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Hide Online is a game (Apk) where two teams play hide and seek virtually.

So Hide and seek is one of the most played games by a lot of children all around the world. Hide Online Apk is a 3rd person shooter game designed the same way we play hide and seek. You can either be a hunter or a pro. Moreover, the game also has a multiplayer version which you can play with your friends.

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Hide Online Apk Download For Android

Hide Online Apk Download

Google Play Download

  1. Tap on the download option above to download Hide Online Apk on your android.
  2. First of all, enable unknown sources on your android.
  3. Go to My Files > Downloads > Tap on the downloaded Apk > Click on Install.

What is Hide Online Apk?

Hide Online Apk is a 3rd person shooting game about hiding and surviving. You can either be a hunter or a pro of the game. However, the game’s only goal is to stay as much as possible. Other than the excellent graphics and sound, the game also provides players with a lot of attractive places where you can play. However, you will need an internet connection to play the game smoothly. You can play Hide Online Apk and have lots of fun with your friends. It also has excellent visuals and eye-catching locations to hide.

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1. Hide Online Apk provides a gaming experience that no other games have

Hide Online Apk comes with an incredible gaming experience. It is also why millions of players worldwide fall in love with the game. Furthermore, it also has a lot of great places to hide. Boxes, pans, cones, and fries are some examples of these places. 

2. You can be the hunter of the game

Just like we used to choose the hunter when we were playing hide and seek as kids, you can also become the hunter in the game. You must find the props that are hiding in different places. You can go and check different places where you think they are hiding. However, you can also shoot the moving targets. Finally, you can win the game when you shoot all the props of the game. 

3. Not just the hunter, you can also be a prop

In hiding Online Apk, you can also become a prop. However, playing a prop is more complex and a bit tricky most of the time. The reason is you never know in which place you will be blended. Therefore it’s essential to find an excellent hiding location so you can win.

4. The game comes with 3D graphics.

Hide Online Apk comes with 3D graphics, allowing you a realistic gaming experience. It’s also why the game stands out from other similar games. 

5. The game has a unique experience. 

We all know that there are a lot of shooter games to play. But Hide Online Apk stands out from others due to its uniqueness. The reason is you can either choose to be a hunter or a prop. Moreover, you can hide them as pans, cones, chairs, and many more items. There are numerous items that you can become to survive the game. The hunter needs to kill all these props to win. 

5. Easy controls. 

Hide Online Apk comes with an easy-to-use interface and controls. Therefore you can quickly kill the hiding props using the buttons on your screen. If you are a prop, you can use the same buttons to hide.

Hide Online Download For PC

You cannot directly install Hide Online on your PC. To download the game on your PC, you need software called an emulator. The emulator is a price of software that enables your PC to run android apps without needing an android device. A lot of companies have produced android emulators. However, not all of them are good. We recommend you use Bluestacks. If you don’t have the hardware requirement for Bluestacks, you can try the LD player or NOX player. 

Now follow these simple steps to download Hide Online Apk, 

  1. First of all, download and install an emulator on your PC.
  2. After installing an emulator, you have to launch your emulator. 
  3. Then, find and open the browser of your emulator. 
  4. Copy and paste the link to this website on your browser. 
  5. Finally, tap on the download button and download the game.

The hard steps are now over. As you have already downloaded Hide Online Apk  on your emulator, these are the next few steps to install the game on your PC, 

  1. First of all, navigate to your downloads folder in your emulator.
  2.  Then, tap on the downloaded apk.
  3. Finally, click on install. 

That’s the way you install Hide Online on your PC. 

Pros and Cons


  1. You don’t have to pay a single penny to download Hide Online Apk. 
  2. Do not worry about downloading the apk from our website. 
  3. You can play the game offline. Moreover, if you want to pay with your friends, you can use the online multiplayer mode. 
  4. Millions of gamers around the world have downloaded the game. 
  5. Hide Online Apk is pretty easy to play. 
  6. Any beginner player can understand the concept of the game quickly. 


  1. It takes a lot of file size on your device. 
  2. Many players who play the game get addicted to it very quickly. You have to be very careful and not be addicted to the game. 
  3. Even though it’s free to install, you will have to pay money if you want to purchase items. 
  4. Downloading the apk from a non-reputed website can affect your device and sensitive data. 

How To Play Hide Online Apk?

Playing the game is pretty simple. The game starts by allowing you to select if you want to play a hunter or a prop. If you choose the hunter, you must move from room to room, look at the furniture, and find props. However, you need to be careful and not shoot the wrong objects. Shooting at the wrong objects will reduce your life points. Moreover, there is only a limited time for you to find props. Props will win the game if you can’t find them in the given time. 

If you are playing as a prop, you will get 30 seconds to transform into any object you wish. Once your 30 seconds end, you will make a sound for the hunter to come. All you have to do is to avoid getting shot. When the hunter cannot kill all the props in the given time, the props will win the game. 

Safety and Legality

Hide Online is not banned in any country; anyone over 13 can start playing Hide Online Apk. 


How do I know if installing Hide Online Apk from this site is safe?

We have a good reputation for providing 100% safe and secure apks. Therefore you don’t have to worry about downloading any apk from our website.

What type of devices can I play the game on?

You can play Hide Online Apk on any device with an internet connection to download the game. Some examples of these devices include PCs, Android phones, and iOS devices. Download the game, install and you are good to go.

What happens if I download the Hide Online from another non reputed website?

A lot of things can happen by downloading the apk from a non-reputed website. The most dangerous thing that can happen is to leak your sensitive information. Everything on your phone, including your personal information, credit card details, and photos, can get into hackers. Therefore you need to be very careful when downloading apks online. 


Hide Online Apk is a game similar to hide and seek we used to play as kids. All you have to do is to be a hunter or a prop and do the tasks assigned to them to win the game. Hide Online Apk is a great game. We can guarantee you will have fun playing Hide Online.