers, there are some customizable featured. So the player could change them as his wish. Training modes and voice chat are some other qualities here. Overall the best enjoyable feature is the realistic gaming with all features.

Battle maps

This is another valuable feature. Here this PUBG Mobile Apk game provides you with detailed maps in any battlegrounds, that you are on a battle. The map is varying with the sizes, weather conditions, and with terrain. With the help of the map, your win is so trusted.


There are more modes are available in gaming. Deathmatch modes, zombie modes, player classic modes are some of them. Even there are several player modes. Solo gaming as well as you could play the PUBG Mobile Apk game with a group of two members, three members, and with four members. Explore your perfect ride while gaming.


There are more events daily in PUBG Mobile Apk, and there are challenges to face, and availability of the monthly updates. Always it is growing. Even there are introductions of new game modes. Although the mechanisms of the gaming are fair and challenging. Although there won’t be any cheating mechanisms included in the growing.


For the PUBG Mobile Apk Gameplay, you are required with some requirements. The main thing is the stable Internet connection. Without an Internet connection, the players couldn’t play the game. Apart from that there are some system requirements also needed to play the game. Certainly, you should have to be with an android device that is having android 5.1.1 and upwards. Also, the memory of the device should be upwards of 2 GB. If your device won’t fulfill those requirements, it is better if you try PUBG lite.

What’s new

There are some new features in PUBG Mobile Apk. For experience with those new features certainly, you should download the latest version. The new Poseidon X-suit is one of such. It is one of the most detailed sets with more upgraded effects. There is a new set of ocean themes. The RP is updating monthly continuously. Also, earn some ranks to get some vouchers. And there’s the mission ignition mode. So experience with the all-new introduced features. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is the time for it.

How to Play PUBG Mobile Apk

PUBG is a game that is accompanying by fun, strategy, and having an excellent tasks. You can play the game with your friends as well as with strangers. Parachutes are helping for landing to battlegrounds. The fight is still existing until the last one standing in the land. The PUBG is now to be more popular due to the increasing number of players. The player could choose the place that they want to land. Jump to any city. After that, the player could discover the weapons, health items, and armors. There are about 100 players in the land. You could pick up the look of the player too.

Actually, this PUBG mobile game that is having an addictive nature. There’s a map available in the game. So easily the player could discover the location you are in. There are multiple devices that are compatible with the PUBG mobile. Therefore if you have a Microsoft Windows device, android, ios, Xbox 1, or have PlayStation 4, you can play the game.

Safety and legality

The PUBG Mobile Apk is a safe and legal app that you can use. This is from a trusted source. Therefore you don’t need to worry while using the app. Even always try to download this mobile game from a trusted source. Although there won’t any restrictions for the PUBG mobile game. Even that is permitted to use by anyone. Therefore in every time, the player can enjoy the app.


Final Words 

Now you have reached up to the final. PUBG Mobile Apk is an online game with advanced graphics. Now, this is your chance to try out this gaming. Certainly, it would be beneficial for you. Reveal more features with the PUBG Mobile.