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Hungry Shark World is a game (Apk) that you can live in a shark world and do things that sharks do.

Ubisoft Entertainment created the arcade-style RPG series of the game. It was first released in 2016. There are more sharks in the game and the visuals are more cartoonish. Today, all of its sharks still exist. You will be able to control a few endangered shark species, including the Mako, Great White, Hammerhead, Reef, Megamouth, Megalodon, Basking, and Whale Sharks.

The game starts with a little shark which is small in size. When they are provided food, they will be bigger and will consume other small sharks. With this conversion to a giant Shark, they will easily hunt both mines and people.

This is a famous game with a review of 4.5 over 5. The latest update of this application was released on Aug 24, 2022.

hungry shark world apk

Hungry Shark World APK Download for Android

Hungry Shark World APK Download

Google Play Download

You can download Hungry Shark World APK if you have an Android device with a 5.0+ OS system. 

The game is available to download now free of charge. However, please make sure that the game functions correctly, and thoroughly read the instruction sheet of the game. The use of third-party downloaders such as IDM and ADM is presently prohibited due to misappropriation.

What is the Hungry Shark World APK?

The story of  Shark quite similar to its real behavior. The key objective of the game is to control different varieties of shark species. Then, you will be able to make your Shark survive and thrive in this huge ocean. Pick the perfect target for you by being a smart hunter. The game is available with nearly 100 different species on the ocean, so, your shark never gets hungry. The sharks will grow up which boosts strength and power. Increase the level of your sharks to give them stronger jaws, fins, wider mouths, and stomachs to consume even greater food.

Additionally, Hungry Shark World APK is available with missions to not get bored at the game. For an instance, you may have to accept risky mines that are vulnerable to hunters or other shark attacks. This may lead the player to be alert to external attacks rather than finding food.

hungry shark world  


  • Enable to select from a variety of sharks in 8 different size levels in Hungry Shark World APK.
  • Discover the beautiful blue oceans around the world such as Pacific Islands, the Arctic Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the South China Sea.
  • You are to be careful with dangerous species or things like Sharks and submarines in the Hungry Shark World game.
  • Let your shark grows, provide jaw-dropping tools to make it strong in attacking, and swim faster in the game. 
  • Create a customized attacker with a special skin.
  • The game is a board concept available with over 20 various mission types.
  • You can get the support of octopuses, baby sharks, whales, as well as a bald man to increase the health of your Shark.
  • You can enable the predatory power of your shark with different supportive modes such as SuperSize, rushes, explosion and hypnosis mode, etc.

Hungry Shark World Download for PC

You will be able to download Hungry Shark World APK through a PC emulator

  1. Download an emulator that works with the PC’s operating system.
  2. After the emulator has been successfully installed, launch it.
  3. However, the initial loading process will take some time. You ought should be able to view it on the desktop after it has been opened.
  4. Then, after installing it, double-click Google Play to launch it.
  5. Look up Talking Tom Gold Run APK online to download.
  6. To install the Talking Tom Gold Run APK, click the Install option.

How to Play Hungry Shark World APK?

  • Once you select a destination to visit in the game, the player may start a gameplay session by clicking the play button, indicated by two arrows, on the map menu.
  • Players will assume the roles of several sharks with similar characteristics. 
  • They would eat everything that was in their way as long as it wasn’t bigger than them since they are constantly so extremely hungry. 
  • In the game, you can explore the ocean, and play with different species in the ocean. Take any chance to eat anything you find around and be strong and big. 
  • You can either attack other species or be killed by foes. Make sure your sharks have the strength to either defeat the enemy or escape successfully.
  •  Additionally, you have to engage with defense mechanisms against attacks from various foes.
  • Use your destructive skills in the game fight smartly and get some amazing rewards.
  • The Hungry Shark World APK is completely a hard play because you have to explore the levels, get past certain obstacles, and keep an eye on your hunger indicator.

Pros and Cons


  • It is a different-styled action play. ·
  • Hungry Shark World will provide you the opportunity to undertake various hunting techniques and knowledge of various species in the ocean.
  • Gamers are exposed to an entirely new universe with vast oceans at the Hungry Shark World APK to explore the deep ocean.
  • Detailed 3D designs with amazing visual effects.
  • A natural feel of swimming hungry sharks is implied with sound effects.
  • Reasonable features are available for free game download.
  • The improved touch-controls of Hungry Shark World APK enable you to move the Shark for your shark easily.
  • You can share the progress through social media and invite a friend to play Hungry Shark World APK.


  • You may have to pay for exciting features of the game.
  • The Hungry Shark World APK is a highly addictive game.
  • The cloud saves do not function properly, therefore the player may lose all of their progress.
  • The gamer will not enjoy the game since the terrain is so full of dangers that if you don’t move after dropping in.
  • The key complaint was that threats would become stronger, which made sense and was less enjoyable. 
  • Your device is vulnerable to malware and computer viruses when downloading the game. Please make sure that your game is installed with a strong anti-virus guard.



Is Talking Hungry Shark World available for free?

Android users can get the game downloaded free of charge. However, advance features will be available at a small payment. 

What can we get by successfully playing the game?

You will be able to unlock unlimited money and gems.

Can we play Hungry Shark World Apk using an Adobe flash player?

Hungry Shark World APK is not available in the Adobe flash player.


Be in in-charge of a hungry shark. Eat whatever you can and what is available around you. When hunting while you are playing the game, you can adopt two other baby sharks for the assistance of your shark.

Depending on the level at which the quantity of gold will be more or less, players should also remember to collect the gold. No different games will appear during their swimming life of Hungry Shark World APK. The main objective of the game is to live for as long as you can by eating various species, while simultaneously doing tasks or gathering gold. To improve sharks, gather as much of this gold as you can.