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Apex Legends Mobile is a battle royale shooter game (Apk) that features legendary character-based gameplay. If you would like to immerse yourselves in a different universe, the apex universe mobile is the most appropriate option for you. Here you can play the game as a team.  The apex legends mobile Apk also has best-in-class squad battles, as well as fast-paced combats, that can be observed via the apex legends game. So if you want to enjoy the gaming feature much more, just join the game.

apex legends mobile apk

Apex Legends Mobile Apk Download for Android

Apex Legends Mobile Apk Download

Google Play Download

If you are willing to get the apex legends mobile apk to your android device you have to fulfill this requirement. Certainly, you should have to be with the android version 6.0 and upwards. If not, unfortunately, you can download the app and enjoy it. So check whether your device is with that android version. And currently, there are over 10,000,000+ users that have accumulated over the app. then follow the below procedure to get the apex legend mobile to your device.

  • Open the google play store.
  • Then search for the name “Apex legends mobile apk” through its search bar.
  • Then you will get the relevant results for your search.
  • Proceed to the download and installation procedure.
  • Wait till the download finishes then the installation will start automatically.
  • Allow for the necessary permissions requested by the app.
  • Then launch the app by clicking on the app icon and start gaming.

What is Apex Legends Mobile Apk?

While playing the game join the forces with your two friends. Then team up with them and compete against the other online players of the game. The player can combine all the skills of other players in his team to defeat all other players. Raise the unique skills of the players to master the roles of the team members and energize the team game. Then by using these all options dominate the game. Download the apex legends mobile apk to enjoy all such features with the game.

apex legends mobile

More About The App

As with the other apps the apex legends are having both advantages as well as disadvantages here you can identify some of them.


  • Can experience a full-edged apex legends experience
  • The availability of exclusive playable character
  • Crisp visuals


  • Lacking progression and crossplay
  • Overwhelming the touch interface


  • The tactical squad gameplay for you.
  • Choose what is the gun that suits your style
  • The fast-paced strategic choices
  • Choose the beloved legends to be cast at the Apex Legends game
  • There are unique abilities and personalities for each and every character
  • Team up with two other players to reach the goal
  • Squad play with the strategic combinations
  • Join the forces to fight with the friends and other players
  • High octane battle royale competition is for you
  • Fight during even in unpredictable conditions and many more challenges
  • There are more new legends, gameplay and modes are available
  • Unique mobile only for the gameplay modes and for the contents

These are only a few features of the apex legends mobile apk. the players can obtain many more functions while using the app. so have an enjoyable experience.

Apex Legends Mobile Download For iOS

The apex legends mobile can be downloaded to your iOS devices also. The procedure or installation is similar to the above procedure. I will state the steps for the installation of the app on iOS devices, for your reference.

  • Open the apple app store via the iOS device.
  • Then search for the “Apex Legends mobile apk”.
  • You will get the matching results. Select the correct app through all the results.
  • Then by clicking the get option proceed to the download and installation process.
  • Wait till the process ends.
  • Then proceed with gaming after clicking the app icon displayed on the home screen.

Apex Legends Mobile Download for PC

The apex legends mobile apk is available for your PCs also. Usually, the game can be installed on PCs that are running Windows operating systems. But for this process, you are required to download an android emulator for downloading any android app from the google play store.

 But in order to download an android emulator for your devices, you should have to fulfill some requirements. First of all, your PC should have a Windows version higher than Windows 7. Also, the PC processor should be Intel or AMD. The free space in the device HDD should be 5GB or higher. If you have fulfilled only these requirements, you are capable of installing the bluestacks. So after installing the bluestacks on your device, then follow the below steps to get the apex legends app.

  • Open the android emulator that you have downloaded.
  • Then launch the google play store via the android emulator that you have downloaded.
  • Then search for the “Apex legends mobile apk”.
  • After getting the correct gaming app proceed to the download and installation.
  • Then open the app by clicking on the desktop app icon.
  • Start gaming.

How To Play Apex Legends Mobile Apk?

The apex legends are the best battle royale game. Here there are very skillful players.  So you also can jump into this world and experience an inevitable experience. The game is much similar to games such as Call of duty. Also, this is a first-person game that you have dropped into the expansive arena. So you have the weapons you require. Compete against the others to be the last one standing.

Safety And Legality

 The main issue with the expected users of the apex legends mobile apk is they think that the app will cause their devices with malicious software. But it is not happening every time. The main precaution that you can take to avoid this issue is to download the app from a trusted source. Here we have given you that you have to download the game via the official app stores. Those are always trusted.  So while you are downloading an app always try to get it from an official site.

The other issue is regarding the content of the game. The app content is protected. This is a shooter game. But there is no harm to the players through the game. Therefore the apex legends mobile Apk is suitable for kids as well. And when it comes to the legality, there are no restrictions over the game. so anyone from anywhere can use this game freely.


Q: Is there any mobile app for apex legends?

A: yes.  The iOS, as well as android devices, have mobile apps in their respective app stores of them. Therefore you can get the android apps easily to your devices

Q: Is apex legends mobile Apk available in official app stores?

A:  Anyone that has a compatible requirement to play this game is capable of getting this game. So if you have an android device, you can get the app via the google play store. And if you are using an iPad or iPhone, you can get it via the apple app store. Also if you are using a PC, you can get it via an android emulator. In there too you should have to use the google play store.

Q: Is the game free for us?

A: yes. The apex legends mobile Apk is free for you.  You are not required to pay any charges to use the game with your devices. therefore enjoy the gaming free.

Final Words

The above-given facts say how you can identify the apex legends mobile Apk game. It is a shooter game that you can play with your friends. Now you can try to get involved with gaming. Have fun.