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HomeCraft is a home design game (Apk) in which you can decorate homes by winning puzzles.

Tapblaze created and launched this Homecraft Apk game, for mobile game players who have been capable of downloading the game for their smartphones and computers since the 16th of October in 2014. This game, which is appropriate for people of all ages, is already downloaded more than 10 million times from the Google Play store. . You will experience online ads while engaging in this game, which is absolutely free. In-app purchases are also available to collect more resources for the game.

With this single-player casual game, you can get a good understanding of house design and house decoration. Because it is in the shape of a computer video game, many people play it on Windows or Apple macOS computers. The graphics of Homecraft Apk are designed with a very high finish and 3D look, so they are more attractive. So you can now use our website to download this game to your Apple iOS, Android, Windows PC, or Apple macOS device.

homecraft apk

Homecraft Apk Download for Android

Homecraft Apk Download

Google Play Download

If you would like to download Homecraft Apk game to your Android device, follow the steps mentioned below to ensure a successful download.

  1. To start, go to our webpage on your Android device.
  2. Start the download by clicking the download button here.
  3. Wait until the game apk download is completely done.

Homecraft Apk has now been downloaded to your smartphone. Then you have to properly install it before playing on your device. But you must allow unknown sources on the device. Therefore you should always be allowed on your device for this. Enable unknown sources are available in your device settings. So go to settings and Enable unknown sources first. Finally, the game can also be installed as described in the following.

  1. Use your Android device to browse my files.
  2. Navigate to the download files and select the downloaded apk file.
  3. Make it possible to install the game now.

After your device’s installation is complete, you could really play the Homecraft Apk game.

What is Homecraft Apk?

This Homecraft Apk game can be called a stylish game that can do home designing and decorations. If you want to be the best master home crafter in town, you need to improve your skills. You can use many different deco items for your projects. You can design the interior of the house as well as the exterior gardens, pools, etc. Accordingly, not only living rooms, and bedrooms but also dining rooms, kitchens, and pools as well as rooftop gardens can be designed.

It is very important to complete the projects you receive from various clients successfully and within the time. You can earn more coins through the match puzzles here. Then you can customize homes and rooms using furniture and decorations to satisfy your clients. If you love home designing and decorating, this is one of the best games for you to play. So install this Homecraft Apk on your device and start playing today.



There are more than 1000 different home decorations

Homecraft Apk game contains about 1000 different items that you need to decorate the houses and rooms here. As the levels of the game progress, such items can be unlocked and if necessary, you can also get them through In-App Purchases.

Having puzzle challenges to play

You can play 3 puzzle challenge mini-games to match items.

Having many rooms and places to decorate

In this Homecraft apk game, you can use your skills to design many rooms and places like bedrooms, luxury bedrooms, chef’s kitchens, dining rooms, rooftop gardens, and backyard pools.

Homecraft Download For PC

Since the 3D graphics quality of this game, playing it on a pc is ideal to play Homecraft Apk on mobile. If you would like to play this on your Windows PC or Apple Mac computer, you may now download it through our website. But before downloading this mobile Homecraft Apk game to your computer, you should first install an emulator. You can get any emulator for free from the Internet, such as GameLoop, BlueStacks, ARChon, or Android Studio, and install it onto your computer.

Install an emulator on your computer and download the Homecraft game from the download section.

  1. To begin, launch the emulator.
  2. Go to the search bar and copy and paste the link to this web page.
  3. Now, click the download button and allow the download to begin.
  4. Wait for the game APK download to successfully completed.

Install the game as described in the following after it has been correctly downloaded.

  1. Having access to the emulator browser’s downloads folder.
  2. Install the game by simply pressing the Homecraft apk file there.
  3. Wait for the installation to complete.

Homecraft Apk is now installed on your computer via your emulator. As a result, you can now play that one on the computer.

How To Play Homecraft Apk?

After implementing the Homecraft Apk game on your smartphone or desktop pc device, you can start up it by simply clicking its shortcut. Then you might have the option of starting the game from the game’s home screen. You can watch many gameplay videos of this mobile video game on YouTube to get a proper overview of the game.

Pros and Cons


  • Homecraft Apk game is fully free to download and install forever.
  • The game has high 3D graphics and video quality.
  • In-App Purchases make it simple to get different resources needed for the game.
  • The Homecraft Apk game has no age ratings or limits.
  • As the game’s levels proceed, various items and offer become fully accessible.
  • The ability to gain knowledge about the latest techniques in home design.
  • Having over 1000 home decors to choose from the game.
  • Being able to unlock many homes, houses rooms, and clients.
  • Having a lot of luxurious furniture and home interior decor accessories.


  • The Homecraft Apk game is available only in English.
  • Homecraft Apk is not a game that is possible to play with friends in multiplayer mode.
  • Being a game that can only be played on devices running iOS 13.0 or newer.
  • When these game apk files are saved from the internet, they may contain malicious programs that can harmful to your devices. To download games, always use trusted websites such as our gaming platform.

Safety and Legality

Our mobile gaming platform enables you to safely get and download the apk file for this game to your PC or mobile device. As a result, Homecraft Apk is free of malware. This game developers collect your Device or other IDs, Location, and Personal information. But they do not have the ability to share them with third parties. Anyone of any age can play this game as there is no harmful content in the game.


What are the minimum specs to install the Homecraft game on Apple iOS devices?

520 MB of memory space

iOS 13.0 or higher

What are the minimum specs to install the Homecraft Apk game on Android devices?

170 MB of memory space

Android 5.1 or higher

What are the minimum specs to install the Homecraft Apk game on Windows PC?

Microsoft Windows 7,8,10 or 11

Processor AMD or Intel

2GB of RAM

5GB of Memory Space


Homecraft Apk is a single-player game where you can learn and play about designing and decorating homes. It is possible to make those designs according to the design request of your clients. You can now get the apk file of this game for free from our website.