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Golden Retriever Dog Breed Information and Characterisitics

You know that there are various breeds of dogs you can find throughout the world. The Golden Retriever is a type of breed you could find. As the other dog breeds, there are unique features and similar features. If your dog even is a Golden Retriever, the following will be more useful for you. Shall we see those?

golden retriever

There are two sizes of these dogs. They are in the medium-sized as well as in the large-sized dogs. Also, these are known as gun dogs. Their name even has its own significance. Because of the term Retriever. From that name their ability signifies. They have the ability to retrieve. That is during the shot game. There will be no damage. Why is that? Because they have a soft mouth. 

Except for the above, there are many important qualities of the Golden Retrievers. We will see some of those important features of the Golden Retrievers. 

  • They are loving water very much 
  • It can be easily trained. The train can be simple or advanced both 
  • Have various Obedience standards 
  • They have a longer coat and an inner coat 
  • There are uses of both coats. Inner coats help them to be warm at certain temperatures. Also, the outer coat is resistive to the water. 
  • They are suited to the residences in the environments of the countries 
  • They need a regular Grooming 
  • The origin of the countries is the United Kingdom and Scotland. 
  • This is a third popular family dog breed 

These are the most popular characteristics of the Golden Retrievers. Do you know their physical characteristics? I mean the height, weight, and others. So I’ll tell you about the male and the female of the dogs.

golden retriever characteristics

Physical Features of Golden Retriever Dog Breed

  • The weight of a male dog is about 29kg-34kg
  • The weight of a female dog is about 25kg-29kg
  • The height of a male dog is about 56cm – 61cm
  • The height of a female dog is about 51cm – 56cm
  • The coat is straight. Also, the coat is wavy
  • You can see these types of dogs are in golden color. Or else they are in the cream color. 
  • They have a lifetime of years between 10 years – 12 years. 

The Golden Retrievers are a very useful dog breed. Why am I saying that? So see the follows.

Uses of The Golden Retrievers 

  • Can use as a guide dog 
  • Helping people with disabilities 
  • Can be used as a hunting dogs 
  • You can use dog breed as a searching, detective and the rescuing type of dogs 
  • They are a Playful dog breed 
  • Kind and confident dog breed 
  • Trusting dog 
  • They are most of the times in the nervous conditions
  • The active type of animals 
  • They are mobility assistive dogs 

golden retriever uses

The next important factor that you have to consider is the, 


  • They can have genetic disorders 
  • Also, hip diseases are another type of diseases 
  • Obesity can cause even. Because they love to eat more. 
  • They should have to be given three or five cups of foods 
  • Cancers can occur 
  • Heart diseases
  • Skin diseases 
  • Types of allergies 
  • Haemophilia

 Those are the details that you want to know about the golden Retrievers.

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