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Cooking Fever is a game (apk) that the player has to manage various fast food restaurants.

Cooking Fever APK game was launched by Nordcurrent in 2014 and now it has exceeded 100 million downloads on Google Play. This game is rated as Everyone because anyone can play it without any age limit. Many people like to play this Cooking Fever because it is a very attractive and active cooking simulator game. That’s why this game is easily addictive.

In this game, you can prepare different dishes in different restaurants and progress according to the points you get from them. You have to practice your skills and use different cooking techniques to prepare food. The Cooking Fever APK game is completely free and if you want to get the resources needed to play quickly, you can purchase such resources by paying in-app purchases.

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Cooking Fever APK Download For Android

Cooking Fever Apk Dwonload

Google Play Download

You can download the file to your Android device using the download button on this web page.

  1. Click on this button and start downloading the Cooking Fever APK for your android device.
  2. Then wait for the download to be successfully completed.

You should have to enable the option, unknown source files first to install APK for your mobile device. To complete that step, go to your device settings, and then allow unknown sources. After enabling this option, use the following easy steps to install the game.

  1. First, open my files folder on your android mobile device. Next, go to download & click on the Cooking Fever APK.
  2. Now click the APK file and wait for the Cooking Fever game to start to install on your android device.

After completing the installation successfully, you can play the Cooking Fever game, on your Android device.

What is Cooking Fever APK

The story of Cooking Fever APK game has been created around managing a restaurant that prepares various types of fast food. There are many unique restaurants in different locations for you to choose from. In them, you will have the opportunity to prepare over 400+ American, Italian, Indian, and Chinese dishes like burgers, pizzas, pasta, desserts, soft drinks, and many more. 

At the beginning of the Cooking Fever APK game, you have to work as a person who serves food in a burger shop. But as you advance in the game, you can unlock different types of restaurants and their features. Serving the customers who come to your restaurant is not a difficult task. The kind of lust they want shows their head up close and you have to prepare and serve those meals in a very delicious way within a certain time. You can buy various equipment for your restaurant with the coins you get while playing.

Now you can also download this Cooking Fever APK from our website.

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1. Many restaurants to choose from in the game

There are many different types of restaurants for you to choose from. Also, they have many different types of food that you can prepare, so you can advance in the game by getting more points quickly.

2. Able to prepare hundreds of dishes with hundreds of ingredients

In this game, you will have the opportunity to cook thousands of American, Italian, Indian, and Chinese dishes that contain many ingredients that can be used to flavor them.

3. Including over 1000+ levels to complete

Due to the attractiveness of this Cooking Fever APK game, anyone is motivated to play it. Therefore, the game developers have included about a thousand levels to complete here.

4. Equipped with quality graphics

The quality of this Cooking Fever APK game depends on its graphics. Since it is a game related to food and drink, very colorful graphics have been used here to make it enjoyable for the player.

5. Being able to decorate your restaurant and kitchen

You can make your restaurant and kitchen look more appealing to customers. For this, you can prepare unique freebies like cupcakes, cookies, and desserts and serve the customers.

Cooking Fever Download For PC

Cooking Fever is also available to install and play on Android devices as well as Windows and Apple Mac computers. Then you can experience the quality of the graphics and sounds of the game to the fullest. To install this game on computers, you must first download an emulator software on your computer. For this, you can use any emulator like Bliss OS, GameLoop, ARChon, LDPlayer 9, BlueStacks, and Android Studio.

Choose an emulator software of your choice mentioned above and follow the steps below and install it.

  1. Download and install any of the above emulators you select. 
  2. Next click on your installed emulator > Open the browser of the emulator > Copy and paste this webpage link into your emulator browser.
  3. Click on the search area on the browser> Next click the download button on this webpage.
  4. First, open the downloads folder on your emulator after completing the download Cooking Fever APK.
  5. Click the Game apk file and start to install it. 
  6. Then Cooking Fever APK game will be successfully installed on your Windows or Mac Computer easily.

Pros and Cons


  1. Anyone of any age can play the game.
  2. Very attractive graphics included.
  3. Having many restaurants to choose from with a wide variety of cuisines.
  4. Being able to buy various resources with the coins earned from the game.


  1. Addiction to playing the Cooking Fever APK game.
  2. Risk of getting malware along with downloading game apk files from the internet. So always get apk files from a reliable website like our website.
  3. Internet is required to play the game.
  4. Due to the high quality of the graphics, the battery of mobile devices can drain quickly.

How To Play Cooking Fever APK?

Now open the installed game on your computer or mobile device. Then it will take you to the game through the main page. Although playing this game is not that difficult, if you want to understand the gameplay, you can watch the video tutorials on YouTube.

Safety and Legality

Because the Cooking Fever APK game does not contain violence, fighting, nudity, etc., kinks of any age can play this game. Also, this game can collect your Device or other IDs, location and financial info, etc when you play this game.


Is Cooking Fever APK game 100% free?

Yes. You can install this game for free and get various resources through in-app purchases if you needed.

What are the minimum PC System requirements to install the Cooking Fever APK game?

Microsoft Windows 7 or higer or macOS

Intel or AMD Processor


5 GB of HDD Space

Any Emulator program like BlueStacks, ARChon, Android Studio, GameLoop, Bliss OS, or LDPlayer.

How many levels are there to complete in Cooking Fever Apk?

The whole game has over 1000 levels.

What are the offers you get when advancing the levels of the game?

As the levels of the game progress, you will get coins, and in addition, new restaurants, kitchen appliances, foods, etc. will be unlocked.


Cooking Fever game is one of the most attractive and best graphics designed. It has become more popular because it can be played by anyone of any age. There are many restaurants to choose from in the game and by serving delicious food in them, you get the chance to win points and various rewards. Now you can also download the apk file of this game from our website and play it.