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Bowmasters is a 2D game (Apk) that the player can battle in a duel using bows. On August 11th, 2016, by Playgendary Limited. This game is similar to Super Mario because of the 2d and graphics look. But the story of this game takes a completely different form. This Bowmasters APK is a multiplayer game and belongs to the category of action and shooter. 

Google play store has more than 10 million downloads and this Bowmasters APK game has been rated as Mature 17+. This has been done because this game has content like Violence, Blood, and Gore. Since this is released as a free game, you can install the game without any payment. Also, there are in-app purchases to get the necessary resources while playing the Bowmasters APK game.

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Bowmasters APK Download For Android

Bowmasters Apk Download

Google Play Download

First, click on the above download button and get the Bowmasters APK for your device. 

  1. To start downloading the APK, click on this button and start downloading Bowmasters APK.
  2. Next wait for the download to be completed successfully.

To install Bowmasters APK for your mobile device, you should have to enable the option, unknown source files first. So for it, go to your device settings, then enable unknown sources. After that, use the following steps to install the full Bowmasters game.

  1. Open File Browser on your android device. Then, go to the downloads folder & tap on the Bowmasters APK.
  2. Now install the Apk and wait for the Bowmaster game to install on your smartphone.

You can play the Bowmasters game, after successfully completing the installation on your device.

What is Bowmasters APK?

To play this Bowmasters APK game, you have a bowman who shoots with bows and arrows. Use that archer to attack with three successful shots until your opponent’s health is gone. You have to use your powerful bow and aim the arrows at the right target to knock down your enemies that are coming in front of you.

Due to the multiplayer feature of this Bowmasters APK game, you can play the game with other competitors who are connected online. There are more than 60 characters to choose from as a game player and there are 60 different weapons to choose from to fight and win. This is a good game to have fun and show off your skills by doing online double battles with your friends. Finally, You can get unlimited rewards according to your skills in the game. 

You can now download this distinct 2D game Bowmasters APK from our website.



1. Many characters to choose from in the game

In this Bowmasters Apk game, you can choose about 60 characters as your player. You can get various rewards by completing the missions in the game through your archer.

2. A wide variety of weapons to choose from in the game

Just as there are many characters to choose from for the archer, there are also many different types of weapons that can be used to fight in this Bowmasters APK game, so you can choose the weapons that suit the mission. They can be used to create mayhem and destroy the opponent.

3. Multiple game modes to play

You can attack your enemies by facing double battles and you can also attack flying birds and tree nuts in the Bowmasters APK game using bows and arrows. You can earn money as a reward by winning these missions.

4. Having several types of subscription plans

Although you can play the game for free, if necessary, several subscription plans have been included in this Bowmasters APK game that you can choose to pay for. By paying only $7.99, you can unlock 16 characters at once through the weekly subscription plan and play the Bowmasters APK game without ads. By paying $19.99 monthly subscription, you can get the same features as before. You can also get 1,000 Coins and 100 Gems for each of these subscription plans. If you want, you can also get an annual plan for $99.99 with the above features.

Bowmasters Download For PC

If you want to play this game on a computer, you can play it using an emulator. But since this Bowmasters is a 2D game, you will not be able to experience liveliness like in other 3D games. If you want to install this on your computer, first install one of the following emulators. For this, you can use any emulator like ARChon, Bliss OS, GameLoop, LDPlayer 9 or BlueStacks, and Android Studio.

Get an emulator of your choice. Use the steps below and complete the installation.

  1. Download and install whatever emulator you want for your PC. 
  2. Then open your emulator and go to the web browser. Go to this web page.
  3. Download the Apk file on this site.
  4. Find theState of Bowmasters apk in your downloads folder.
  5. Click the apk file and then start to install. 
  6. Finally, the Bowmasters game will be successfully installed easily on your PC or Mac.

Pros and Cons


  1. Since it is a 2d game, anyone can easily play it.
  2. Bowmasters APK game can be played for free.
  3. Having many player characters to choose from.
  4. Having a lot of weapons to fight with.
  5. You can buy Bowmasters Apk game features in-app purchases.


  1. As it belongs to the Mature 17+ category, anyone cannot play.
  2. It’s a fairly easy game, so it’s addictive.
  3. The possibility of downloading malware with the apk file of the game can damage your device. So always choose a reliable website like ours to get apk files.
  4. Internet facilities are required to play the Bowmasters Apk game.

How To Play Bowmasters APK?

After installing the game on your mobile or computer device, start the Bowmasters Apk game. Then the game starts from the landing page of the game. Since it is a 2d game and you can understand how to play, you don’t need to watch game tutorials. But you can watch videos of this game on YouTube and get an idea to play.

Safety and Legality

This Bowmasters game has some restrictions for some age groups.  So, it is not recommended for those under the age This game has the ability to collect your data and the permissions will be asked during installation.



Is Bowmasters game completely free?

Yes. You can get it for free and get various resources through in-app purchases if needed.

System requirements to install the game on the PC?

OS – MS Windows 7 or higer / macOS

Intel or AMD Processor


5 GB of Space

Does the Bowmasters APK game require an internet connection to play?

Due to the multiplayer mode, an internet connection is required to play the game.

What are the subscription plans in the game?

There are three subscription plans, weekly, monthly and yearly, which are priced at $7.99, $19.99, and $99.99 respectively.

What are the benefits of subscription plans?

You can play the ads-free game from every subscription plan and get 1,000 Coins and 100 gems on each plan as offered every day.


As a player in this 2D game, you can use an archer and you have to compete with the opponents using the bow and arrows. You have to tame the opponent in three hits when you get it. Because you can play online, you can play with many multi-players. If you wish to play this Bowmasters APK 2D game, download now it through our website.