dog training

7 Best Dog Training Methods To Train Your Dog Easily

Think that you have brought a new dog to your home. That is an unfamiliar place for the dog. Because all things in the surrounding are unfamiliar. Also the people. Therefore they have to be practiced to suit the surrounding. When it grows surely the dog will start chewing the surrounding things. Before occurring any of these things you have to train the dog into certain living patterns. From these things the dog will start to learn what to do and what that is not suitable to do. If you are looking to train for a dog. The following are the ways that you could do it. Shall we see it?

dog training

The Ways of Training 

  1. Training by positive reinforcement 
  2. Training by the scientific method 
  3. Train by a clicker 
  4. Training by electronic methods 
  5. Training of mirror method
  6. Dominance 
  7. Training by relationship-based methods

Then we see what these pieces of training are. What are the things that we can obtain by such training?

Training by Positive Reinforcement

positive reinforcement

This is the most popular way of training dogs. There is a specific theory under this one. If the dog behaves well or if he has performed a good activity the dog will get rewarded. If he does something bad, surely it would not be rewarded. Therefore it will practice doing rewarded activities with the time. From this method surely they will only do good activities. 

But all of the members in your family had to know this method. If all members acted in the same way, this would be a very easy task. You can reward them with food items which they like most or from a toy.

Training by the scientific method

This type of training is not a very easy task. It needs more patience while training. Before you train your dog, you have to collect something like information. That means you have to identify the nature of the dog and the capabilities them. The above type of training proves the dogs can train without using the rewards. However, it has been done. But all methods don’t affect all dogs. So if you are an owner of a dog you can try all new things when it comes up. Then only you can identify what tech is the best method to train.

Training By a Clicker

clicker training

You can use the clicker trainer with the combination of positive reinforcement methods. Can even use a whistle for that. You can make noise through that device if the dog performs a good activity. Thus training might be needed on the outside. 

Other than this method, it is better if you have practiced the dog and the whistle sound is a signal of reward. Then your dog must understand the stuff very well. I think it is a more useful method for the education of dogs.

Training By Electronic Methods

For this training, the electric collar is used. If the dog performed a bad task or unsuitable task, the collar spray citronella at that movement. Then later the dog will understand it is not a suitable thing to do. Even you can do it without a leash. 

From this collar type, the dogs can be educated to do activities like hunting even. Also, you have to know about this type of collars before using it with the dog.

Training of the Mirror Method

This is a method that gives training by the observations. You can provide them to see good behaviors performed by dogs. Then your dog may start to follow such kind of behavior. This is even a successful method when comparing with the above all methods. 

If the dog spends more time with you, the training might be an easier task than you think. Also, the dog will start to follow you even.


For this method, the understanding of the dog’s language is required. Also, this training might be directly affected by the mentality of your dog.

Training By Relationship-Based

If you are the owner of the dog, it is suitable that you will be the trainer of it even. Because this training can be done with a person who has a strong bond with him. That person has to be able to understand the dog. Also, that person has to be in a strong bond with the dog.

So, I have told you some seven methods of training dogs. If you are trying to train them, it is suitable to follow above all methods.

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