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My Talking Angela Apk is a game (Apk) in which you can control a virtual cat to dance, sing, and more. A lot of players have admired the game regardless of their age. These reviews alone are enough to prove that My Talking Angela Apk is one of the best cat games out there. The game is all about taking care of your cat and making friends in the game. Don’t worry; even if you are allergic to cats, you can still play and enjoy the game. 

Unlike other games, which require a lot of effort and time to complete missions, My Talking Angela Apk comes with easy-to-play games. Therefore, you can complete the game missions with less effort and time. Look after your cat and feed it spicy food to make it healthy.

my talking angela apk

My Talking Angela Apk Download For Android

My Talking Angela Apk Download

Google Play Download

Download My Talking Angela Apk by clicking the download link above.

Once you download the apk, go to your Settings > Security and enable unknown sources of your device. 

Whenever you install third-party applications, you need to enable unknown sources to install them. After you have successfully enabled unknown sources, follow these steps to install Apk, 

  1. Go to My Files > Downloads > Tap on the My Talking Angela Apk.
  2. Finally, tap on the install button. 

What is My Talking Angela Apk? 

My Talking Angela Apk is one of the most famous games of the game series Talking Tom and Friends. The game was produced by Outfit 7 Limited, and it has been extremely popular in the last decade. The game has also received a lot of positive feedback from millions of players across the globe. If you have already played the game talking tom, you will be familiar with Angela. Anglea is a friend of talking tom. 

The game has many mini-games, and you will enjoy taking care of your little and cute Angela. You will also get notifications on your screen that will guide you on what to do next to keep your cat active. When Angela is hungry, she will start rubbing her stomach, and you’ll see the food she likes to eat. Therefore you will have to feed your cat with reasonable fare. 

Your cat will grow fast if you constantly feed it the food it desires. Sometimes, she will only eat one portion of a relevant food. On such occasions, change her dish and feed it with something she likes. If you see her fur getting black, you must wash and clean her. You can also use soap to rub her body and remove all the dirt. You can then use water to get rid of soap and dirt.

my talking angela


1. Angela is your best friend

When playing My Talking Angela Apk, you are her parent. Therefore look after her by feeding, bathing, dressing, and raising her. There is a long journey ahead of the game, and you must look after your cat and keep in touch with its development as it’s still a baby. 

2. Feed Angela

As mentioned above, you are responsible for feeding Angela. Even though Angela isn’t a real cat, you must feed it. When you feed your cat, it will grow and become healthy. Whenever Anglea feels hungry, it will start rubbing her stomach. So provide her with the food that she prefers. Whether it’s a lollipop, fresh milk, biscuits, or a burger, you can present any dish on her table. 

You will get free food to feed your cat when you just start to play the game. However, when you get to level 5 of the game, you will have to purchase and feed your cat. Once the clock shows 100%, it means that Angela is healthy and you don’t have to feed more. 

3. You can decorate her by using fashion

The main difference between talking to tom and Angela is that Angela like fashion a lot. Therefore dress her in beautiful dresses to keep her beautiful. You can use cool hairstyles to make them more attractive. 

4. The game comes with cool stickers. 

My Talking Angela offers you a lot of stickers that you can use for a lot of activities of the game. 

5. My Talking Angela Apk has an easy User Interface. 

The interface is designed in a pretty easy way to understand the game’s concept. Due to this reason, even kids can play the game without getting into any trouble.

My Talking Angela Download For PC

The first step of downloading My Talking Angela on your PC is downloading Bluestacks. Installing Bluestacks is pretty simple. Follow the following steps to install blue socks, 

  1. Go to your browser and search for Bluestacks. 
  2. Then on the search results, go to the official website of Bluestacks 
  3. Now tap on the download button to download it. 
  4. Once you download it, tap on it in your downloads folder and install it. 

After installing Bluestacks, follow these steps to download My Talking Angela Apk on Bluestacks, 

  1. Launch Bluestacks and open the browser. 
  2. Copy the link to this web page and paste it onto your browser. 
  3. Now search, and you will get to this page. 
  4. Then find and tap on the download button.

Awesome, you have successfully downloaded and installed an emulator and downloaded My Talking Angela Apk. These are the following steps to install the Apk, 

  1. Go to the downloads folder on your emulator and tap on the downloaded apk. 
  2. Click on install, and My Talking Angela Apk will be installed on your PC. You can start playing the game now. 

Pros and Cons


  1. My Talking Angela Apk is a fun game that’s suitable for kids. 
  2. You can customize your outfits and hairstyles of Angela. 
  3. There are a lot of mini-games that make the game more entertaining. 


  1. My Talking Angela Apk contains ads. Therefore it can be annoying sometimes. 
  2. Another con of the game is that there are outfits you need to play money to buy.
  3. Kids can get addicted to the game. 

How To Play My Talking Angela Apk?

  1. Download and install the game. 
  2. Then launch the game and understand the basic instructions of the game. 
  3. Collect new outfits. Unlock new levels use sticks, feed your cat and keep it healthy. 
  4. You will get notifications on your screen whenever you need to look after your cat. Therefore if your notifications say Angela needs to eat, provide it with food. 
  5. Make sure to keep your cat healthy while completing the game’s mission. 

Safety and Legality

My Talking Angela is suitable for any kid of any age. Therefore if you are a parent with a kid, don’t hesitate to allow your child to play the game. 


Is it safe to download the apk?

Our website has a good reputation for providing secure apks. Therefore don’t worry about downloading My Talking Angela Apk from our website. 

Can I install My Talking Angela Apk without enabling unknown sources?

You cannot install the game without enabling unknown sources. To install the third-party application, you must enable unknown sources first. 


My Talking Angela Apk is a fun and enjoyable game that many kids love. Millions of kids and teens all around the world play the game. The game is suitable for any kid of any age. Therefore as a parent, don’t worry about letting your kid play the game. Talking Angela Apk would be perfect for almost all pet lovers around the world.