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Monster Legends APK is a strategic game (Apk) to breed and train monsters. The player can build their fighting force to face the final challenge. Fight against other masters of monsters. The game is freely available to download. However, some advanced features can be downloaded with payment. Monster Legends APK is playable offline as well. However, if you want to play as a tram it needs to be online.

It is your journey in the Monster Legends APK to create and control terrible monsters. You will be able to defeat a great evil and undertake various heroic adventures thanks to the strength of these creatures. To construct strong entities to battle beside you, gather, tame, and evolve your monsters in your very own monster city.

monster legends apk

Monster Legends APK Download for Android

Monster Legends Apk Download

Google Play Download

The game is available for free downloading for the above Android 4.0 versions. However, you can also pay and get it downloaded from the app store as well. If you want to inactive these features disable app purchases in your device at the Monster Legends APK. 

Steps to download APK 

  1. Download the game file – Select the most suitable file for your android device
  2. Update your Android operating system. (this is important to avoid getting downloaded malware and other bugs) 
  3. Once you update the Android device, install the MOD version of the Monster Legends APK 

What is the Monster Legends APK?

Monster Legends APK is not a complex game. If your target is to create and control fantastic creatures you can step on to evolve red fire dragons, giant apes, big sea serpents, and much more. This game allows the player to create and control the monsters which will grow naturally in their towns. This implies that the player can only create the monsters and habitat for them to reside and grow. This environment includes buildings, foods, or resources allowing the monsters to evolve naturally.   

The mod version of the Monster Legends APK is a game with characters and features that are unlockable without payment.

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  • Ability to create more than 900 monsters
  • New monsters are added every week.
  • Various elements in different monsters and the ability to produce interesting new species.
  • Obtain extraordinary creatures of all kinds during the game’s time-limited events.
  • Level up your creatures for the next sessions and improve their Monster Lab rankings.
  • You can train your monsters for future battles
  • Increase the power of your creatures in Monster Legends APK with Runes, Relics, Beasts, and Talents to get an upper hand in combat.
  • Decide on a plan that combines the control of monsters, tanks, and attackers.
  • Real-time game to be played as multiple battles. 
  • You can create and build your breeding mountain, farms, and habitats instantly.
  • Unlock amazing structures like the Monster Lab and the Library.
  • Join a Team to take part in special activities like Wars and Marathons.
  • Create a plan for a fight with your teammates through the team chat.
  • Monster Legends APK allows you to easily farm in-game resources. When running the game in many instances, enabling the Eco Mode will reduce power utilization.
  • You may accomplish much more in Monster Legends with the Multi-instance Sync. Sync the primary instance’s actions and repeat them instantaneously. Sync and sit back to watch the game proceed.

Monster Legends Download for PC

To play Monster Legends on a computer or a Mac, you will need to download the BlueStacks Emulator. It is free of charge. It is necessary to undertake the given steps below.

  • Install BlueStacks on your PC by downloading it.
  • To access the Play Store, finish your Google sign-in.
  • Use the search box in the upper right corner to look for Monster Legends.
  • From the search results, click to download.
  • create a shortcut on your desktop
  • To begin playing, select the game icon on the home screen.

However, you should make sure that your PC meets the following criteria to get this game downloaded.

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or above OS
  • Intel or AMD Processor
  • at least 4GB RAM
  • 5GB Free Disk Space
  • OpenGL 2.0+ support of GPU

How to Play Monster Legends APK?

  • Explore the game and the stories of their inhabitant. Build a town your own full of monsters. Create new species with new features. These creatures of Monster Legends APK will only obey you. Once you create the monsters in the game, set strategies to perform well in the battle. 
  • You can determine their skills and impel the characteristics to get them to prepare for the battle. Build a strong team with capable monsters. There is a rule behind the play that the player will get three strong monsters in one battle. 
  • To keep them healthy and competitive, a lot of food will be required. This will be in addition to the upgrading foods you’ll need to start up your gold farms.
  • Keep in mind that you put together a squad to take on difficult adventure missions or difficult opponents in the arena.
  • Every monster may often be used as a support or a damage dealer. Your present line-up in Monster Legends APK  must be considered while choosing a path.
  • To give him a chance to attack before anybody else, you actually want them to have three rune slots open and heap them all with speed.
  • How long it might take to obtain the greatest monsters for your gold farms depends on how you unlock those units that are really worth investing in.

Pros and Cons


  1. Online battles enable you to play in real-time with multiple players.
  2.  Monster Legends APK  enables to create of more than 900 monsters
  3. High-detailed 3D graphics
  4. Fully optimized game
  5. Simple and easy game
  6. Strategic fighting play
  7. No age limit for the players
  8. Enhance teamwork skill
  9. RPG strategy implementation.


  1. Extra features are costly.
  2. Need quality devices with good features for gaming.
  3. Downloading the game may be vulnerable to malware and threats to your device.



Is the Monster Legends available for free?

Yes. Monster Legends APK is available to download for free for Android. However, the paid game is also available which has no interruption from the advertisements. 

What can we get by successfully playing the Monster Legends APK?

  • Experience the game by winning trophies, and rewarding and leveling up throughout the play.
  • The game can enjoy collecting various monsters with different features.
  • Unlimited offer of food and gold- decide how much money and quantity of food the monsters required and get added the new features in level-ups.

Can we play Monster Legends APK using an Adobe flash player?

No. It is not available to download via Android flash player. It is only available on Android, iOS, and PC.


Monster Legends APK is a simple and enjoyable team play. It offers features with the ability to create your own monsters. Playing the game is not boring at all due to some unique features. The best feature is the ability to play as a team. It increases the decision-making, strategy development, and teamwork spirit of the players.