Garena Free Fire Apk 1.67.0 Download | Latest Version (753.8MB)

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Garena Free Fire is an action-packed battle royale game (APK) that gamers wish and love to play. Especially for your android devices. Garena free fire Apk is even a famous shooter game. Although it is featuring action-packed battles among all players. Though this is a multi-player game, the gamers have to play with other mates as well as some more opponents. If you wish to start gaming with the Garena free fire Apk, this is the chance. Start it today onwards.

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How to Download Garena Free Fire Apk

Garena Free Fire Apk 1.67.0 Download [753.8MB]

APK NameGarena Free Fire
Latest Versionv1.67.0
Android VersionAndroid 4.1+

By here the reader could get the Garena free fire Apk downloaded.

  1. Click the download button to download Garena Free Fire apk.
  2. Then open the files app and locate the files app and find the downloaded APK file.
  3. Then open it and install it.
  4. Now open the game and enjoy it.

If you are using a pc, first install an emulator like Nox or Tencent gaming buddy, then use the above instructions.

More facts about Garena Free Fire Apk

The Garena free fire Apk is a game that is focusing on a storyline of mysterious incidents. The players have to face the opponents or the other players in a deserted land. In here this game, the player is capable of playing alone. Although the player can be q part of any squad. It doesn’t matter. You are allowed to play in any way that you wish. Even if you want to win from the game basically you have to be protected from two things.

From the enemies as well as by the radiation. The latest version of tree Garena free fire is 1.64.1. Get it for more functions such as the new 1v1 mode. It will available so soon. Also, the addition of the drag to run option is with the latest version. Adjustments or the weapon stats are the next improvements with the app. It is about 744 MB-sized game. Although it is having more graphics and visuals. Although over 1 billion players have joined with the app. Certainly, you would get the best enjoyment out of the Garena Free Fire Apk game. It is offered for you by the Garena International private limited.

garena free fire apk


Garena Free Fire Apk is a type of fast-paced and survival shooter game. Actually, it is a game that is specifically focused on multi-player gameplay. So this won’t available offline. Therefore you should have to play it online. There are two modes in here. The first one of them is the island-wide one. And the next one is a bit smaller. The island-wide gameplay having 40 players. And the smaller one has only four players. Every time the objective remains the same as the earlier.


There are more things that you should have to introduce with the game when referring to the features of the Garena free fire. This is the setting of the game. When you play the 10-mins game, you were kept on an isolated island. In that phase, you are against 49 players. Players are free to select any place to land with the parachute. So try to stay in a safe area.

  • Survival shooter in the original form

The player has to aim for staying until the whole game ends. If you got that capability you would be the winner of the whole game. Try to achieve that target. Basically, you have to protect your health status. For that every time wait in the safe area. And continuously search for the new weapons in the TRD game. The target for the legendary Airdrops. And always try to avoid all airstrikes.

  • Fast gameplay

This is fast and also lite gameplay. Therefore the players won’t be bored by this gameplay on Garena Free Fire Apk for sure. If there won’t any survivors, don’t worry. Because within 10 mins the survivor would be at your eyesight.

  • Creating squad

The players are capable of making squads. Altogether with 4 players, you could create a squad. By that, the player could establish good communication between each other members of the gaming. Then as a team, you and your friends would lead to the victory.

  • Graphics

Here there are more amazing graphics contained. There are controllers that are very convenient to use. Although it is having very smoother graphics. The Garena free fire Apk always tries to offer the best gaming experience for its users. Certainly, you also have to experience this.

Safety and legality

Safety and legality are the most necessary facts that a user has to concern necessarily. Because sometimes the apps could be harmful to your devices. Even sometimes the app could be affected the privacy of the users. Therefore necessarily users have to know if the game is safe. Yes, the Garena Free Fire Apk game is safe. Always get it from a trusted source. It won’t invade your safe and private. Even it is permitted to use on any device. There aren’t any restrictions, so anyone could use it freely without any barrier too.

How to Play Garena Free Fire Apk

In contrast to the other types of android games, Garena Free Fire Apk is an easy game. The game has become easier because the controllers are best in here. Those controllers are very easy to use. The main player is capable of moving crouch, crawl, and standing positions. Although the game Indicates the location of the enemy by red color. That feature makes it easy to discover the place where the enemies are in. There is multiple safe Zone are here. In these safe zones, you are able to protect yourself from radiation. Even the player doesn’t lose their health. Also, the player can rest. When the game reaching up to the end the safe Zone is getting smaller. Therefore your final objective has to be the protect your health until the game ends. There are multiple health packs available here. You could find them.

Then the next one is the guns and vehicles. In the game, you are capable of exploring more types of guns and vehicles. All those are very easy to operate. Here there’s a compass too. By that, you are capable of finding the direction and the other all directions. So it is having a simple procedure while the gameplay. If you haven’t joined the game yet, this is your chance to try it.

Final Words

Now you know more facts about the Garena free fire game. It is an easy multi-player game. Even if you want, you could play it individually too. Now, this is your chance. To get involved with the app community and discover the real gaming experience.