Why Do the Dogs Play and Playing Gestures of Dogs

dogs play

This is the natural behavior of the dogs. They would like to play in more time. There is not any diverse quality by such behavior. We have to expect a playful quality. If your dog is not more playful, actually you have to keep alert about that fact. Because surely there may be a specific reason for that behavior of your pet.

Playing can be identified as a pleasurable activity that many types of dogs love to do. By that activity, they would get many more benefits for their lives. Also, they will play more hacks. That is actually like self-learning. The self-learning is much better if the dog is playing with another dog or dogs. Apart from that, the owner of the dog can be played with the dog too. If it can perform that is the best time to give more training for the pet.

dogs play

Why Do the Dogs Play?

The dogs are desired by this activity. They will play with themselves, owners, and with the toys even. Dogs are a group of social animals. Due to that reason even they would like to play much more.

The playing is required for the development of the body’s health and the gestures of the animal. That is effective, especially for the growing dogs. The owner has to allow the playing method of the dogs. If you can support that behavior of the dogs. By the following, you would get to know some playing gestures of the dogs.

Playing Gestures of Dogs


  • Social dog play
  • Sexual dog play
  • Oral dog play
  • Predatory dog play

There are more diverse features of the above four types of playing gestures. However, you have to allow the dog for playing certainly.

Social Dog Play

two dogs play

This play gesture is arising between two types of pets. By this playing method, the two pets will show interactions with each other. Also especially this has to be followed between the friendly two pets. If they are not familiar advanced destruction may occur with both of the pets.

While playing in this method they will jump over each other’s body. Even they will mouth both of them. They like to bite each other. The owners don’t want to worry about this gesture. Because they are just doing this for playfulness. They don’t have dangerous intentions. And even much more dangerous situations don’t arise while playing.

While this social playing one of the time will run over some area. One of them will run while the other one will chase the running dog. Just sometime later, the roles of both of them will change. That is the nature of their playing style. 

Actually, while this type of dog plays, the dogs will learn more things. They will learn how to be friends with the other animals. And even they will practice the behaviors of the playing tactics.

Sexual Dog Play

dog opposite play

These playing gestures will show the similarity towards the mounting. As well as that it can be the same as humping. The behavior of the playing type is lacking in seriousness. That idea is well depicted by the acting behavior of the dog. Both the male and the female both of them are likely attracted to that playing tactics.

There is a difference between the relationship of the Dominance and as well as the humping. The relationship of the dogs can be made more quickly than the relationship between the two dogs. But most such dogs have to experience the humping. And even they will surely succeed in the mating behavior.

Oral Dog Play

oral dog play

This is a requirement for young dogs.  This is a biological need for growing dogs. They want to chew more playing items for the chewing agents. As a pet owner, you have to bring more malleable objects to chew. This type of playing can be done alone. That means for this oral dog to play the dog doesn’t want another partner. This is especially effective for the dogs that are raising alone. They would get unlimited pleasure by doing this activity.

By healthy nature, this is required. There are some more toys specifically that can be used for the growing dogs. But while buying them you have to pay your attention to the quality of the product. The stated toys will increase the health of the teeth and make the growing procedure of the teeth may be improved.

Predatory Dog Play

predatory dog play

The predatory skills can be improved while playing the dogs. Simply the predatory skills mean the chasing features. This skill can be practiced by the owner too. Use a ball or any other object to do this. Just throw that object to a faraway place. Then tell it to chase the object. By that method, the pet will increase its qualities.

There are more types of chasing. The balls, leaves, and sticks can be used for the chasing. While doing that automatically the dog will practice to accelerate and do more changes while chasing. While chasing them, the pet will practice circling and pacing.

Those are the basic playing methods that the dogs are usually doing. All of those are the best methods. And those are beneficial even. Because each and even playing option has its own unique features beyond the playing method.

Most of the time the young dogs like to play these types of games by following the above steps. The adult dogs haven’t much energy to play as they stayed at their younger age. Especially pet groups like dogs, you have to be allowed to stay outdoors. Because if they always remain indoors, they won’t ever. As stated in the above the playing is the most required action for the health wellbeing of the animals.

