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Light X Shadow is a game (Apk) of online multiplayer battle game that consist of anime aesthetics.

light x shadow Apk is an awesome game that is offering various anime aesthetics. Even this is a unique game that is offering various gaming modes. Plus it is adding a touch of originality to the subgenre of the game. The game is featuring diverse types of events. So the players can participate in any event. The player’s mission should have to be on controlling the enemy base. There is an exciting battle taking place too. In such a battle, four teams with 3 members each should have to battle against each other.

The battle is taking place for the control of the main region of the gaming setting. There are about 20 different heroes here. The most interesting part of the game is that the player can customize their hero. Not only from the appearance but also from the skills of their hero. So it will help you to design your hero according to the player’s wish.

light x shadow apk

Light X Shadow Apk Download for Android

Light X Shadow Apk Download

Google Play Download

This is included in the free action game category. To install and play the light x shadow Apk game effectively, you are required to have an android version 4.1 or an upwards version. If your device is having a lower android version you are unable to install the game. Also, make sure you are getting the latest android version 2.0.0. Android users could get the light x shadow Apk downloaded by following the given below steps.

  • Click on the below-given download tab.
  • The downloading of the apk file will be started
  • Then allow the installations from unknown sources by the device settings.
  • After that click on the downloaded apk file and start the installation of the game.
  • Open the game by clicking on its app icon.
  • Allow the permissions requested by the game.
  • Start gaming.

What is Light X shadow Apk?

 The players can link another creature just like a pet to the character of the hero. That functionality is available with every hero in the game. The game allows you to participate in ranked events. So that you could occupy a place for your skills. The light X shadow Apk is offering the players a separate section called PvE. That separate section is allowing you to self-practice gaming. The players could practice against artificial intelligence.

 While gaming the players are having a chance to unlock new characters. But to do this, the players should have to win battles. And should have to participate in a Pachinko machine where you could use a series of balls. The balls can be collected by playing the game over different rounds. Just join this MOBA manga-style game called the light x shadow Apk. Then build a most perfect team with your friends. Enjoy the stunning and full 3D graphic designing features that have been offered to you. The light x shadow Apk is inviting you to the innovative gameplay. The players can take part in various battle games that are taking place in various arenas.

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More About The game

The players can apply their combat abilities for the gaming through their hero. Help allies while gameplay. The gamers are benefited from light X shadow Apk gaming. Because they can gather a collection of characters that is in different classes. The characters have unique appearances as well as abilities. Utilize the efficient tactics and abilities you have to defeat the other players. You can test yourselves while gaming. You are rewarded for your achievements and the victories you obtain. The players could raise their power as well as ratings with their heroes. There is a game-chatting feature available. So the players can communicate with their friends by using the game chatting feature.

As explained above, the light X shadow Apk game has all the aspects of any MOBA game. There are many more heroes that you could choose from. And there is a tower for destruction. Team members are available for screaming. But the only difference from the other games is the spell system and the equipment system of the game. Usually, the game is using the talents system and the fairy system both.  So the player can bring a fairy with them that is capable of healing and damaging the enemies. That is dependent on the fairy type that you choose.


  • Classic 5v5 MOBA gameplay
  • Availability of 20+ manga heroes
  • Availability of 7+ fairies
  • The manga heroes with different strengths
  • Players can be powered up with the fairies and with additional talents
  • Can make new friends in the game
  • Can celebrate the victories by chatting and dancing
  • New updates are available
  • Offering different game modes
  • Have a great fight against the other players
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Adjustments and the optimizations
  • Addition of new battle items
  • River view system
  • Fairy system and talent system

Light X Shadow Download For iOS

The light x shadow is not available for the iOS devices

Light X Shadow Download for PC

The light x shadow can be installed for your windows pc with the help of an android emulator but before going to install the game, make sure that you have installed the Nox player android emulator correctly into your pc.

  • Download and install the latest version of the nox player emulator.
  • Then launch the play store.
  • Search for the game light x shadow in the play store.
  • Start the game apk file installation after getting the correct result.
  • After the installation is over, launch the NoxPlayer and then locate the previously installed game.
  • Just tap on the game icon and start the gameplay.

How To Play Light X Shadow Apk?

As previously stated there are some gaming modes available. One such mode is the Brawl mode. It is the original battle map of the light x shadow Apk game. It is having a length total of 8 minutes. But it is divided into two parts so each part has 4 minutes. Even this brawl mode is consistent with 12 players. But the 12 players have been divided into 4 groups consisting of 3 per group. At the last, the final score of the teams is based on the killing amount of each team. The rewards are offered for only the top 3 teams.

 There is another gaming mode available the classic mode. The classic mode is available with traditional three-wavy lines.  The map here is divided into parts such as highland, base, wild areas, river five areas, and three-way lines. In this gaming mode, only killing cannot lead to victory. But killing together while destroying the turret is the only way to victory.

Likewise, there are multiple game modes as well as there are so many tips to enjoy the light x shadow Apk. Just install the game and start playing. Users could discover many more functions than mentioned facts here.

Safety And Legality

The game is rated for 12+ because there are some violating contents included in the light x shadow apk. other than that there are no harmful contents. The players can communicate with each other while in gameplay. So do it at your own risk. And make sure to install the games from always trusted and safe sources. If not, your device can be affected by malicious software. There are some restrictions on this app. Sometimes the game is unavailable for some regions as well as light x shadow Apk is not supported for some devices.


Q: How can I change the language in the light x shadow Apk game?

A: To change the language of the game, the players should have to have the proper language pack installed. To do that go to Ubisoft Connect. Then choose properties. After that select the language that you desire to proceed with. After choosing the language you wanted, enter the game to select the required options.

Q: Is this game available offline?

A: There is no such option at this moment. But many of the players are requesting to make the game available offline. The game developers stated that they will consider adding that feature later.

Final Words

The above paragraphs are stating about a famous MOBA called light x shadow Apk. Almost every minute fact is mentioned here. but try the game yourselves to have an amazing gaming experience.