One Piece Fighting Path Apk Download | Latest Version (Updated)

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One Piece Fighting Path is a role-playing game (Apk) that the players can experience many more adventurous actions. Also, the game is consistent with your favorites of yours. The game features characters from the history of the anime as well as the manga series. Here there are many more real-time battles. Therefore the players have received a better chance to control the characters such as Nami, zoeo etc. You can control them in one piece. This one piece fight was made by Eiichiro Oda. The game can be considered a legendary manga. 

If you are a person who is interested in this amazing game read the following description too to be aware of more details. One Piece Fighting Path Apk is the official video game. The players have to start with controlling the monkey D. Luffy on the day that he leaves the Foosha village. He is leaving that village to achieve his dream. His dream is to become the pirate king.

one piece fighting path apk

One Piece Fighting Path Apk Download for Android Devices

One Piece Fighting Path Apk Download

The one piece fighting path Apk is available for your android devices. The game size is about 1.7GB.  Currently, there are over 800,000+ users who have joined the app. follow the below procedure to install the one piece fighting path Apk correctly.

  • Open the google play store.
  • Then search for the name One Piece Fighting Path Apk on the search bar. You will receive the results included with all series of this one piece fighting path Apk game.
  • After that select the most appropriate option.
  • Proceed with download and the installation
  • Wait till the download and installation get finished
  • Allow for the permissions requested by the one piece fighting path Apk.
  • Open it and continue the gaming.

What is One Piece Fighting Path Apk?

While you are playing the One Piece Fighting Path Apk game, you will meet the other characters such as Coby and you should have to fight against the crew of Alvida. While playing all of these you will learn the techniques of gaming such as techniques to be used in the gaming. The scene exploration is one part of the fighting path of the game. So while on the exploration the users can select whether it is on a boat or foot. Meet the various types of battles by exploration. During the gaming, the players are also free to start conversations and start communication with the other players. Start communication with the NPCs as well as with the other players. 

Choose the objects in the environment. Then go for the missions. So those missions require some conditions. During gaming, you will learn all of these unique behaviors. Usually, a gaming RPG will immerse you totally in the world of one piece. Here the players should have to control about 3 characters.  This is much similar to the other anime games.   There are many more 3D scenes in here, so those scenes can be controlled via the joysticks.

one piece fighting path

More about the app 

The game controlling is much easier when it is compared with the other games. The joystick is on the left side of the screen and the action button is on the right side. The RPG is using the classical rock paper scissor system to decide the characters that have advantages or disadvantages. Therefore you can create a well-balanced team with heroes. Then only you can have the diversity of the teams. In One Piece Fighting Path Apk game, every character has its special characteristics.  Therefore any player has some legendary techniques.  But there is a huge group of characters in here. Like you there are many more players in the game. Actually while gaming you can interact with others.

But there is a technical aspect to RPGs.  Those techniques are very fantastic.  Also, it is always better than the other anime games. You will meet many more types of anime games with your mobile devices.  in the above, we had told you that there is one part called the fighting path.  Usually, the fighting path consisted of original series dubbing as well as 3D graphics.  When we consider the One Piece Fighting Path Apk, it delivers fantastic action as well as an adventurous RPG.  The video game is fully completed with the full of missions that are required to be completed. Also, there are many different game modes available. The cast of different controls can be controlled directly.  Now you are the one who has to enjoy the gaming.


  • The one piece fighting path Apk is one of the games related to the one piece franchise
  • Currently playable only in China
  • This is more complex than the other one piece mobile titles
  • There might be some language issues
  • The game is available for Android, iOS, and the windows
  • There are some translations available for the game but all of them are fan translations
  • You can remove any payment methods
  • Enjoy many more grand adventures across the land and sea

One Piece Fighting Path Download for iOS Devices

Similar to the above process, you can get the one piece fighting path into the iOS devices. so focus on the below steps to the successful installation of the one piece fighting path.

  • Launch the apple app store.
  • Then search for the game.
  • You will receive the matching results.
  • To proceed with the installation just tap on the get icon.
  • Wait till few minutes to complete the installation
  • Tap on the home screen app icon to launch the game
  • Then start the gaming 

One Piece Fighting Path Download for PC

Anyone can get this game downloaded to their PCs that are running Windows PCs. But to get this you are essentially required with an android emulator.  The bluestacks, nox player and the memu player are such types of android emulators that you can easily download onto your PC. I recommend you to get the bluestacks into your PC. I recommend you to get the bluestacks. To get the bluestacks you should have to be with 5GB of free disk space. And the RAM should be 2 GB or upwards. The windows version should be at least windows 7. Then visit the official bluestacks store and get the bluestacks 5.

  • Then open the downloaded bluestacks 5 android emulators.
  • Then open the google play store via the android emulator
  • Search for the name one piece fighting path.
  • You will get the matching results
  • Select the most appropriate option and proceed with the downloading process
  • Wait a few minutes to complete the installation of the One Piece Fighting Path Apk
  • Open the game by clicking on the desktop app icon
  • Start gaming

How to Play One Piece Fighting Path Apk?

By following the above steps you can download the game freely. Then you will get two options on the screen. Out of those two options select the option on the right side. Then insert your username or password.  After doing this check the dialogue box above the green button.  That will create your ID and show it.  For further usage save your username, ID, and password.  Then you will be directed to the verification.  Don’t skip this verification procedure. If you have missed this, it will stop you from playing this game for a longer period of time. So that is the simple procedure to enter the One Piece Fighting Path Apk game and start gaming.

Safety and legality

The next main issue with the one piece fighting oath expected users is the safety and the legality.  But I have to say that first always try to get the apps downloaded from via any trusted sources. If not, your device may be affected by some harmful malware. Another case is some users think that this one piece fighting path Apk will provide their details to the other third parties. But it is not like that. The app is not sharing details with any other parties. The game content is safe. It is based on your favorite anime characters. So when it comes to legality, there are no restrictions associated with the one piece fighting path Apk.  So anyone can play this game freely at any time. 


Q: Is the one piece fighting path Apk a mobile game?

A: Yes. The game is available for mobile devices. you can get the app into your smartphone despite the operating system included in it.

Q: What is the total size of the game?

A: It is about a 1.7 GB-sized game.

Q: Is this only a single game?

A: No. This is not a single game. There are multiple games included in the one piece fighting path Apk franchise.

Final Words

The one Piece Fighting Path Apk is one of the games from One piece. As stated previously there are many more functions available in gaming. Now it is over to you. Hope this article will be really helpful to enhance your gaming experience.