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FarmVille 2 is a game (Apk) in which you can breed and grow animals in a small village.

FarmVille 2 APK is a game that was released on Apr 16th, 2014 by Zynga games. This is a simulation game that is ranked among the best 50 family games in the Apple App Store. In the Google Play Store, this game has over 50+ million downloads. It has become a popular game among many people because anyone of any age can play it. This FarmVille 2 APK is available to download for free on Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. While playing, ads will pop up, as in many other games. You can get a wide range of items for the game by paying between $0.99 and $129.99 through In-App Purchases.

This FarmVille 2 APK is a mobile game that is available to play on Android, iOS, and Windows phones. You can play it on Windows 10 as well as online via a web browser if you like. This game has attractive graphics and realistic natural sounds, so you can enjoy it properly with great enthusiasm. For those who haven’t played this game yet, you can now download it completely free from our website for your mobile device or computer.

farmville 2 apk

FarmVille 2 APK Download for Android

FarmVille 2 Apk Download

Google Play Download

You can download FarmVille 2 APK for your Android device by clicking the download button on our website. Please use the following steps to do that.

  1. To begin, click the download button to continue downloading FarmVille 2 APK for your Android device.
  2. Then, please wait for the download to finish successfully.

To install Lords Mobile Apk on your Android device, you should first enable unknown source files. As a result, go to your device’s settings and enable unknown sources. After you’ve enabled that option, simply follow the instructions below to install the full game.

  1. First, navigate to my files folder on your Android device.
  2. Then go to the Downloads folder and select the Apk.
  3. Finally, tap the Lords Mobile apk file to proceed to install it on your device.

Now you can play the game by using your Android mobile device.

What is FarmVille 2 APK?

You have to play this FarmVille 2 APK game as a farmer who runs a farm in the countryside. Here you can develop your dream farm by farming, planting trees, and raising farm animals in the clear land you get. And also you can raise many animals like chickens, cows, goats, pigs, and ducks on your farm. You can get milk, eggs, etc. from those animals by feeding them properly. They can also be used to produce yogurt, cheese, bread, etc. In addition to those activities, you can also use Pastry Ovens, Stovetops, Dairy machines, etc. on your farm for various food production processes.

You can earn a good income by selling the animals and other food produced in the city. With that money, you can buy everything you need for the development of your farm and increase the production processes of the farm. You can explore secret places in the game including glade, pond, and mine to collect rare ingredients and other rewards. You can use flowers, birdhouses, antique fountains, swings, etc. to keep your farm beautiful and tidy. In this way, the FarmVille 2 APK game with many activities is now available on our website for free on your device.

farmville 2


Ability to customize your farm

As well as getting the animals needed for the farm, you also have the ability to add flowers, birdhouses,  swings, antique fountains, etc. to decorate the farm.

Being able to sell crops and animal products

You can earn income by selling vegetables and fruits as well as milk, eggs, cheese, etc. produced on your farm in the city.

Ability to set up different workshops on the farm

A small workshop can be made to make various products such as Craft Workstations, Loom, Wineries, Beachfront grills, and Doll Making tables. Through that, you can increase the production process to earn more income.

FarmVille 2 Download For PC

This FarmVille 2 APK game is playable on both Windows and Apple Mac computers and Android devices. Although this game was designed primarily for mobile devices, it has been enhanced to run on Windows computers as well. You may, however, need a suitable emulator to install this game on your computer.

An emulator is a computer program that enables you to set up and run any Android app or game on your computer. More emulators are available on the web. You can easily install any emulator on your PC, such as BlueStacks, Android Studio, GameLoop, ARChon, Bliss OS, and LDPlayer 9.

Then use the following methods to download the game to your computer.

  1. First, download and install any of the previously mentioned emulators.
  2. Now, click on the installed emulator.
  3. Open the installed emulator’s browser.
  4. Copy this web page’s link and paste it into the emulator browser.
  5. Then after that, click the FarmVille 2 Apk download button on this web page.

After you’ve fully completed downloading Lords Mobile apk,

  1. Navigate to the downloads folder on your emulator.
  2. Click the install button after selecting the apk file.
  3. The game will be then successfully installed on your computer.

Here you can play the game from your Windows or Apple Mac PC.

How To Play FarmVille 2 APK?

After installing the FarmVille 2 APK game on your smartphone or computer, launch it by clicking the game icon. Then you’ll be able to access the game’s main page. Although this game is so popular, you can watch more gameplay videos on YouTube. However, playing FarmVille 2 APK is not complicated, and you can understand easily and play it.

Pros and Cons


  • FarmVille 2 APK is a completely free game.
  • There are various levels and activities to play.
  • In-App Purchases enable you to purchase various offers.
  • You do not require an internet connection to play this game in single-player mode.
  • Having simple and user-friendly graphics.
  • Being able to earn coins by selling food produced in the game.


  • When playing the FarmVille 2 APK game, ads appear and are therefore annoying.
  • Malware can also reach your mobile and computer devices via this type of game apk. To download apps and games, always use trusted websites such as ours.
  • The game has the potential to be addictive.

Safety and Legality

This FarmVille 2 APK Mobile game has no age restrictions, so anyone of any age can play it. This game is suitable for children of all ages. We ensure that the APK file in this free game does not contain any malware or other program that will affect your phone or computer. The Zynga, that creates this FarmVille 2 APK game has the permission to collect various user data such as Location, Personal information, and Device or other IDs and use them for promotional purposes.


How much space should be available in the devices to install this?

150 MB for Android devices, 500 MB for iOS devices, and 1GB for PC.

What languages does this FarmVille 2 APK game support?

It includes the languages of English, French, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, German, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Turkish.

Which iPhone models are compatible with this FarmVille 2 Apk game?

This game is compatible with iOS 10.0 and higher devices.

Final Words

Many mobile game players enjoy playing this simulation game. Anyone can play it offline because it is a single-player game that does not require internet access. This is the most interesting game because of the enticing graphics, sounds, and cartoon characters. Now you can now download from our website, for free this FarmVille 2 APK file to play on various platforms such as Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phones, Windows PC, Apple Mac Os, Fire OS, and Web browsers.