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Project Sekai Colorful Stage is a musical game (Apk) that allows players to tap on the screen and create music.

Project Sekai Colorful Stage Apk is known as the HATSUNE MIKU. This is one of the latest mobile rhythm games. That the game is allowing you to discover many more and a rich cast of characters are appearing through the great power of music. Music has the great power of healing people. So starting to use this game to heal while having fun.

However, gamers would be able to find their feelings with this game. There is a song called “Untitled”. That is a mysterious song. It doesn’t have any melody or lyrics. But it is widely spreading among the youth generation in the Shibuya region in Tokyo.  But this untitled song helps to unlock the access to “SEKAI ”. That is a strange place. That location is enabling people to explore people’s true emotions as well as their songs. That sounds very interesting. So I think it is better to be aware of some more facts just before starting to play this amazing game.

project sekai colorful stage apk

Project Sekai Colorful Stage Apk Download for Android

Project Sekai Colorful Stage Apk Download

Google Play Download

Any android device user could get this Project Sekai Colorful Stage Apk downloaded from the google play store very easily and quickly. But for that, you are required to have android version 1.2.5 and upwards. Also, Snapdragon 835 is required. The minimum RAM should be 2GB. While getting the game download, check whether it is the latest version 1.2.5. Currently, over 1,000,000+ individuals are using this game. Then to get this game installed correctly, please follow the below-given procedure for it.

Download through the google play store

  • Launch the google play store
  • Search the name Project Sekai Colorful Stage Apk by its search bar
  • Then you will get the matching results
  • Collect the correct game
  • Begin the installation of the game
  • Open it after the installation and proceed with the gaming.

Download by here

  • Click on the Project Sekai Colorful Stage Apk download icon.
  • It will take a few minutes to download the apk file.
  • Allow the installations from unknown sources by the device settings. If not there may be some errors occurring while downloading since you are downloading from third-party sources.
  • Then begin the installation of the downloaded apk file.
  • Allow the permissions requested by the game.
  • Open the game and start gaming.

What is Project Sekai Colorful Stage Apk?

In this game, the players are allowed to play with the famous gaming character called Hatsune Miku and her other friends. All other friends are virtual friends. And 20 more other characters from the original cast are overcoming many more struggles through the power of the music. So what you have to do is, just play the Project Sekai Colorful Stage Apk game with these amazing characters.

 The gamers could be able to explore a valuable cast of characters through fully-voiced story chapters. There are about 5 difficulty levels available. The difficulty levels are starting from the easy and it is ended with the master level. Choose the best matching difficulty level for you. And any person can play this project Sekai colorful stage Apk individually. Or else that person can be teamed up with his other friends. Just the player can create a room with his friends but that number is limited to up to 4 members. Share the fun with them. Plus you can collect more and more character cards. Use those character cards and customize the music videos and your band. To reach up to the higher levels and for the upgrades, you are required to unlock more skills. Only that will help to reach for higher skills.

project sekai colorful stage

More About The App

While Project Sekai Colorful Stage Apk gaming you should have to reach for higher levels. You should not have to be in the same position. Unlock many more of your skills and acquire higher scores. And the players can enjoy many more virtual shows. It is just a virtual show that is happening in your own house. That could be held with the accumulation of such players all over the world. Apart from that, you should have to create an avatar while in the gameplay. Customize your avatar with the help of available features. Also, you could use a wide variety of costumes that you can dress your band members in. Just use the available tools for designing the outfits or costumes of your characters.

Virtual shows are a widely popular function that is available with the game. The game players can enjoy the real-time gaming experience with players from the whole world.  The gamers are welcome to join for virtual shows. And chat with the community who are already in this project Sekai colorful stage Apk. Interact with all the others by using special effects to make the gaming performance more stunning.


  • Tap, hold and flick to the rhythm
  • Discover a cast of characters with the story chapters
  • Very easy to choose the difficulty level
  • Availability of the difficulty levels from easy to master
  • Create a room for friends with up to 4 players
  • Collect the character cards
  • Customize the bands as well as music videos
  • Upgrade the gaming character by unlocking more and more skills
  • Customize your avatar
  • Choose outfits for your band members among the wide variety of available costumes
  • Enjoy online performances
  • Interact with the other gaming partners

Project Sekai Colorful Stage Download For iOS

The project Sekai colorful stage is available for iOS devices too. It appears by the name of Hatsune Miku: colorful stage. To get it installed into the iPhone or iPad very easily if those devices have iOS version 11.0 or later. The game is only about 314 MB. Follow the below-given procedure to install the game correctly.

  • Launch the apple app store
  • Search for the name Hatsune Miku: colorful stage game.
  • You will find the correct results for the search.
  • If it is the correct app, click on the Get icon.
  • Then the installation process will begin and sometime later the process will end.
  • Then start gaming.

Project Sekai Colorful Stage Download for PC

The game can be installed on your Windows PCs. Since this is available for Android devices through the google play store, you could get downloaded it via an android emulator. Follow the below steps to get the game correctly. But you are required to have an android emulator installed on your device. Nox player,memu player and bluestacks are the most popular android emulators.

  • Launch the android emulator that you have installed.
  • Open the google play store via the android emulator.
  • Complete the google sign-in procedure to start the game installation.
  • Search for the name Hatsune Miku: colorful stage.
  •  Begin the game installation.
  • Open the game and start gaming after the end of the installation.

How To Play Project Sekai Colorful Stage Apk?

When you have opened the game, first of all, you will listen to the Miku. Miku is talking to you. Then the player should have to enter the name. again Miku will start to explain the SEKAI to you. But your answers won’t affect the gameplay. After it gets finished you will be directed to the Project Sekai Colorful Stage Apk gaming tutorial.  Your score does not matter. You are allowed to progress. Then a personality quiz will begin. That quiz takes place to assign you to a unit. That the quiz is consistent with three questions and five answers. So in this way, you could continue the gameplay. Just begin it and proceed. The tutorial will guide you.

Safety And Legality

The Hatsune Miku colorful stage is a simple game. Although it is a funny game and the gaming community is nice. There is no kind of harmful content or behavior included in the game. Also, the Project Sekai Colorful Stage Apk is protected against bullying or harassment experiences. You should have to be alerted against the downloading source of the game. Because you should always have to download the game from a trusted source. Plus there are no restrictions over the project Sekai game. Therefore anyone can play it from anywhere.


Q: Why is this game called Project Sekai Colorful Stage Apk?

A: In the game, all virtual singers exist as fiction. Those all are fictional characters. They all came across a world called the Sekai.

Q: Is Project Sekai Colorful Stage Apk game available on apple?

A: Yes. The game is available on the apple app store. From that, you could get it downloaded.

Q: How old is Miku?

A: Hatsune Miku is a 16-year-old character.

Final Words

The given above description is regarding the game called project Sekai colorful stage Apk or the Hatsune Miku: colorful stage game. It is a funny game that you all must try. This is your chance for it. Start gaming with it.