10 Most Needed Items When You Raise a New Puppy

toys for puppies

If you prefer to raise a puppy, you have to make all the items essential for that puppy. It is better if you arrange all those things before taking it home. If you are a person who is going to take a puppy this stated description is valuable. Or else if you have a puppy already the describing facts may be useful too. 

Actually the experience of bringing a puppy is exciting. If it is a playful puppy your responsibility is increasing. Therefore then you have to be ready with all the puppy essentials that they want. Definitely you will be helped by the stated facts here. I would offer you a list of essential items for your beloved.

  1. Leashes and collars 
  2. Crate
  3. Bedding
  4. Treats 
  5. Toys 
  6. Grooming and the bathing essentials
  7. Water and food bowls. 
  8. Food for puppy
  9. First aid 
  10. Gates for puppies

The stated list is an essential item for your dog. Then after you would be able to see how you can select them to the new puppy. 

Leashes and Collars

dog collars

This is an essential instrument while bathing them and taking them out. This is needed while controlling over them. Only one collar is not enough. The puppies will grow faster. Therefore you will change their collar while they are still growing. But don’t forget one thing while using a collar. Attach the tag including the name of the owner and the place. If the pup has missed anyone will inform. 

While you are selecting a leash, please select a nylon or leather leash. Other than attaching the tag to the collar, the owner could use a smart collar. By the smart collar, the owner can track the location of the pup by a smart device. 


dog crate

The owner has to decide that. If he likes, he creates the puppy. Sometimes the crates are too large to sit the dogs. At that time the laying down is much more comfortable for them. Also, the Crate size would grow along with the growth of the puppy. While that, the puppy can use it as a toilet along with the extra size. 

If you are training your puppy, the perfect size Crate is required. The anxiety is even prevented by a perfect Crate. 


bedding for dogs

There are more than thousands of options available for the perfect beds. Actually the bed has to be suitable for the sleep of a dog. The surface of the bed has to be soft and comfortable. 

For that bed, you could use a towel or else blankets to make the bed more comfortable. Those items are acceptable for the dog. If you are offering it to the puppy, make sure those are clear already or else clean it by yourselves. 


dog treats

If you are training your dog, this is required. The treats make a positive reinforcement for your puppy. If it has done some work well don’t forget to give it a treat. That makes your pup more interested after it’s a session of the training. The treaty can be a favorite food item or a toy. That has to be a substance that can be chewed easily. So you have to determine those are free of any harm and healthy and suitable for feeding. 


toys for puppies

Especially if you have a playful pup, the toys are required. The puppies need toys very much. They love to bite and chew them. The chewing is needed for the growth of the teeth of the puppy. 

The selective toys have to be more durable. You have to buy them from a respective place. That place has to be guaranteed with the puppy’s safe material. But while they play with the toys the owners have to be inspected. Because those toys can be broken into small pieces. 

Grooming and the Bathing Essentials

grooming puppies

Naturally, the puppies love to play very much. If they play outside, they will get dirtier. Therefore you have to wash over the body and the fur of the puppy. For that washing purpose, you need shampoos for washing them. 

Therefore Select a good shampoo and a trimmer for the nails. Plus a brush needed for the brushing of the dog. Select a grooming kit for the pup. 

Water and Food Bowls

dog food bowl

Both the food and water containers are required for the pup. The bowls have to be perfect for their sizes. Select an instrument that is made out of ceramic, stainless steel, or plastic. 

And even a container needed for the storage of dog food. Usually the food is stored in large bags in fresh condition. So select a bin to store out from the direct sunlight. Maintain the food items in the fresh condition. 

Food for Puppy

food for puppy

The puppies need more food. While they are in the growing age of them they need the food with more nutritional items. Therefore while selecting the foods, you have to select the items with proper nutrition needs. 

If you have a doubt along with the needs, you can seek help from a professional veterinary surgeon or any other respective person. 

First Aid

first aid for dogs

You can have help from a professional person. There are more occasions that you need more first aid kits. If your puppy gets any accidents while playing or while in other activities, you could put medicine for him. 

But you have to know the medicines.

Gates for Puppies

gates for puppies

The puppy gates are very essential. Because you can avoid them getting entered into the restricted places. Place those gates in the areas that you want to block. So your pup won’t get any trouble.

All of the above are essential for the raising of the dog. And as well as you have to be aware of them. Getting much more knowledge will help you to balance these objects while raising the pup.  If you are going to raise the dog take the stated information into consideration. If you have further doubts take advice from the professional person. Thanks for reading. See you in part 2.

