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BitLife is a game (Apk) that gives you the ability to simulate life from birth to death. Simulator games are a great way to get rid of your real-life problems. A lot of people like to play simulation games to get comfort and relaxation. There are many types of simulator games for people with different interests. BitLife Apk is one of the most famous simulation games that allow you to build your own life and eventually walk your way to make it luxurious.

You will encounter many things that you should follow to keep your character happy and relaxed. The game also has gained got hundreds and thousands of downloads worldwide. In this blog post, we will be guiding everything about What is BitLife Apk, its features, how to download it for android and PC, how to play, safety and legality, and many more.

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BitLife Apk Download for Android

BitLife Apk Download

Google Play Download

Click the download button below to download BitLife Apk.

To install BitLife on your android, you must enable third-party sources first.

  1. Go to your settings and enable unknown sources. 
    1. Go to your settings and search for apps.
    2. Click on the apps button.
    3. You will find a menu bar on the top right corner of your screen. Click on it.
    4. Now click on special app access > Click on install unknown apps.
    5. Now enable your My Files Apk from here.
  2. Go to your My Files app. 
  3. Go to download and find the BitLife Apk.
  4. Tap on BitLife Apk and click on install.

Wait for the installation to complete. Start playing the game after it’s finished.

What is BitLife Apk?

BitLife Apk is a fantastic game that simulates your life from birth to death. It comes with a character for you; all you have to do is make good choices, and decisions to keep your character happy.

The more distinctive decisions you make, the more your future will be comfortable. You have to participate in many activities which are included in your daily schedule too. You should go to work to earn money to invest in your game. However, you should also stay alert to increase your health and intelligence levels.



You can start a new life

There are more than 7.5 billion people on earth right now. The number keeps growing and growing with the years. Each one of these people has a unique way of living. BitLife Apk allows you to simulate a new life where you can choose everything you do from birth to death. You can enjoy it as your wish.

You can make all the decisions of your life, including taking your driving license, studying or not, getting graduated, finding a date, exercising, or going to school. If you don’t like any of these, you can just ignore them and avoid doing them. You can do anything according to your wish. There are a lot of different things you can do in the BitLife Apk game.

You can make your own choices

BitLife allows you to make your decisions without the need of anyone in your life. You are the one who chooses what you want to do. Whether you are studying or not, graduating from college or not, finding a date or not, going to a club or not, you have the absolute right to make your own decision.  There are many fun things to do and experience in this BitLife Apk game.

There are different aspects of the game

The BitLife Apk game has many aspects, including school, relationships, assets, and activities. All these aspects are divided into sub-categories to make you experience each part of your life. You can go to a doctor, go abroad, go clubbing, find love and many more things to do.

Each aspect you choose will affect the future of your life.

BitLife Download For PC

  1. Download and install an android emulator. (LD player, Bluestacks, or NOX player)
  2. Open your android emulator, tap on the browser and copy and paste the link to this web page
  3. Tap on the download button, and wait for it to download
  4. Go to your downloads folder and click on the BitLife Apk. Then press on install

Pros and Cons


  1. There are a lot of choices which you can make.
  2. You can restart your life again.
  3. There are a lot of NPCs with a variety of personalities.
  4. The BitLife is based on real-life scenarios.
  5. BitLife Apk is completely free to download and install.
  6. Many people love this game because it comes with a great storyline from birthdate.
  7. You have the chance to experience a lot of careers. You can even travel time to change your past.
  8. It comes with entertaining and straightforward graphics and music.


  1. BitLife game is addicting. Many people get addicted to the game because it’s entertaining.
  2. Some users experience issues while running the game.
  3. The BitLife Apk comes with a large file size.
  4. You also have to purchase things from the game.

How To Play BitLife Apk?

As mentioned above, BitLife Apk is also about you controlling everything in your character’s life. You can choose how you spend your time, who you meet, and what you do without restrictions. It’s more interesting than a lot of choice-based games.

However, there are some things which you have to take care of. The first one is your health. Health is the essential thing in your character. You cannot do a lot of things without having good health. Moreover, appearance, intelligence, and your bank balance are some other things you have to take care of.

Speaking about your bank balance, you have to track your finances and manage your income to survive. There are a lot of ways in which you can earn money on the BitLife game. Some of them are getting a job, investing in real estate, and investing in stocks.

Safety and Legality

BitLife Apk is entirely safe to play. It’s not banned in any country in the world. However, because it contains inappropriate things for young kids, it is recommended that you should at least be  17 years old to play the BitLife game.


Is it safe to use BitLife Apk?

Yes, it’s completely safe to use it on your device.

Can you play Bitlife on android?

Yes, you can play the game on android devices.


BitLife Apk is a new game that allows you to have your own life according to your choices and dominate the entire world. Unlike real life, the Apk will enable you to decide on anything you can imagine. BitLife Apk game is a great way to get away from your daily life problems—download and start ruling your world now.