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French BullDog Dog Breed Information and Characteristics

French Bulldog breed is a well known domestic dog breed. That is the result of a mixture of a dog breed from England and raters from France. Other than the French Bulldog they are commonly known as bouledogue francais. Other than that they are known as Frenchies. The above Bulldog dog breeds have originated from France. They have a life expansion of 11 years to 13 years. Once the above dog type became the most popular dog type in the United Kingdom. Not only the UK but also there are some more countries in the world that French bulldogs became famous including Australia.

french bulldog

So they are a famous breed worldwide. Then I thought it is better if we pay attention to the health condition of the above dog breed. Because it will be easy for you if you have such a dog.

Health Conditions

  • As I told above their life span extended up to 11 years – 13 years. Sometimes the time can increase or decrease.
  • But the recent records have discovered at least only one disease has infected the dogs that they seem recently died. So what are those diseases?
  • Ear infections
  • Diarrhea
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Skin diseases. This is the most common disease type that can be seen.
  • Allergies might take place

french bulldog information

There may not be any diseases except the above. The following is not a health problem. But that is a unique problem to the above French bulldogs. It is,

Temperament Regulation Problems

That occurs because of the skin or else coat of the dog. Their coat is a single coat. Usually, the coat has a combination of the respiratory system of them. Because of that, there may be a problem while the regulation of the temperature of the body with the outer environment. 

If the surrounding environment is so cold they would get easily cold of their body. So what is needed to provide them? I think they need regular affection. Like the brushing of the dogs and the cleaning of their ears such as.

You know some of these dogs are living indoors. Such types of dogs can get more help from the air conditions inside the house. If they have air conditioning the dogs can easily maintain the body temperature. 

So that is the most common problem that each Bulldog has to face. Only the French ones. 

Those all above are related to the health problems of the French bulldogs. Except for that, there is another thing that we have to pay attention to. That is the, 

The Temperament of The Dogs 

  • This breed is even familiar to humans. Therefore they can use as a family dog breed even. 
  • If they live in a house surely they will face for the anxiety of the separation 
  • Other than their official name they are called as the frog dog or even as a clown dog 
  • Those are not Barking usually. 
  • Those are an affectionate dog breed 
  • They have more patience 
  • The training can provide to such dogs. 
  • Those are an intelligent dog breed we can find

So from the above, we could understand that the French bulldogs are such a nice and friendly dog breed. The affection from the person requires without any classification of their breed. Now we will see some more about the above dog type.

french bulldog characteristics

Some More About 

  • They require the brushing of their coat frequently. Because they have such a thin and smooth coat 
  • There are more wrinkles on their faces. 
  • They need a bath 
  • They can’t swim. That is because of the body of them. Therefore playing on the water is not suitable. 

That is all about the French bulldogs. If you have such a dog the above will be really useful.

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