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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a driving game (Apk) that the players have several large cars with cylinder capacity.  In the game, the players will receive a chance to test the abilities of the gamers while driving freely along the streets of a huge city.  And the game will test the player’s abilities to leverage each and every vehicle’s mechanical properties. Plus that the extreme car driving simulator Apk is offering different missions for you. And by obtaining the rewards in the gaming,  the players are capable of unlocking new cars.

There is an interesting aspect of the extreme car driving simulator Apk. The garage is such an interesting part of the game. All cars can be customized very easily. Here you can modify the car in every aspect. The players can modify the cars, and change some aesthetic aspects of the game.  In order to adjust your driving experience, modify and adjust the mechanical settings of the game.

extreme car driving simulator apk

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Apk Download for Android

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Apk Download

Google Play Download

So if you are an android device user, who is willing to play the extreme car driving simulator Apk, this is your chance to do that. But before you get the game downloaded, check whether your device has fulfilled the requirements. At least you have to be with an android version 5.1 and upwards. If you don’t have such an android version, you are unable to install the game. Also, the latest version of the game is 6.45.2. Get the latest version to experience all the features. Currently, there are over 100,000,000+ users who have engaged with the app. then you can start downloading the game via the google play store.

  • Open the google play store.
  • Then search for the name extreme car driving simulator Apk.
  • Then after finding the correct game tap for the download tab.
  • After downloading you will be directed to the installation.
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete the installation.
  • Allow for the necessary requested permissions.
  • Launch the game and start gaming.

What is Extreme Car Driving Simulator Apk?

So while using the extreme car driving game, you will have a chance to enjoy a realistic experience. The game is consistent with amazing 3D graphics. The control system of the extreme car driving simulator Apk is well adapted to touch devices.  Therefore, along with this game, all players will feel it is very easy to do the tasks. When you are required to control the speed of the car, simply press the brake and the gas pedals. In order to modify the trajectory, you could turn the steering wheel.

Though this is a game, the players can’t feel your traveling speed of yours. Therefore the game is consistent with the speed controllers. The speed controller will display the speed as kilometers per hour.  Not only that but also there is much more information displayed on the gaming screen.  However while in gaming, the on-screen details give you great support to pass over certain checkpoints in the gaming.  The extreme car driving simulator Apk game included famous car brands. Some of them are such as Audi, Nissan, and Bugatti. The vehicle types can be tested in both the city streets and on closed circuits. The players can show up all of their skills to smash all the records in the game.

extreme car driving simulator

More About The App

The extreme car driving simulator Apk is known to be the best car simulator of 2014. It is included with an advanced real physics engine. Either the players can try normal cars or sports cars. So the players can get an experience that feels like a real-life experience.  The players can drive, drift and feel an amazing experience by racing sports cars although that is free. What you want to be is a furious player in the game. Here there is no any kind of rules and regulations associated with it. Also, there is a need to apply brakes due to traffic and other racing vehicles.  The players can perform any kind of legally not allowed actions in the gaming.

Drive the vehicles at full speed because the police are not going to chase you. Certainly, you would get many more interesting memories along with this extreme car driving simulator Apk. This is your chance to start this amazing racing game.


  • This is a mini-game.
  • The game is consistent with the mini-game checkpoint mode
  • Realistic HUD that is included with including revs, speed, and gears
  • ESP, TC, and ABS simulation are included. If you don’t want them, the players can turn them off.
  • Explore a new gaming environment  with all the details
  • The car damages are also realistic. Even your car is subjected to crashing
  • Accurate physics
  • Can control the car with the available steering wheel, arrows, and accelerometer.
  • Availability of diverse cameras.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Download For iOS

Not only for android devices but also you can get this game that can be installed on the iOS devices that you are using. Follow the below procedure to install this.

  • Launch the apple app store.
  • Then search for the name extreme car driving simulator
  • Then you will get the correct game result as per your search.
  • Tap on the Get tab and wait for the installation.
  • It will take about a few minutes.
  • Allow for the necessary permissions required.
  • Open the game and start playing it.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Download for PC

This can be downloaded to your PCs with Windows OS. But for this installation procedure, you are required to have an android emulator installed on your PC.  So if your device won’t have any android emulator first download such one. The bluestacks 5, memu player and the nox player are some of such best android emulators for you.

  • Launch the android emulator that you have downloaded into your device.
  • Then open the google play store via the android emulator.
  • Complete the google sign-in procedure correctly.
  • Then search for the extreme car driving simulator Apk game in the google app store.
  • You will get matching results for your search.
  • So pick the suitable app and continue for download and installation.
  • Allow for the necessary access requested by the game.
  • Open the game and start the gaming.

How To Play Extreme Car Driving Simulator Apk?

The extreme car driving simulator Apk is providing a realistic experience for you. There are sports cars as well as normal cars available. You are free to choose any type of car according to your choice.  There are some game details such as the speed of the car displayed on the screen. There is no kind of traffic included in this car game. Simply you can control the car speed and other facts just via the touch screen of your smartphone. There is a garage option available here. Through that option, you can customize the whole car within a few seconds. So likewise the players can continue the gameplay with these available amazing features.

Safety And Legality

This game is just a car game. Therefore there are no violent or non-harmful actions. Therefore there is no harmful content included in the extreme car driving game. So anyone from any age group can play this amazing game. But it is always better to download the game from trusted sources. I recommend you to get the game via the official app stores such as the google play store and the apple app store. That is always risk-free. And it is harmless for your device by attracting malicious software to your device. Even though the game is not sharing the player’s details with any other parties. Therefore you are always protected from others. When it comes to legality, there is no kind of legal issues associated with the app. so you could use this game for free.


Q: Can I play the extreme car driving simulator Apk with a controller?

A: This is not supported by the controllers. Hence you can’t use the controllers with the game.

Q: Can driving simulators teach how to drive?

A: Yes. Certainly. The game prepares the students for dangerous driving conditions even without risk this game is also offering educational moments within a small period of time.

Q: Is this extreme car driving simulator Apk free?

A: Yes. This racing game is offered for you totally free. This is available to anyone.

Final Words

The extreme car driving simulator Apk is a car driving and racing game. This is a game just more than a game. It is delivering many more functions. In order to understand many more facts regarding the game, you can start gaming. So have fun.