Earn to Die Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

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Earn to Die is a game (Apk) that the player has to drive vehicles through zombies.

Earn to Die APK is a game developed by Russian indie studio Toffee Games and released by Not Doppler on November 20, 2014. This is a very popular game with more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. This Die APK is in the teen category due to violence and blood content. This is a game that can be played offline without an internet connection after being installed on your mobile device or computer. Therefore, we can call this a single-player game.

This is a game classified under Racing and Action game which can be played on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Apple macOS computers. Earn to Die is available for free but ads will be displayed while playing the game. You can unlock levels, upgrade weapons, etc. under in-app purchases on this game.

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Earn to Die APK Download for Android

Earn to Die Apk Download

Google Play Download

To start downloading this Earn to Die APK game to your Android device, click the following download button on this web page.

  1. First of all, download the game apk file to your mobile device.
  2. Then wait for the download to be fully complete on your device.

Then you must install the downloaded game apk file for your android device. To complete that, enable the unknown source file’s first option. Then after, go to your mobile device settings and please allow unknown sources. After successfully enabling that option, Please follow these steps below to install the game completely.

  1. Open my files folder on your Android device and then, go to the download folder. Next, click on the downloaded APK file.
  2. Next, tap on the Earn to Die APK file and wait for the game to fully install on your android mobile device.

What is Earn to Die APK?

This can be mentioned as a racing game with stunt driving. In 2013, the first game, which was made to be played online as a flash player game, has been upgraded and developed as Earn to Die 2. Here you have to play against zombies. You have to move forward in your car through different areas and attack the zombies that come to catch you.

You must somehow destroy the zombies that come before you. Or you may get caught in their grip and lose the game level. You can also equip the car with various weapons and guns to attack the zombies. Since this Earn to Die APK is a single-player game, you have to progress through each level with your own efforts. But remember, Zombies can easily destroy your vehicles. Therefore, you have to get out of their grip and drive the car successfully.

The Earn to Die file of this adventure and driving game is now available from this website.

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Consists of different Tiered levels

This new Earn to Die APK game includes multi tiers for you to play and advance. You have the opportunity to play the game through different areas such as underground subways, decayed highways, factories full of zombies, desert roads, and cities.

Chance to unlock and upgrade 10 different vehicles

When you play the Earn to Die APK game and move forward, the new vehicles which you can use will also be unlocked just as the levels are unlocked. You can get off-road jeeps, sports cars, fire trucks as well as ice-cream vans. However, zombies can easily destroy these vehicles. So you should play carefully.

Ability to mount various weapons and guns to vehicles

You can set weapons, guns, armored flames, boosters, and more to the vehicle to destroy zombies by playing the game successfully.

Earn to Die APK Download For PC

The first version of this game was a game that could be played online with the help of a flash player. But after adobe discontinued supporting flash player service, players lost the ability to play these games. Earn to Die is another game that has been upgraded so that it can be played on Android.

You can play this Earn to Die game on windows & apple mac os computers as well as on android. But to do that you must have an emulator software on your computer. There are many popular emulators like BlueStacks, Android Studio, and ARChon available on the internet and you can download them for free and install them on your computer.

Here are the correct steps to install any emulator program on your PC.

  1. Download & then install any of the emulators above on the Internet. 
  2. Then click your installed emulator program > Open of the emulator browser> Copy this game page link >  Paste it on your emulator browser.
  3. Click on the search bar of the emulator > Click the download button link on this webpage.

You can now install this Earn to Die APK game to the computer using the installed emulator.

  1. First, open the downloads folder on your emulator after completing the download Earn to Die APK file.
  2. Next, Click on the apk file and install it. 
  3. Finally, the Earn to Die game will be installed on your Apple Mac or Windows Computer.

How To Play Earn to Die APK?

After successfully installing the game on your mobile or computer device, you can launch it. You can enter the game with a big truck that is used to destroy monsters from the game’s home screen. If you want, you can watch the gameplay videos on youtube to learn more about playing this game. The story of this Earn to Die APK game and how to play it is not complicated, so you will get used to it quickly.

Pros and Cons


  • You can download this Earn to Die APK game as a free game.
  • Being able to play even without the internet.
  • Ability to purchase required resources.
  • Supporting multiple operating systems like Android, IOS, Windows, and macOS.
  • The story of the game is easy to understand.


  • Having content with violence & blood.
  • Not being able to play multiplayer with friends.
  • Risk of addiction to playing the Earn to Die APK game.
  • When you download a game apk from the Internet, the malware also will download with them. Please be sure to use safe websites like our website to download game apk files.

Safety and Legality

Due to the reasons of violence and blood, everyone cannot play this Earn to Die APK game as it is restricted by being rated as teen. Email addresses, Phone numbers, Location and Device or other IDs and financial data can be collected through this game. There is also the possibility of sharing Location and Device or other IDs with other third-party organizations.


Is this game available for free?

Yes. You can download this Earn to Die APK from our website.

How much do I have to pay through in-app purchases to get game resources?

You can pay between $0.99 – $5.99 per item.

What can we get by successfully playing the game?

You can unlock the next missions, levels, places, vehicles, and weapons.

Can we play this Earn to Die APK game by using an Adobe flash player?

No, you can’t. You can play this now only on android, ios, and PC.

Final Words

Earn to Die APK is the android version of a web-based flash player game released in 2013. It is a game that can be played not only on android devices but also on ios, windows and mac os computers. Here you will achieve your goals by going in a car and fighting against zombies. You can get coins and rewards while completing levels. You can download this Earn to Die APK now from our website.