7 Best Dog Training Methods To Train Your Dog Easily

dog training

Think that you have brought a new dog to your home. That is an unfamiliar place for the dog. Because all things in the surrounding are unfamiliar. Also the people. Therefore they have to be practiced to suit the surrounding. When it grows surely the dog will start chewing the surrounding things. Before occurring any of these things you have to train the dog into certain living patterns. From these things the dog will start to learn what to do and what that is not suitable to do. If you are looking to train for a dog. The following are the ways that you could do it. Shall we see it?

dog training

The Ways of Training 

  1. Training by positive reinforcement 
  2. Training by the scientific method 
  3. Train by a clicker 
  4. Training by electronic methods 
  5. Training of mirror method
  6. Dominance 
  7. Training by relationship-based methods

Then we see what these pieces of training are. What are the things that we can obtain by such training?

Training by Positive Reinforcement

positive reinforcement

This is the most popular way of training dogs. There is a specific theory under this one. If the dog behaves well or if he has performed a good activity the dog will get rewarded. If he does something bad, surely it would not be rewarded. Therefore it will practice doing rewarded activities with the time. From this method surely they will only do good activities. 

But all of the members in your family had to know this method. If all members acted in the same way, this would be a very easy task. You can reward them with food items which they like most or from a toy.

Training by the scientific method

This type of training is not a very easy task. It needs more patience while training. Before you train your dog, you have to collect something like information. That means you have to identify the nature of the dog and the capabilities them. The above type of training proves the dogs can train without using the rewards. However, it has been done. But all methods don’t affect all dogs. So if you are an owner of a dog you can try all new things when it comes up. Then only you can identify what tech is the best method to train.

Training By a Clicker

clicker training

You can use the clicker trainer with the combination of positive reinforcement methods. Can even use a whistle for that. You can make noise through that device if the dog performs a good activity. Thus training might be needed on the outside. 

Other than this method, it is better if you have practiced the dog and the whistle sound is a signal of reward. Then your dog must understand the stuff very well. I think it is a more useful method for the education of dogs.

Training By Electronic Methods

For this training, the electric collar is used. If the dog performed a bad task or unsuitable task, the collar spray citronella at that movement. Then later the dog will understand it is not a suitable thing to do. Even you can do it without a leash. 

From this collar type, the dogs can be educated to do activities like hunting even. Also, you have to know about this type of collars before using it with the dog.

Training of the Mirror Method

This is a method that gives training by the observations. You can provide them to see good behaviors performed by dogs. Then your dog may start to follow such kind of behavior. This is even a successful method when comparing with the above all methods. 

If the dog spends more time with you, the training might be an easier task than you think. Also, the dog will start to follow you even.


For this method, the understanding of the dog’s language is required. Also, this training might be directly affected by the mentality of your dog.

Training By Relationship-Based

If you are the owner of the dog, it is suitable that you will be the trainer of it even. Because this training can be done with a person who has a strong bond with him. That person has to be able to understand the dog. Also, that person has to be in a strong bond with the dog.

So, I have told you some seven methods of training dogs. If you are trying to train them, it is suitable to follow above all methods.

8 Common Dog Training Mistakes Done By The Owner

dog training

Think that you get a new little friend for your family. That is a dog. Then we would like to make some more tricks to practice it. Surely it would be a challenge. I have to say actually it is not an easy task. You have to be patient while practicing such things. Sometimes there may be some mistakes that can occur by you. So read this article before you start training your dog. As I said above you need guidance for that. Because it is not an easy task.

dog training

In the following, you can observe the most common mistakes that can happen. 

  • Learn to appreciate your dog while not to punish them 
  • Don’t train them for a long time 
  • Don’t stay at only one place while training 
  • Don’t use too much of clicking 
  • Don’t make too much of treats 
  • Identify their own training method 
  • Don’t repeat the same commands 
  • Not practicing 

In the above, I told you the things that you should not do. Then we will know how those can be corrected or not to do. 

Learn to Appreciate Your Dog While Not to Punish Them

appreciate your dog

The learning method can vary. Some of the trainers trained them by offering them rewards. But some of them punish the dogs in order to practice. Those are the positive and negative ways of training. I think it is better if you headed on in a positive way. Try to make him happy after it performs such an activity. Always no need for toys or food. If you punish it, then it also started acting in a rough way.

Don’t Train Them for a Long Time

tired dog

Don’t allocate time for training for a long time. Then the dog will be bored. As well as that you will get bored. The dog won’t like to train on another day too. Also after practicing keep some time to play with him. So really it will be a fun day for your dog. That will make your and your dog’s companionship stronger.

