Boxer Dog Breed – Information and Characteristics

The boxer breed type is a famous dog breed type. Boxer breed type originates from Germany. The boxer has mainly two types. Those are, 

  • Medium-sized 
  • Large-sized


They are different in size, color, and shape too. Other than the boxer there are some other names for them. Those other names are, 

  • German Boxer 
  • Deutscher Boxer 

As far as the boxer dog breed type is a member of the working dogs. Now you know the basic description of the Boxers. Do you know the physical features of the boxer dog breed? Then we see.

Physical Information

  • The weight of a male dog is 29kg – 34kg
  • Weight of a female dog is about 25 kg – 32 kg
  • Height of a male dog is about 56cm – 64cm
  • Height of a female dog is about 53cm – 61cm
  • The coat of the dog is special. That is short fur and smoothy.
  • The boxer dog breed has a lifespan of a 9-15 years 

If you have a dog in the boxer dog breed the above details are more important for you.

Other than the above details there are more behaviors and the uses of the above dog breed. But before that, we will pay attention to the health of your dog.

boxer dog

Health Issues of The Boxer Breed 

  • They can commonly arise the cancers 
  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Allergies may take place 
  • About 22% of newborn puppies cause death. That is because of the stillbirth. 
  • Hypotensive effects may be occur 

That is about the health condition of the above breed. Also, they are known as an athlete dog breed. Therefore the fitness of their body has to be maintained. For that, the regular exercises are the thing that is needed.

They have perfect skills in athletic activities. So the exercises are required. But too much exercise can harm the body parts. After they grow they will show their actual performance. 

Then we will see the special features of the Boxers. 

  • As far as the Boxers are known as the popular breed among the world at the seventh place 
  • They have black and white patches in their body 
  • The head of the dog shows a high weight to their body.
  • The lower jaw of the boxer breed is placed in the back than the upper jaw of them. 
  • They have very short hair 
  • You couldn’t find the black dogs in this breed. Especially the purebred ones

So now you know more physical features of them too. Next, what will you have to see? It is the Temperament of the dog type.

boxer temperament


  • Playful dog type 
  • They are very intelligent 
  • Can use as protective dogs 
  • They make bonds with children quickly 
  • have some spectacular behaviors like digging and licking 
  • They can be trained to commands 
  • Can use as a guardian 
  • They may be friendly with the small puppies of their breed easily. But it is difficult to form bonds with the large dogs 
  • They have much patience 
  • The above boxer breed type can adopt as family dogs

So finally we can arrive at the last conclusion. That is the above breed type is friendly. They have a lot of suspicions. So that they could use as guardians. As well as that they can use as police dogs. Like that there are many uses of them. You have to be careful with that type of dog. Then protect them well.

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