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Temple Run is a game (Apk) that the player has to run endlessly while collecting treasures. It is one of the most popular games among people. Certainly, your friends are also making high scores out of the game. Here while you are playing the game you would have a thrilling and fun gaming experience. The experience is frenzied and fast. Once you have played the game certainly you would be addicted to it.  Actually, Temple Run Apk is a different running game for you. Currently, over 50 million people are playing the game worldwide.

temple run apk

Temple Run Apk Download for Android

Temple Run Apk Download

Google Play Download

The latest version available for this game is 1.19.3. if you are an android device user that is willing to use this game, you should have to be with a device with android version 4.4 and upwards. Currently, over 500,000,000+  users are playing the temple run apk. easily you can get the app via the google play store. The procedure is as follows.

  • Go to the google play store on your device.
  • Then search for the “Temple run Apk” on its search bar.
  • Then you will receive the matching results.
  • Then choose the original game and proceed with the installation.
  • Click on the app icon displayed on the device home screen to open it.
  • Start gaming.

What is a Temple Run Apk?

Finally, the temple run apk is available for your android, ios, and windows running devices. the game is filled with full professionals. The game has many innovative and unique features. Actually, those features are impossible to observe from an endless racing game too. Here the gaming plot is described below.

Here the player has stolen a cursed idol from a temple.  After that, the player has to run to save her life. Here there are evil demon monkeys. They are nipping your heels. So actually it is like a run race. The race is going through several obstacles. The players should have to pass by temple walls, and sheer cliffs. Avoid obstacles and collect coins and buy power-ups by using the earned coins. Also, the players can unlock new characters.

temple run

More About The App

Temple Run Apk game is like a treasure-hunting adventure for you.  In the above, I have told you that you can earn coins through the game. Then the players are able to use those coins in the game store. So by spending the coins the players are able to buy things that are making the player escape from the run race. Some of such things are making faster performances. Apart from earning the coins, the players can spend real money to buy more coins on various items.  But the time consumption is high.  When you need to buy all the power-ups that you need you will spend more time. So these are only a few facts regarding the temple run apk. You can discover many more things by starting the temple run Apk.


  • The most thrilling and funny gaming experience that you can enjoy ever.
  • Can experience a fast and experience
  • Very addictive game with different  running games
  • Over 50 million people are using the game worldwide
  • Fun and scary game
  • Players can fly in a cool balloon and collect the pearls and coins too
  • Players can explore many adventuring phases specifically the dark forest
  • Players can collect magnets, diamonds and gems
  • The players can unlock many costumes and characters
  • Free advertisements.

Temple Run Download For iOS

Here the temple run apk is available for your iOS devices as well. You can get it by using the iOS official app store. Follow the below steps for it.

  • Go to the apple app store.
  • Then search for the name “Temple run” on the search bar.
  • Then you will receive the matching results
  • Choose the app and proceed with the download and installation process
  • Open the app
  • Start gaming

Temple Run Download for PC

Not only with your android and ios devices, but you will also have a chance to play the game with your PCs. The game is supported by the Windows operating system. Therefore, you could easily download the game for your PC.

  • Initially get an android emulator if you don’t have such one on your device.
  • Bluestacks is one of the best for this task.
  • Launch the android emulator and open the google play store with it.
  • Sign in for your google account to get the apps downloaded.
  • Then search for the name “Temple run” on the search bar.
  • Select the matching result out of the suggested apps.
  • Proceed with the app download and installation.
  • Start gaming with temple run Apk.

How To Use Temple Run Apk?

After you have downloaded the temple run Apk, open it with the app icon. Here basically you are introduced as Indiana Jones. That is in a side-scrolling world. While you are in monkey chase you don’t have any control over the speed. By that, you are able to avoid obstacles that are on the ground. There are four movements included such as jump, slide, turning left, and turning right. Those movements can be controlled by the left, right, up, or down fingers. If you want to change the position the tilting can do it. While continuing this game the player can’t expect escapes from the monkeys. Sometimes you can fail and die. In such a case you have to start the game from the beginning.  Certainly, the users are getting more and more achievements by crossing the milestones. While crossing those obstacles the players can collect coins in such a way.

Safety And Legality

If you are an expected player of this temple run apk, it is better to have this app downloaded. Because you can’t play it without downloading the app. So while you are getting the app, always try to get it via an official app store like the google play store or the Apple app store. It will minimize the risks. When you are downloading the apps via such official app stores there is a very low chance of getting exposed to harmful malware. So the app can’t put malware into your devices. when it is considered about the content of the game, actually that is not harmful. There is some mild cartoon violence included here. But it can’t say the game is harmful.  The temple run Apk is suitable for the kids as well.


Q: Which country owns a temple?

A: The headquarters of the temple-run app is located in North Carolina.  So it is owned by the United States of America.

Q: Is temple run Apk a real game?

A: Though this is the most popular android game in the history of android games. But this is not an existing game.

Q: Is the temple run Apk an addictive game?

A: Yes. It is causing your addiction to the game.  The temple run Apk is a really easy game to play. You can just play the game by using only one hand of yours.  So due to these all features sometimes you may be addicted to the gameplay.

Final Words

The temple run Apk is the best game that is featured on smartphones, tabs as well as on PCs.  This contains all the features that you want to have fun with. This game is very addictive after you have played the game once. It has simple controls therefore it is very much easy to play.  Now the game is much optimized for tablets. High-resolution graphics and high qualitative sounds are playing an important role in gaming. So enjoy this addictive temple run Apk.