Don’t Stay at Only One Place While Training

outdoor dog training

Think that you are using the inside of the house as your training place. What would happen? He practiced staying as the commands inside the house only. When it goes outdoors the behavior will change. And he didn’t practice how to behave outdoors. So select various places to practice him.

Don’t Use Too Much of Clicking

dog clicker training

Clicker training is a method of training dogs. It is better if the clicker is rewarded. But don’t stop the rewarding while the clicker works. But wherever don’t make too much clicking. Because the dog can’t identify what it actually meant. They can’t understand what is the behavior that could get rewarded.

Don’t Make Too Much of Treats

dog treats

Your treats may be a food or a toy. If the puppy likes food very much that is a suitable thing to do. But don’t give such things always. Try to make him happy by rubbing him and playing with him. If you have practiced him to give such materials they will only react to the commands by checking after your hands. If there is no anything in your hands, they won’t obey you.

Identify Their Own Training Method

All dogs are not in the same behavior. They have unique behavior while doing something. If they don’t reach for one method you have to try for another method. Think that they want to play after going out. Then keep them playing. Then within the playing period try to educate them on a new trick. Like that you have to be patient.

Don’t Repeat The Same Commands

dog training commands

Dogs are a type of animal that gets easily bored. If you say some command sometimes they won’t react to that thing. In such a case don’t say the same commands. Shift for another one. Because if you repeat the same command they practiced to do that only after you repeated it.

Not Practicing

dog sleep

Think of your dog has learned a command from a single time. Now it can perform all the things. The dog achieved all these things. Then after that, you leave practicing just after that. But that is not an accurate way. The dog will forget those within a short period of time. Therefore not only is learning sufficient but practicing is required. 

Those are the ways that you should pay your attention. And make sure not to create such mistakes while training.

6 Tips That Helps You With House Training Your Puppy

puppy house training

This is very applicable to the puppies that you brought them recently to your home. Because the trading of them required such puppies. First of all, you have to make yourself familiar with the all-around of your home. Then the surrounding. Chewing is the most common behavior of them. So you have to give a small house training to avoid such things. In the following, you would get some things that are useful for you while such training. Shall we pay our attention to them?

puppy house training

  1. Giving confinement training 
  2. After confinement, training takes them out for playing and walking 
  3. Rewarding them for their work 
  4. Don’t yell at them 
  5. Using turf for the puppies 
  6. Putting the puppy to sleep at a scheduled time.

So then we will keep up the above details on how we can perform such things with the dog. Shall we?

Giving Confinement Training

puppy in kennel

This is not a suitable training but that will be useful. You can limit the area for the dog. You can put it into a dog kennel for that. Then they will understand that situation because of its own mistake. 

They can’t live in such a little place. Also, that place is considered a safe place. If you are not at home you can keep it there. Because there may be poisonous agents in the house. From that trick, they will not let go of such agents. 

Also, they can use such a place if they want to be alone. For napping even it will be the best place.

After Confinement, Training Takes Them Out For Playing and Walking

walking with puppy

In such a place they feel like a barrier. So walking and roaming outside make them. That will be a relief for your dog. So let them run, play outside. At that time you could take the time to practice them for small commands and behaviors. 

Then after finishing playing you can return to your home. Then, if you can keep all attention you can keep it inside the home. Or else if you have some other work you can keep it inside that place.

Rewarding Them for Their Work

rewarding puppy

Dogs prefer rewarding very much. You can reward them as much as you want when you get outside with him. You can praise it. Surely dogs will like such things in more incidents. It is better if you praise them when he has done great work for you. Or else if the dog had done a good job. Then the dog will be able to understand that he has done a good job for you.

Don’t Yell At Them

yell at puppy

Don’t yell at them for their works. That makes the puppy more aggressive. Sometimes you may think that the puppy doesn’t repeat the bad action. But the truth is they do many more bad things than ever. 

Other than being aggressive they will hide to avoid the above punishment. 

Using Turf for the Puppies

puppy in turf

If you can make your puppy trained for pee pads it is good. Now you could find such pee pads made out using the turf. That is a good solution during the cold seasons. You can’t bring him out for such things because of such a temperature. Not only in cold seasons, but you are capable of using it inside the house without taking it outside.

Putting the Puppy to Sleep At a Scheduled Time

puppy sleep

The schedule is also an appropriate thing to make use of. You can schedule the puppies to their mealtime, sleeping time and the playing time. From that, you can easily manage your time with the dog and your work even.

I think if you paid your attention to the above facts, it is very good and really useful.