dog brain tumor

Dog Brain Tumors: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

The brain is an important part of the body parts. If we haven’t a brain or if the brain didn’t function properly what will happen? Our thinking ability and memory will lose. Even the dog has to face the same thing. If you are a protector of a dog or else owner of a dog, please read the following details. Those are really helpful to you. If you have identified this problem earlier you can go to the quick treatment. That is why I had thought to tell you about the brain Tumors that arose for Dogs.

dog brain tumor

But unfortunately, till now there is no specific reason made for the brain tumors. While the technology and the genetics fields are more developed. But there are some special types of dogs affected with brain tumors. Especially that type of dog is with smooshed faces. This is a fact that is evident from the reported cases. So there are some categories of dogs that are affected with brain Tumors according to the above features. Some of them are as, 

  • Boxers. 
  • Boston terriers 
  • Pitbull terriers 

Therefore if you have one from the above you have to be very much careful. Now I know what is the question on your mind. How can I understand if there is any brain tumor for my dog? So the following are the symptoms of them. 

Symptoms of a Brain Tumor 

  • Decreasing of cognitive functions 
  • Aggression 
  • Abnormality of the pupil size 
  • Can cause blindness 
  • Loss of hearing 
  • Altering the behavior pattern 
  • Abnormality of panting 
  • Walking drunk 
  • The walking might be difficult for them 
  • They are circling for only one direction

dog brain tumor symptoms

If your dog has some symptoms like the above, you will be notified of something wrong with your dog. Then what will have to be done? You have to seek the help of the veterinarian. What is it for? For the diagnosing of the disease. 

Diagnosing of The Brain Tumor 

  • It has to be done with the total physical treatment by a veterinary surgeon. 
  • It has to be checked if the other organs are working correctly. Such as the lungs and kidneys. 
  • Have to be checked about cancers. If there any cancer had spread throughout the body. 
  • Also, have to check the central nervous system. It has to be checked if that is functioning properly or not. 

The above experiments have to be done for the treatment. Those are compulsory. Then we see what are the treatments that have to be prescribed for the brain tumor. 

Treatment for Brain Tumor Disease 

  • The treatments for the brain tumors are necessary and immediately 
  •  Also, there is a type of them as the slow-growing 
  • After growing its whole brain it causes the pressure of your brain. 
  • The medication can be used to decrease the swelling inside the brain. 
  • Also, the care of nurses will help to minimize the swelling. 
  • The blood has to be done

dog brain tumor treatment

Through these above treatments, you can observe favorable reactions about the brain tumor. Also, you would find more options while you make your dog for treating. Then we will see what are those options, 

Options for Brain Tumors 

  1. Euthanasia 
  2. Management of medical 
  3. Traditional radiation therapy 
  4. Surgery of brain
  5. Stereotactic radiation therapy

So you have more options to select for the treatments. Shall we see how we can do them? 


Most of the owners select this because of severe therapies. 

Management of medical

From this the swelling of the brain. From this, the lifetime of the dog will extend up to 1 – 2 months. The steroids and the anti-seizure are used for this purpose. But those are expensive. Using these drugs can cause thirst and urination. 

Traditional radiation therapy 

You can obtain the radiation therapies of radiation from veterinary hospitals. This can cause various side effects. 

Surgery of brain

This is not as advanced as the surgery for humans. Before the brain surgery, the dog had to be done anesthesia. This is also more expensive. And even there may be some rear effects that can affect your dog. 

Stereotactic radiation therapy 

This is not present everywhere. You can find it in a few locations. Also, the anesthesia is required for that 

So you can select any type of option from here. It will according to your wishes. 

Prognosis of The Brain Tumor 

The Prognosis will be selected according to various factors. Those are, 

  • RT
  • Medical Management
  • Surgical management 
  • Type of the brain tumor 

If your dog is feeling with such kind of disease you have to be alerted to protect him. You can seek more help from a respective agent.

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