Angry Birds Go Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

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Angry Birds Go is a game (Apk) in which you can go kart racing with other opponents. I am sure you have heard about the original game of this. If not, you should have lived under a rock or a desert. It is so famous it has already exceeded more than 50 million downloads worldwide. The first game of this sage was released on December 10th, 2009. However, due to its immense popularity, there are more than thirty different games at the moment. The Angry Birds Go Apk is the 8th game of the game series.

angry birds go apk

Angry Birds Go Apk Download For Android

Angry Birds Go Apk Download

Google Play Download

Installing this game is very easy. Follow the following steps to download on your android. 

  1. Click the download button below. 

Once you click the download button, Angry Birds Go Apk will start downloading. Wait until it completely downloads. That’s how you download the apk.

To play the game, you must install Angry Birds Go Apk on your android. Therefore follow these steps to install the game on your android,

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Apps > Click on the menu bar in the top right corner.
  3. Tap on Special Access.
  4. Tap on Unknown Sources.
  5. Enable the Unknown Sources.
  6. Go back to your home.
  7. Go to My Files > Downloads
  8. Tap on the downloaded Apk.
  9. Click on install.

Wait until the installation completes. This is how you install Angry Birds Go Apk on your android. You can start playing the game as soon as you install it.

What is Angry Birds Go Apk?

As mentioned, Angry Birds Go Apk is the 8th version of the game series. The game was first released on November 15th, 2013. It is a hustling game that was delivered by a Rovio distributer. It’sIt’s a racing game in which you have to finish the line to become the winner. The game comes with many tracks with jumps, turns, loops, and dead corners to make it challenging and exciting. All players have three laps where they have to collect golden eggs while avoiding obstacles in their path. You will also encounter hazardous roads, aggressive opponents, and unique items while will boost your speed to get ahead of others.

angry birds go


There are a lot of features of Angry Birds Go Apk. Here are some most exciting and cool features of the game,

  1. You will encounter pigs and birds from many angles on Piggly island. It’s a beautiful and colorful 3D world. 
  2. Take a car and race like any of your favorite characters. Some favorite character of many players includes Red, Chuck, Terence, Stella, King Pig, and Mustache Pig.
  3. The games come with multiple gaming modes to test your skills. Race, Time Boom, Fruit Splat, Champion Chase, and Mega match are the numerous gaming modes of Angry Birds Go Apk. 
  4. You can upgrade homemade cars into flying supercars. All you have to do is to make money and buy them. 
  5. There are a lot of cars, rugged roads, and dangerous race tracking to challenge every player.


Angry Birds Go Download For PC

Here are the steps to install Angry Birds Go on a PC,

  1. Download an android emulator. Bluestacks, LD Player, and NOX player are some android emulators we recommend. 
  2. Then launch the android emulator and open your browser. 
  3. After that, copy and paste the link to this page on your browser.
  4. Search the link. 
  5. Now tap on the download button.

Wait until the process completes. That’s how you download the Apk on your PC.

Follow the following steps to install it on your PC,

  1. Go to your Downloads Folder. 
  2. Tap on the Angry Birds Go Apk, which you already downloaded.
  3. Tap on install.

Wait until it installs. That’s how you install the game on your PC. 

Pros and cons


  1. APK files are popular for a lot of reasons. The main reason being you can download games before they are officially released on the google play store. 
  2. If you are from a place where the application is unavailable on the google play store, you can use apk files to download and play Angry Birds Go Apk. 
  3. Angry Birds Go Apk contains the latest updates of the game. While it takes some time for the google play store to update them, you can quickly get the latest updates even before the app is updated on the google play store. 


  1. Even though Apk files are pretty easy to download, most of them are useless and may be insecure. Therefore you should be careful when downloading Apk files. 
  2. There are a large number of websites that allows users to download Apk files. However, all these websites are not legal. Therefore you need to verify the websites before downloading any third-party software. 
  3. There are also instances where hackers modify apk files. If a hacker manages to change an Apk file before you download it, there is a risk of leaking your personal information and sensitive data. 

How To Play Angry Birds Go Apk?

You can use your arrow keys to control the birds on the track. Use your fingers to tilt the car to move it in your desired direction. The racing track contains many obstacles to slow you down. There are a lot of steep slopes which, if you lose control of your steering wheel, will eventually lead your car to fall off the cliff. Also, make sure to watch out for your opponents. Your opponents can push you away from the race as they wish. Moreover, a lot of unexpected things can happen while you race. Consider all these things in mind, race like a real racer, and conquer all the levels of Angry Birds Go Apk. 

Safety and Legality

You don’t have to be worried about the safety and legality of Angry Birds Go Apk. It’sIt’s safe to play the game and not even banned in any country. However, it is recommended that you are at least 13 years to play the game.


What country owns Angry Birds Go Apk?

Angry bird is a game developed by Rovio Entertainment based in Finland. Therefore we can say Angry Birds Go Apk is a Finnish game. 

Are Angry Birds Go an addictive game?

Yes. Angry Birds Go an addictive game. Therefore always make sure to play it without getting addicted. 

Can you play Angry Birds Go Apk on your PC?

Yes, you can play the game on your PC. However, you need to download and install an android emulator for that.

How many games are there in the saga?

Over 30 games have been released over a decade since 2009. 


The first video game was released in 2009. However, due to its massive success, millions of people around the world started downloading the game. As a result, the founder, Rovio Entertainment, developed more and more games. There are more than 30 Angry Birds Games at the moment. Angry Birds Go Apk is one of these games which was released in 2013. It’sIt’s a racing game in which you have to race against other players using cars. While it’s entertaining, it can also be addictive. If you can play without getting addicted, it is an excellent game to spend your leisure time on.