Beagle Dog Breed Information and Characteristics

Beagle is a well-known dog breed you could observe. The beagle dog breed shows similarity towards the foxhounds. The major task of the beagles is hunting. That is because of their special tasks. Other than hunting there are several events that beagles can be used. Some of them are as follows. 

  • Used as detective dogs 
  • Using for agricultural effects
  • For the major tracking events 

As I said above, all works are done because of their superior capabilities. They have good Temperament. Also, they are very intelligent too.


Other than the beagle they are known as the English beagle. Then Why is that name for them? Because they have originated from a great country like England. Now we know the basic details of them. I think it is better if we see their physical features. I mean the height, weight, and other things. 

Physical Characteristics of the Beagle

  • The weight of a male dog is about 10kg-11kg
  • The weight of a female dog is about 9.1lg-10.4kg
  • The height of a male dog is about 33cm – 41cm
  • The height of a female dog is about 33cm-41cm
  • Their life expectancy will range from 12 years – 15 years 
  • The coats of beagles are short. 
  • The most prominent colors of them are white, black, or tan color. Or else there are tricolor dogs present. 

Those are all features you can observe. And you want to know. Also, beagles are known as a breed that has a lack of inherited diseases. Is that true? However, we will see the health condition of them. Then only we can understand about health.

beagle puppy

Health Conditions of Beagles

  • The life span will be limited to 12 – 15 years. 
  • Epilepsy 
  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Beagles are a chondrodystrophic breed. Because of that, they are prone to some types of diseases 
  • Glaucoma can take place with the beagles 
  • Also, they may be attacked with the parasites called tapeworms and the mites 
  • They have a recurring incident. It is natural. Actually no harm in that. That is called reverse sneezing. That is the drawing of air. 

So their health is very good. No need to worry. But paying attention is required. Then we see the Temperament of the beagles. 


  • They are not aggressive 
  • Even they are not timid 
  • They would like to enjoy with much crowd 
  • They are making easy friendships with others. Also with strangers. Because of that beagles cannot be used as guard dogs. 
  • They are an intelligent dog breed 
  • Those are not very Obedient 
  • Also, they are very alerted dog type 
  • They may be bored with a single activity 
  • Beagles can be used as a family dog. Because they are working well with the small children

beagle with kids

The above features are the most advantageous to more people. Because of that nowadays the beagles are playing some important roles in society. Some of them are as follows. 

  • Using as sniffer dogs 
  • Detective of drugs and other harmful objects 
  • Used for the pet therapy
  • Can be used as rescue dogs 

Comment down your thought about the beagle in the comment section below. Stay home, stay safe.

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