friends with dog

How To Be Friends With A Dog and Get The Trust Of Him

Usually, this problem will arise if you have brought a new dog. There may be some time spent on practicing it. First of all, you have to make the dog trust you. That is required. Dogs are similar to humans. You know people believe in relationships because of trust. If their trust is broken they will never believe in relationships. Like that we have to build up relationships with dogs with trust. We have to prove that with our activities. They can’t talk but they can understand the emotions of people. Definitely that will be a challenge. What to do we have to overcome.

friends with dog

What are the things that we can do for Building up a Trusting Relationship with the dogs? See below for that. 

  • Behave calmly with your dog 
  • Respect the space of the dog. 
  • If you can get to their level 
  • Don’t make barriers for them while reaching you 
  • Make a time to walk with them 

These are the easy steps to build trust in you. Then we will see how we can perform them. 

Behave Calmly With Your Dog

calm with dog

If you behave wildly with your dog, the dog will act in the same way. It won’t be friends with you anyway. Especially while greeting your dog you have to be careful. Don’t act with the dogs in an exciting way. Because the dog will show the same reactions for you. Suddenly the dog could make a high energy activity. Like jumping like a tiger. 

Therefore you have to behave softly and smoothly. Try to act with it with the above feature. 

Respect The Space of The Dog

keep space with dog

The dog has its own space. You have to keep that space. Be respectful to that space. Don’t go to interfere with them. Make that place better for them.

Don’t go near the dog. Also, don’t make you touch it excessively. Always keep a distance from the dog. It is better if you talk to the person by neglecting the dog. 

If You Can Get to Their Level

sitting with dog

Don’t make eye contact with them. It is safe. Also, don’t forget when you are becoming closer to him, don’t go in front. Always you have to reach from its side. 

Then you have to get on the level of your dog. You know a dog is sitting on a floor. You also make your height to that level. You can kneel down for that. Then you two are on the same level. Then the dog will build up trust in you. 

Don’t Make Barriers For Them While Reaching You dog sniff

They would like to gain care, love, and affection from you. On those occasions, they will show some irregular signs. Sometimes they may act very calmly. Also, they are sniffing. Usually, they sniff for your hands. 

Those signs will tell you to pet them. In front of the chest is the proper place for that. But don’t try it for a dog in neighborhoods.

There is a certain way to see if they accept your behavior. They are licking your hand. If they look in another direction, the dog is not interested.

Make a Time to Walk With Them

walk with dog

You even know walking is a better activity for exercising. Also, it is better to build up a Trusting relationship even. Mainly from walking, they will understand you are giving the guidance as well as the protection for them. 

From walking they will obtain more things. They will explore more sites by walking. They will observe the beauty of nature too. Other than them they will make a strong and trusting relationship with you. 

So in the above, I told you some ways of making a Trusting relationship with your dog. If you like to follow the above, you will be benefitted.

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