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Talking Tom Gold Run is a game (Apk) that the player has to run on streets to get collectibles like gold.

This game was developed by Outfit7 Limited as another chapter of the popular Talking Tom series on 13th July 2016 as an action game. The latest update with Bug fixes and mini improvements of the game is released on 22nd July 2022.

Talking Tom Gold Run APK is one of the most popular apps in the Action category on Google Play. It has received numerous positive ratings and reviews. The game has been downloaded by over 5.0 Mn players and rated 4.3 over 5.

This game is available in both Spanish and English languages with a user-friendly navigation interface.

talking tom gold run apk

Talking Tom Gold Run APK Download for Android

Talking Tom Gold Run APK Download

Google Play Download

Talking Tom Gold Run APK is compatible with Android 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 6.0, and above versions. If you are using one of these Android versions, the game can freely download from the Google play store with simple steps. Visit the Google app and search Talking Tom Gold Run APK, then click on download. Install the App once installed. It will create a shortcut on the home page too. You can play it in your spare time easily.

What is the Talking Tom Gold Run APK?

The game involves an endless run chasing a Thief. The name of the thief is Roy Rakoon. The player has to yell “stop the thief” while running. Your character may be moved around the screen by sliding your finger left or right. The character has to catch the thief and get back the priceless metal. You can unlock 4 different characters in the Talking Tom Gold Run game. You will be able to play with any of these characters.

The main objective of the Talking Tom Gold Run Apk game is to avoid barriers and collect gold coins. Further, it is also a fun game that will promise a lot of fun on running behind a thief to get gold coins and eventually build the dream home of the main character. You can bounce or slide on the ground by sliding either up or down. You must avoid all the obstacles in your way with these upfront controls such as vehicles, fences, barriers, trucks.

talking tom gold run


  • Exciting new worlds
  • Exciting time trials
  • Stimulating races
  • All five different Tom’s friends are available on short notice.
  • You can change their outfits.
  • You can run through crossroads and surprising running tracks.
  • The Talking Tom Gold Run APK is connected with Youtube to get interesting facts about the character.
  • The player can customize the surrounding.
  • Availability of boosters to energize the character.
  • Daily missions are available with exciting rewards.

Talking Tom Gold Run Download for PC

The game is available to download on Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone. In terms of window OS, the game is Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 Pc & Laptop.

Most of these action games are compatible with mobile phones. However, you can download it through a PC emulator. Find the steps below to download the Talking Tom Gold Run APK.

  1. Download an emulator compatible with the OS of your PC.
  2. Then open the emulator after it has been successfully installed.
  3. However, it will get some time to load at first. Once opened, you should be able to see it on the desktop.
  4. Subsequently, install Google Play and double-click it to open it.
  5. Search Talking Tom Gold Run APK to install on your computer.
  6. Finally, click on press the Install button to install the APK

How to Play Talking Tom Gold Run APK?

  • The player can utilize boosts by spending the earned gold coins. In this continuing running game, the player can also use stimulants to increase the level of performance and avoid obstacles.
  • Your total score will be increased suitably with individual steps a player takes in the running game.
  • Sometimes the players of the game come upon a barrier where the runner will obtain extra benefits and awards.
  • If you hit on an obstacle, the player may have to start the game from the beginning.
  • Though it brings the idea of a subway surface, the features of the game are different.

Pros and Cons


  •  It is a well-active run game.
  •  Being a part of the old hits like Talking Tom, Talking Hank, Talking Ginger, and Talking Ben.
  •  A family game that can be played with any of your family members with no age boundary.
  •  This limitless runner has amazing visuals, cold music, and continuous surprises throughout the intervention landscapes.
  •  Playing with Tom’s friends brings lots of fun.
  • If you are not playing the solo game, just connect to the internet and play online with your friends as a team.
  • Personal or sensitive information of the player is not available, stored, or share through the game.
  • You can also play this game within friends squared or friends available on Facebook. However, you need to connect to the internet and log in through social media.
  • The developer has facilitated obtaining the authorization of adults above 18 to place the purchase order and provide the permission of the adult as a billpayer, Therefore, the parent can authorize the payment.
  • An exceptional experience and enjoyment.
  • No internet connection needs for a single-play game.
  • Highly addictive.
  • The game is exciting with functions, festivals, and seasonal celebrations. For an instance, Tom will be dressed to suit Christmas and their home will be decorated with Christmas deco.


  • If you purchase the game by paying ready cash only you can get open to the full set of functions including rewards such as gold bricks.
  • The game is available with the content of the sponsor. That means Outfit 7’s contextual and product advertising will only be available throughout the game. Or else the game will direct to other characteristic games of Outfit7.
  • However, the game is not a perfect game for kids because it is addictive.
  • Often, Talking Tom Gold Run APK takes 5 Minutes to get loaded at the beginning.
  • Sometimes it is annoying with Ads with free downloads.
  • Choose your excavator, make your clothing, and construct your own home.
  • Earn a lot of gold and helpful objects along the route by carefully avoiding vehicles, trains, and traffic obstacles.
  • The number of gold coins cannot use to purchase required items.
  • Challenge your friends and let them see your grades.


Is Talking Tom Gold Run available for free?

Yes. It is available for free. However, a full package with all the features is available at a cost.

What can we get by successfully playing the game?

With various running techniques, players can unlock strange new worlds and enjoy limitless gold coins and non-financial rewards.

Can we play Talking Tom Gold Run APK using an Adobe flash player?

Certainly not because the game is not available under Adobe flash player.


Even with the simple yet effective interface, Talking Tom Gold Run Apk has managed to gain not only the interest of the players but also huge popularity. It is a very interesting, entertaining, and adorable game. Choose your excavator, make your clothing, and construct your own home.

Earn a lot of gold, coin, and other rewards along the route by carefully avoiding vehicles, trains, and traffic obstacles. Choose your miner, make your clothing, and construct your dream home of Tom. Challenge your friends and let them see your grades.