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Traffic Puzzle is a puzzle game (Apk) in which the player has to match cars and eliminate them to level up.

It is an interesting strategic puzzle game namely Traffic Puzzle APK created by Huuuge Games in December 2021. The latest update of the game was released to gamers on 9th November 2022. It is not merely a simulation game but a game to enjoy the construction of motorways and effective traffic-avoiding systems. There are over 200 Android games that are similar to this APK. It is distinguished with graphics and the main concept compared to other developers’ apps. 

Traffic Puzzle APK has gained a rate of 4.4 out of 5.0 maximum rating due to interesting content where over 10 Mn downloads have been completed in recent days. Here Download links.

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Traffic Puzzle APK Download for Android

Traffic Puzzle APK Download

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This game is compatible with Android 4.4 and above devices.

  • If you already have Traffic Puzzle – Match 3 Game installed, you must first uninstall it.
  • Later, install Traffic Puzzle – Match 3 Game APK.
  • Now must locate the APK file and install it after the download is finished.
  • To install apps you must first allow downloading from unknown sites and sources.
  • Open the Traffic Puzzle APK then start to play.
  • With lesser movements available on every level, it entirely relays to your accessing ability to fulfill the plan to finish all the rounds and achieve the required maximum marks.

What is the Traffic Puzzle APK?

The player has to drive cars throughout the platform and try to destroy them. Identify three and above a number of the same cars and abolish by matching all to complete the level. The rules for Traffic Puzzle are straightforward.

The game becomes trickier with each level and limited moves available for each level, it is indeed up to your capability. The player should use his ability strategically to observe the movements of the cars and remove them accordingly. The player has to be motivated to unlock the stages and fulfill your plan to finish all the stages and earn the required high score. Because Traffic Puzzle APK has a wide range of tasks that the player can accomplish to earn huge money.

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  • Complete the vehicle puzzle just on drive simply matching three identical cars.
  • Enable emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire brigades, and police vehicles to reach their last stop.
  • Plenty of levels and game modes are available. which are clustered into different episodes. One episode contains 15 levels.
  • Each episode provides different goals with distinguished rules to avoid bored in gameplay.
  • Support railroads and aircraft in breaking through a barricade
  • Make sure no one is behind schedule for work by freeing the shuttle. Free up the trolley to prevent other people from being late for work.
  • Find delight in a never-ending selection of original automobile puzzle levels.
  • Traffic Puzzle APK provides several types of boosters with different characters such as Joker, Clown, and Police Car. 
  • If the player obtains a booster, he can enjoy different actions and complete the level faster to achieve the goal quickly. 
  • Differently designed trails to change the appearance.
  • Bright and eye-contrasting colors.
  • Even though the rules are simple, the player has to plan the moves thoroughly if you want to complete the level quickly.
  • You can plant flowers and grass to enhance the city’s beauty.

Traffic Puzzle Download for PC

You can get the assistance of an emulator and download the Traffic Puzzle to your PC.

How to Play Traffic Puzzle APK game?

  • Keep tapping on the symbols on the board’s right side to include a car. 
  • Then, follow the path indicated by the arrow in the top right corner. 
  • In a company’s greatest free puzzle game, tap and pair three or more vehicles to free, then carry out objectives to get points and pass stages.
  • In the game Car Traffic Puzzle APK, you can expand your area and find new places by constructing your transport system. Construct highways so that cars may travel between cities, and control traffic to prevent delays.
  • The game will be tougher at each level.
  • The level must be completed by unlocking 3 cars that have been locked 3 times. 
  • Each level will provide you a chance to pair with two extra cars of identical color, or you can use vehicle boosters. This offer is available occasionally during the level. But the money you have to access such cars. 
  • No matter how much capable at playing video games, you can’t obtain the vehicles until the Traffic Puzzle APK game gives you the tools to do it.
  • When all of the bubbles have fallen, you will be able to use special bubbles to gain bonus points toward the next stage.

Pros and Cons


  • Through bug patches, Traffic Puzzle APK has enhanced its user experience.
  • Prepare yourself for a city at your fingertips and full of adventures and action.
  • You can play the Traffic Puzzle game alone or with your children.
  • Simple play with and easy handle. 
  • Contrasting colors and simple designs.
  • Different and interesting modes are available in the Traffic Puzzle game.
  • Use your cognitive abilities and complete all the stages resulted to become a master of brain games.
  • Discover fantastic cartoons with entertaining storylines.
  • The player will not be bored playing this interesting gameplay.
  • No age limit to enjoy the game.
  • The latest update of Traffic Puzzle APK 2.13.0 has enhanced the performance of the game by maximizing user experience and complete control over bug fixing.


  • The Traffic Puzzle APK is a highly addictive gameplay.
  • A higher number of levels are available to complete the game.
  • You may complete a huge amount of tasks in this game to earn coins.
  • The player should plan to complete each gameplay.
  • Your device will be vulnerable to bugs and viruses. 
  • This game is a relatively challenging game.
  • The player’s fun will be distorted by the advertisements.
  • The later stages of the game are the hardest.


Is Traffic Puzzle APK available for free?

It is a free Android game but frequent advertisements are available when you download it for free.

What can we get by successfully playing the game?

When each level completes, the player can earn coins. A huge number of levels are to be completed to earn lots of coins.

Can we play Traffic Puzzle APK using an Adobe flash player?

No. It cannot play with Adobe flash player.            


The best puzzle game combines puzzles and pairing vehicles. Traffic Puzzle APK seems a childish game, but it is enjoyable. You may feel bored, silly, and dull when started playing the first two or three stages, but it grows fun in later stages. You will keep on playing and get addicted because of the nature of the game. It is an amazing puzzle. 

Until you make the entire game board clear and the vehicles left in traffic, you have to line up three or more vehicles of the same color in a row. The Traffic Puzzle APK gameplay is quite similar to candy crush. However, the player has to through lots of stages, and the game board looks like a sugar crush as well. The advertisements are the only thing that makes the player annoying. You may have to wait for an advertisement at end of each level whether you may win or lose. If you want to enjoy challenging and soothing games, the Traffic Puzzle APK game is the ideal play.