german shepherd

German Sheperd Dog Breed Information and Characteristics

This is a worldwide famous dog breed you can observe. Even you can find the most populated dog breed is the German Shepherd. There are various sizes of dogs in the world. You can find medium size dogs. Not only the medium but also there are very large ones too. This type is known as the Shepherd of Germany. So you could understand they originated from Germany. Also, the above type of dogs are categories under the working dogs. This is the common name for them. But they have their official name. That official name is Alsatian. That is a name from the United Kingdom. Also, they have known by this name only after world war I. 

german shepherd

Their physical characteristics differ from the other breed types. Now we will see them. 

Physical Characteristics of the German Shepherd

  • The weight of a male dog is 30kg – 40kg 
  • The weight of a female dog is 22kg – 33kg 
  • The height of a male dog is 60cm -65cm
  • The height of a female dog is 55cm – 60cm
  • Also, they have a double-coated skin. 
  • There are not more colors of the above dog type. They are in the colors of tan, black or else in the solid black color. Rarely you can find the bi-color dogs even. 
  • German Shepherd has a lifespan of 9 years to 13 years. 

These are the most important and the main physical features of the German Shepherd dog breed. There are some uses of them even. We will see them as follows.

german shepherd characteristics


  • They can be used as a dog type for herding. Especially the herding of sheep.
  • They are using as the working dogs 
  • Also they can be used as helping dogs for disability assistance. 
  • They can use as a dog breed type for the searching and the rescuing 
  • The police and military services use these types of dogs for their work. 

So now you can identify them as a useful dog breed. Other than the uses of the dog breed there are such food qualities of them. Would you know some of them? 

Qualities of the German Shepherd

  • Have much strength 
  • Intelligent
  • Have Obedience 
  • Can be trained easily 

If your dog is included in this breed type, there is another main fact that will be useful for you. Now we will see that.

german shepherd health

Health Conditions of the German Shepherd 

  • There are only common ailments that occur with the dog breed. Those are the hip disorders and elbow dysplasia. 
  • There is a little possibility of getting ear infections. 
  • Degenerative myelopathy is another disorder 
  • They have a higher frequency of getting Von Willebrand disease
  • Even they could have bleeding disorders. These are inherited diseases. 
  • Also, there may be a common skeletal disease.

German shepherds are not a lazy dog breed. They can work very well. So that means they are very active dogs. They have a high level of curiosity. They can be taken to various missions by the police and the army. Also, they are the guard dogs even. They have a great ability of the protective. 

These are the details of German shepherds. You can identify them as to how important.

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