Baby Care Apk v1.7.7 Free Download | Latest Version (39MB)

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Baby Care is a game (Apk) for kids who love to take care of a doll by giving baths and food.

Small girls enjoy these kinds of games that have a long history and background, into digital games like Baby care APK. They will be able to play with the toddlers and feed and drink to them just like a real mother would. Baby care APK is a free casual education developed for kids, and teenagers, to be moms and new moms. The game is a product of Althea Marie- Moon released in September 2009. It has downloaded over 50 Million players in a short period which has gained an average rating of 3.9 over 5.

The latest update has released on 7th November 2022.

baby care apk

Baby care APK Download for Android

Baby care APK Download

Google Play Download

Baby care APK is compatible with above Android 5.0+ devices.

  • The original version of the Baby Care Game must first get downloaded.
  • Then, the player must download the apk file and run it once the download is complete.
  • To download apps from sources other than the Google Play Store, users need to activate “Unknown sources.”
  • The Baby Care Game APK can then be downloaded and played.

What is the Baby care APK?

You or your child has to look after a very cute and fat baby needs to look after in Baby Care Apk game. The infant has to be fed, put to sleep, bathed, and most importantly interacted with. It is a children’s game that is a little difficult to play since the infant in Baby care APK will attract everybody. It is far preferable to dress up a flexible and animated doll than to take care of an actual or virtual infant who is alive and active. The girls assume the position of a mother and will look after the baby. Males also enjoy the game because it allows them to interact with the infant and observe themselves from the outside. 

The player only needs to change diapers, dress up, choose fashionable casual attire, and brush their teeth. Additionally, this game is playable with a fantastic new title like a Hippo Toddler.

baby care


  • You must look after the toddler in the Baby care APK game. So, that nobody gets bored. 
  • Your kids will enjoy the numerous different activities in this game.
  • You have to feed, wash, play with, and put to bed infants. He needs right now is prompt tooltips, so the child will know immediately that you require a baby.
  • Baby care APK is the theme of these entertaining games.
  • This baby care game is targeting more or fewer children.
  • There are many different activities in this game that your kids will like.
  • The player will be notified of feeding, bathing, sleeping, and playing time with an alarm. 
  • 7 various activities to involve with.
  • 5 adorable infants with various facial expressions
  • Strange sound effects and hidden stuff are enjoyable things to add to the baby set.
  • More than 50 different baby clothes are nice in the minigame’s 3 different scenarios, 
  • Bright colors and excellent HD drawings. 
  • More than different baby clothes has presented in the mini-game with 3 different scenarios, 

Baby Care Download for PC

The majority of apps are available only on mobile devices. However, if you are interested to play Baby Care on a PC you have to look for Android emulators. You can download emulators from different sources. We recommend you download from sources. 

How to Play Baby care APK game?

  • Start the game with simple activities such as feeding or breastfeeding, you just have to tap the symbol button on the screen.
  • It is up to the player to decide on which dress to wear, which food to feed, and many more.
  • Additionally, you can play and entertain him in Baby care APK with three different games such as popping colorful balloons, which involves forcing an ostrich to jump to collect stars, and assisting a bird on the top of a tree.
  • Stir the milk with the spoon as you make the baby’s bottle. The container will have to shake until the mixture gets blends and is ready for use. 
  • Make the infant smile after giving her cereal, vegetables, and fruit. 
  • Make your tea from a selection of four flavors, then drink it and serve.
  • The player can feed the toddler with different foods in Baby care APK.
  • Choose a storybook for making your toddler sleep. 
  • Pick out a few toys to get the baby happy before bath time. 
  • Clean and dry your infant with the towel after washing her with the shampoo and sponge.
  • And also dress him for bed and play soothing music to put him to sleep. 
  • The playground is a great spot to spend time with young children which you can enjoy and make your toddler smile. 
  • Kids will have a ton of fun outside activities with the toddler. Discover how to pick fruit or plant flowers, then enjoy yourself while feeding the birds.

Pros and Cons


  • Cute character and a pleasant baby to engage with.
  • Play Baby care APK has colorful visuals and lovely music to feel you soothed.
  • A children’s game will aid in the growth of qualities like responsibility, kindness, and caring.
  • To start simple operations such as feeding or breastfeeding, you just need to hit the symbol button on the application screen.
  • The Baby care APK educates to be mothers and new moms while creating a sense of safety. 
  • It will make things simple and convenient.
  • Kids will be traineto avoid carelessness, uncertainty, and tiredness. Likewise enhance the qualities of children like obligation, responsibility, compassion, and caring.
  • You can keep your kid occupied with the game during your busy time.
  • Your children will be creative with the engagement of toddlers’ dress selection and other activities.


  • Baby care APK will need 23MB of free space.
  • It is not possible to play with devices with Android 4.4 or below.
  • It will be annoying with frequent reminders.
  • Alarming will disturb when the children are on study.
  • A collection of different game modes in which the play has to make his phone/device on a 24/7 basis.
  • Your kid will addicted to the gameplay.


Is Baby care APK available for free?

Yes. The game is available in the Google Play store for free download. Although this game is free to play, some of the special objects and features may have to be purchased with actual cash through in-app purchases. 

What can we get by successfully playing the game?

Plenty of game versions are available to download in the Google App store. However, the updated game with the newest features is not available for Androids with less than 4.0 devices.

Can we play Baby care APK using an Adobe flash player?

No. It is not available in Adobe flash player.


It is a mini nanny-type game that is yet straightforward. Baby care APK has experienced tremendous popularity due to its user-friendly interface. Keep your baby busy with the game enabling them to enjoy it with the toddler. They will share their experience of the game with other schoolmates and get directions from another 3rd party. The player can monitor the kid while playing the game and they will not be so calm and quiet. It is indeed based on time and concentration.  Baby care APK is seeking frequent engagement with the toddler therefore no one will ignore the play due to the alarming system of the game.