Playing is not affecting the present nature of the dogs. Most of the time, those actions will be affected by the future of dogs. If your dog is not showing the usual behavior, you can take advice from the veterinary surgeon. Even there are more community groups are there to help you in this matter.

16 Questions That You Must Ask From The Breeder

dog breeder

If you want to buy a new puppy, it is better to buy a puppy from a Breeder of puppies. The veterinary surgeons even instruct a similar task to do. Because it is very protective. Breeders look after the dogs well, so if you buy a poppy, it is safe. 

Also if you feel curiously related to the puppy and the Breeder, you can resolve it after a few facts. Those solutions will get rid of your curiosity and will find solutions for the upcoming Problems. The following are such facts to ask.

dog breeder

1. Does this puppy have guaranteed parents?

The puppy’s purebred has to be certified certainly. So by a vet or any other respective person the breed necessary to be certified that there are no other diseases. Plus have to be certified. There is no kind of inheritable disorders too.

2. What are the unique body dimensions of parent dogs?

The measurement of the parents is required. Because by that you could get an idea about the size of the puppy. By that you could imagine what is the end that the dog will finish growing.

3. Can I see the parents of the dog?

It is a very necessary thing. Certainly, you have to meet them. By looking at them you can be aware of multiple things. The specific one is a health condition. And try to analyze other conditions like behavior. If they are aggressive or calm. Because the behavior of a parent is inherited from the puppy.

4. Is this puppy socialized?

That means the dog can behave well with the other neighbors and other dog types. This socialization has to be practiced at the age of 6 weeks. After the socialisation the puppy will be able to behave well with various types of people.

puppy socialized

5. Are there any vaccines that are assigned to give the puppy?

You have to be aware of that thing. You have to know how many vaccines have given to the puppy and what are the upcoming doses. While raising the puppy, you have to be observant about that.

6. Is this puppy dewormed?

The puppies born along with worms. Therefore the deforming is necessary. You have to be aware that the puppy has undergone a deworming or not.

7. Has this puppy been sick?

If that puppy got sick ever before, you have to know them. If it has been so, ask the Breeder about the solutions to be done. So if this condition will arise in future, you can apply those solutions.

8. Is this puppy visited by the vet? If so, how many visits?

You have to be aware that this puppy has ever visited the vet. If it has visited, what is the reason for it and how many times. If the problem is resolved or not. You have to clear up all the above facts before taking it to raise.

puppy visists vet

9. What is your guarantee?

You have to ask for the guarantee before taking the puppy to raise. You have to take a guarantee because what can you do if any severe condition arises with the dog like an illness.

10. Are there any references along with you?

This is the best chance to look whether the Breeder is a fair one or not. You can ask for the past sellers of the Breeder. Certainly there have to be contacts of them. So then you can connect with such persons and ask them. After that, you can decide whether to buy the puppy or not.

11. Do you want any contracts for breeders?

The contract is valid in most difficult situations. Assume that if you are unable to look after the puppy, you can return the puppy to the Breeder. In such a situation the contract is much useful.

12. Do you want to get puppies neutered or spayed? If you want, what is that age?

Actually this is not a serious issue. But it is better if you resolve it before taking it to the house. So don’t forget to make it clear. 

puppy spaying neutering

13. Can you tell me the family history of the dog?

Especially you have to collect the details about the health of the specific dog breed. And make sure to ask the most affecting health problem to that specific breed. If you seem those facts are significant don’t forget to mark them down. If there are other such needed details ask from the Breeder.

14. What are the foods that you feed them currently?

On the initial days that the dog brought to the home, there would be unfamiliarity with the surrounding. And the food items. You can’t change the food items instantly. Because that process would take more time to change the past to the future. Therefore it is better to be aware of all the things prior to getting it to the house.

15. Would you like to issue health certificates or sales certificates?

A health certificate is required. It should be taken by a professional vet. So the health condition of the dog has to be mentioned on that certificate. Not only that, but the sales certificate is also required to bring the puppy home. The sales certificate has to be issued regarding the location of yours.

16. Are you a member of any breeders club?

If it is yes you can ask for the name and other respective details of the club. By that you can be certified that he is a real Breeder.

If you are taking a puppy for the raising the stated 16 are the necessary questions to ask from the Breeder. Along with the above answers you will feel more confident and comfortable. 

