Pug Dog Breed – All Information and Characteristics

The pugs have different natures that they could understand so quickly with their natural features. They have a wrinkled face with a short tail. Also, the tail is curled. They are in multiple colors. Their coat is significant. Because their coat is glossy. You can find black colored pugs most of the time. Actually their body seems to be square-shaped. They have well-developed muscles even. Other than the pug they have other names. Those names are Dutch mastiff and the Chinese pugs.


Their origin country is China as per the details. Then those types of dogs were brought from China to Europe. After that, they became popular all over Europe. They have become the best dogs in the many dogs shows even. They have more friendly qualities.

Then we will move to see the physical qualities of the pugs.

Physical Features of Pugs

  • Square shaped body
  • Has a deep chest 
  • Has well-developed muscles. 
  • Have fine coats of various colors 
  • Mainly there are two shapes of ears. Those above two types are known as the button-shaped and the rose-shaped. Among both of them, the rose type of ears is smaller than the rose-shaped ears. 
  • The ears are folded too
  • The legs of them are not too short or not too long. Those are in the proper size. 
  • The legs are strong 
  • Their legs are straight 
  • Usually, their feet are the very small size 
  • The color of the nails is usually black. 
  • Their teeth placed suitably for the underbite 

Those are the physical conditions that we can observe from them. Next, we will pay our attention to another special feature of them. That is not about the features. But that is about their behaviors.

pug information

The Temperament of The Above Dog Breed 

  • They have a charming personality 
  • They are in very small size, but they’re no harm from that small size for their well-built personality 
  • They are very strong 
  • They don’t get aggressive frequently 
  • They are making quick relationships with the children. So they can be considered as a family dog type. 
  • They can change their behavior according to the face of the owner or the caretaker. 
  • They are a type of Playful dog 
  • Usually, they spend most of the time for sleeping and napping 
  • These types of dogs will walk with the owner and follow him or her anywhere they are roaming. Therefore they are called shadows. 
  • They expect the affection and love of the owner. 

That is about the Temperament of the pugs. So we can now identify if they are suitable for a house or not. Then we will see the next important session of this article. That is about the health of pugs. Shall we continue?

pug health

The Health of The Pugs

  • They have skeletal problems 
  • The injuries and infections may take place frequently with their eyes. 
  • Breathing difficulties even take place. Those can occur if they are traveling in high-temperature surroundings. 
  • They can make Obesity. Obesity may cause several problems in the body. I mean more health problems. 

Those are the problems related to the pugs. If you have a dog of this type you have to be alert about these conditions. You can take advice from a respective person and avoid such conditions prior to the diseases. 

Then let’s see some of the histories of the pugs. 


  • As I told above these type is descendent from China 
  • Then they traveled to Europe. 
  • They have more value in China by the emperors 
  • They are considered as a type of royal dog. 
  • So they have luxurious places to live with the guards 
  • After these types of dogs came to Europe, they were even named as a royal dog. 
  • After that, the evolution of the dog breed has taken place. 
  • Therefore now they are a popular dog breed in the world.

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