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8 Common Dog Training Mistakes Done By The Owner

Think that you get a new little friend for your family. That is a dog. Then we would like to make some more tricks to practice it. Surely it would be a challenge. I have to say actually it is not an easy task. You have to be patient while practicing such things. Sometimes there may be some mistakes that can occur by you. So read this article before you start training your dog. As I said above you need guidance for that. Because it is not an easy task.

dog training

In the following, you can observe the most common mistakes that can happen. 

  • Learn to appreciate your dog while not to punish them 
  • Don’t train them for a long time 
  • Don’t stay at only one place while training 
  • Don’t use too much of clicking 
  • Don’t make too much of treats 
  • Identify their own training method 
  • Don’t repeat the same commands 
  • Not practicing 

In the above, I told you the things that you should not do. Then we will know how those can be corrected or not to do. 

Learn to Appreciate Your Dog While Not to Punish Them

appreciate your dog

The learning method can vary. Some of the trainers trained them by offering them rewards. But some of them punish the dogs in order to practice. Those are the positive and negative ways of training. I think it is better if you headed on in a positive way. Try to make him happy after it performs such an activity. Always no need for toys or food. If you punish it, then it also started acting in a rough way.

Don’t Train Them for a Long Time

tired dog

Don’t allocate time for training for a long time. Then the dog will be bored. As well as that you will get bored. The dog won’t like to train on another day too. Also after practicing keep some time to play with him. So really it will be a fun day for your dog. That will make your and your dog’s companionship stronger.

Don’t Stay at Only One Place While Training

outdoor dog training

Think that you are using the inside of the house as your training place. What would happen? He practiced staying as the commands inside the house only. When it goes outdoors the behavior will change. And he didn’t practice how to behave outdoors. So select various places to practice him.

Don’t Use Too Much of Clicking

dog clicker training

Clicker training is a method of training dogs. It is better if the clicker is rewarded. But don’t stop the rewarding while the clicker works. But wherever don’t make too much clicking. Because the dog can’t identify what it actually meant. They can’t understand what is the behavior that could get rewarded.

Don’t Make Too Much of Treats

dog treats

Your treats may be a food or a toy. If the puppy likes food very much that is a suitable thing to do. But don’t give such things always. Try to make him happy by rubbing him and playing with him. If you have practiced him to give such materials they will only react to the commands by checking after your hands. If there is no anything in your hands, they won’t obey you.

Identify Their Own Training Method

All dogs are not in the same behavior. They have unique behavior while doing something. If they don’t reach for one method you have to try for another method. Think that they want to play after going out. Then keep them playing. Then within the playing period try to educate them on a new trick. Like that you have to be patient.

Don’t Repeat The Same Commands

dog training commands

Dogs are a type of animal that gets easily bored. If you say some command sometimes they won’t react to that thing. In such a case don’t say the same commands. Shift for another one. Because if you repeat the same command they practiced to do that only after you repeated it.

Not Practicing

dog sleep

Think of your dog has learned a command from a single time. Now it can perform all the things. The dog achieved all these things. Then after that, you leave practicing just after that. But that is not an accurate way. The dog will forget those within a short period of time. Therefore not only is learning sufficient but practicing is required. 

Those are the ways that you should pay your attention. And make sure not to create such mistakes while training.

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