And there are more facts that you have to keep in mind. If you would like to raise the puppy, necessarily you have to follow the health tips. And you have to pay attention to the behavior of the dog. You have to find out the food pattern and other things. Because after you take it to raise you are responsible for the condition of the puppy.

How To Be Friends With A Dog and Get The Trust Of Him

friends with dog

Usually, this problem will arise if you have brought a new dog. There may be some time spent on practicing it. First of all, you have to make the dog trust you. That is required. Dogs are similar to humans. You know people believe in relationships because of trust. If their trust is broken they will never believe in relationships. Like that we have to build up relationships with dogs with trust. We have to prove that with our activities. They can’t talk but they can understand the emotions of people. Definitely that will be a challenge. What to do we have to overcome.

friends with dog

What are the things that we can do for Building up a Trusting Relationship with the dogs? See below for that. 

  • Behave calmly with your dog 
  • Respect the space of the dog. 
  • If you can get to their level 
  • Don’t make barriers for them while reaching you 
  • Make a time to walk with them 

These are the easy steps to build trust in you. Then we will see how we can perform them. 

Behave Calmly With Your Dog

calm with dog

If you behave wildly with your dog, the dog will act in the same way. It won’t be friends with you anyway. Especially while greeting your dog you have to be careful. Don’t act with the dogs in an exciting way. Because the dog will show the same reactions for you. Suddenly the dog could make a high energy activity. Like jumping like a tiger. 

Therefore you have to behave softly and smoothly. Try to act with it with the above feature. 

Respect The Space of The Dog

keep space with dog

The dog has its own space. You have to keep that space. Be respectful to that space. Don’t go to interfere with them. Make that place better for them.

Don’t go near the dog. Also, don’t make you touch it excessively. Always keep a distance from the dog. It is better if you talk to the person by neglecting the dog. 

If You Can Get to Their Level

sitting with dog

Don’t make eye contact with them. It is safe. Also, don’t forget when you are becoming closer to him, don’t go in front. Always you have to reach from its side. 

Then you have to get on the level of your dog. You know a dog is sitting on a floor. You also make your height to that level. You can kneel down for that. Then you two are on the same level. Then the dog will build up trust in you. 

Don’t Make Barriers For Them While Reaching You dog sniff

They would like to gain care, love, and affection from you. On those occasions, they will show some irregular signs. Sometimes they may act very calmly. Also, they are sniffing. Usually, they sniff for your hands. 

Those signs will tell you to pet them. In front of the chest is the proper place for that. But don’t try it for a dog in neighborhoods.

There is a certain way to see if they accept your behavior. They are licking your hand. If they look in another direction, the dog is not interested.

Make a Time to Walk With Them

walk with dog

You even know walking is a better activity for exercising. Also, it is better to build up a Trusting relationship even. Mainly from walking, they will understand you are giving the guidance as well as the protection for them. 

From walking they will obtain more things. They will explore more sites by walking. They will observe the beauty of nature too. Other than them they will make a strong and trusting relationship with you. 

So in the above, I told you some ways of making a Trusting relationship with your dog. If you like to follow the above, you will be benefitted.

Actions That Can Take For Neighbors’s Dog Barking Problem

barking dog

This is a usual incident in the surrounding area of your house. If you step from the front of the house the dog will start to bark from the nearest house. That incident will be a mess if that becomes a habit. So you have to do something. If you are friendly with the people there that won’t be a difficult activity. But I think you don’t know who the people live in that house. Then how you will be familiar with the people. That responsibility in your hand. Then we will see what can be done to make the dog friendly for you.

barking dogBut ding forgets the qualities of your dog. Usually, dogs are a very kind type of animal. They are very loyal and Obedient. Their Barking may occur at various times. Sometimes they bark for a familiar person. And also they are barking at unfamiliar people too. The owner of it has the capability to identify the behavior of it. 

To be friends with that dog follow the steps mentioned below. 

Talk to Your Neighbor

First of all, you have to be friends with your neighbor. Also, that should be a nice talking point. If you are arguing with him or always do hard talking you surely can’t be friends with your neighbor’s dog. Try for this initially. If you resolve this positively you are the only person that is advantaged by this. The talking must not be rude as well as that it must be face to face even. From that, the dog will get a sign of friendship.

neighbors dog

This is not the single way that you can’t get rid of Barking. Also,

Buy a Dog Whistle 

You can buy a dog whistle anywhere. It is at the price of $5 to $15. When the dog is Barking you can blow the above whistle. For that, you have to keep the whistle at a place where you can take it easy. This is not very practical. So you can take a device that emits ultrasonic sounds. It works automatically. When the dog is Barking this device will emit a sound that is similar to the Barking automatically. I also think that the above will be a perfect solution for the baking of your neighborhood dog.

dog whistle

  Other than the above two there is another solution left for us. That is,

Complain of the Noise 

If the above two methods don’t work you can shift for this one. You can complain about this problem with various authorities. You can file it in the police station, animal control, or with the association of the homeowners. That means the dogs are violating the peace. Also if it barks at night time or any other certain hour it will be a terrible problem. So that you can move for the legal action.

Initially, the responsible people of that community will advise and give warnings to the dog owner. But if that continues the dog owner has to go to the court. 

I think it is better if you have tried the first two ways. If you can’t find a better solution you can move on with the next one.

Should I Give My Dog a Bone? Which Bones are Safe To Give?

dog eats bone

Your dog might be an important person for you. Actually the dog is not a person. But most of the dog caretakers think the dog is like a person. A dog is acting as a living person that has all the feelings and a good understanding. So that animal is as important as that much. Therefore we have to be careful to protect that innocent animal. Then you have to see their living pattern and food pattern. If they have any symptoms of disease then you can notice it easily. Providing a healthy diet can even cause health.

dog eats bone

Actually dogs love to chew bones. Is that a new experience for your dog? No, then it doesn’t matter. But if it is new, always ask the veterinary surgeon. Discuss it with them. Then shall we see our main points? 

Don’t Give Them Cooked Bones 

That is the important factor that you may have to pay attention to. If you give them cooked, there may be certain problems. Some of them are as, 

  • Teeth may be broken 
  • The mouth and the tongue can be injured 
  • Bones can be looped around the Jaws. 
  • Constipation can occur 
  • Rectal bleeding may take place 
  • Bacterial infections may occur in the abdominal region. 

So please note to don’t give them such kinds of food items. Those above conditions may reach high levels of diseases too. 

Then you know the cooked bones are harmful to the dogs. But there are ones in the shops. Are they good to give them?

dog cooke bone

Bones Those Are in the Shops 

Those are even harmful to your pet. Consumption of them may even lead to the illness of the dogs. These become poisonous because of the substances used for the preservation and other all. There are many items used for preservation, for smoking, and for flavoring too. 

 Because of the consumption of the bones in shops may lead to the following items, 

  • Choking 
  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Death may occur sometimes 

But the most important thing is that before giving these things it is more important to ask from a veterinary surgeon before giving the above. 

From that, we can conclude that the bones from the shops are not suitable to give the dogs. Then we will see about the Rawhides. 

Rawhide Chews

Those are even not much good for the dogs. That means those are even the same facts as the above ones. Because there may be some poisonous agents contained in these food items.

rawhide chews

Other than the poisonous chemicals there may be artificial substances added to them even. Such as the artificial sweeteners, gelatine and other additives. Don’t give them because those are cancer-causing agents. The following are such problems that would occur because of these. 

  • Cancers
  • Problems of digestion 
  • Blockages may be occur 

Now you would be able to understand what types of bones are harmful to your animal. Then which types of bones are you able to give it. 

What Types of Bones Can You Give Your Dog? 

The bones that those are not cooked are suitable to give. Because there are some things contained in it. You can give them, 

  • Lamb
  • Turkey 
  • Beef bones 
  • Raw chicken 

Through that the dog will get the following benefits. 

  • Those are soft. Because of that easy to eat 
  • easy for chew 
  • The digestion is easy too

Therefore you have to follow the guides for the safety of your dogs. 


  • If you can examine the time when chewing the bones. Don’t let the dog chew it alone. 
  • If the dog’s dental health is deteriorated don’t give such items for chewing 
  • You don’t need to supply a bone soon after every food time
  • You have to let it chewing about 10min to 15 min
  • The size of the bone that has to be given could be decided according to the size of your dog.