Vive Le Football Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

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Vive Le Football is a soccer game (Apk) developed by NetEase. If you are a person who is interested in these football games, vive football is a must-have app that you must have to try. By getting the vive football installed you will receive a chance to get closer to this valuable game. The other companies also developed similar types of games.

It is easy to get a soccer game onto any device. However, this is a game that pays attention to the every minute fact of football. That is beneficial to bring the users dozens of the faces of popular soccer players. While you are using this vive le football apk, the gamers can find techniques and movements. Vive football is completely introduced for mobile devices. But with the help of an android emulator, you could get it onto your PCs.

vive le football apk

Vive Le Football Apk Download for Android

Vive Le Football Apk Download

To play the game effectively, you are required to have an android device with android version 8.0 and upwards and a snapdragon 450. RAM should be 2GB or any higher version. The vive le football Apk is not available in the google play store. Therefore you should have to get that apk downloaded by following the given below steps.

  • Just click on the below-given download icon.
  • The vive le football apk file will be started to download
  • It takes some time to complete the installation of the vive football apk.
  • Then allow the installations from unknown sources by the device settings because you are installing the vive football from third-party sources.
  • Then click on the downloaded apk file and start the installation of the vive football game.
  • It will take a few minutes to complete the download process.
  • Then allow for the permissions requested by the game.
  • Open it and start your favourite soccer game.

What is Vive Le Football Apk?

To control the players within the game, you are required to use the directional joystick.  That is on the left side of the screen of your device screen. There are multiple action buttons available for you to control the activities like pass, pressure, shoot, free kicks, or centre.  When you play more and more you are getting better. With time you will be practicing performing various techniques as well as movements. You could be a professional person that is skilled at performing very difficult movements.

Usually, in the real world, football matches are taking place within very vast stadiums with grass. But in the game, you will feel diverse. During the game, the players can play this magic soccer game on the run downfield. And that will test the skills and the qualities of the gamers.  But in this variety of matches, there is no space for passes and fast runs along the sidelines of the field.  The vive le football Apk is a game that brings realistic features to your fingertips. The gaming controls are at a specific level. Those are very easy to learn even for a new player to the vive football game.

vive le football

More About The App

The gaming mechanisms and the gaming controls are letting the players take you up to the top-level sports clubs in the world. Being a winner is not so easy. The players should have to practice more and more to be a winner. But if you played the game correctly you could level up very easily. That will take time as well as more and more practicing only.

The vive football apk is designed with the Messiah next-generation engine. That will work collectively to provide an immersive gaming experience for the players. AI technology will let you perform accurately as well as flexibly movements. Gamers can build up their legend with the help of vive le football apk. The matured descriptive elements will let the gamers feel an ultra-realistic as well as a very smooth gaming experience. The restoration of the real football world brings out the live football game.

 Then there is another opportunity that is offered for you by the vive football apk. The gamers could observe their favourite players in this game. Plus you are free to build up your team with this powerful vive le football apk.


  • Artificial intelligence is connected with the next-generation engine
  • Availability of the giants club
  • Authentic authorization
  • There are different gaming modes available for the game.
  • In some gaming modes, the players will meet different players
  • If you want to look back on gaming history, just join for the classic battles of the vive le football apk
  • Addition of brand new street football 3v3 gameplay.
  • In 3v3 gameplay mode, the players only need to control one player and =have to create a team with two more other players
  • Smooth gameplay

Vive Le Football Download For iOS

To play the vive football apk on iOS devices you are required to be with a device with iOS version 6 or higher version. Follow the below procedure to install vive football into your device.

  • Launch the apple app store.
  • Search for the Testflight app through the search bar.
  • Install the test flight app
  • After opening the app you will receive a redemption code via email. Copy that code. You will receive that code only if you are selected for the test.
  • Then login to the test flight app by submitting your apple ID and redeeming the received code.
  • Then download and install the Vive Le Football game.
  • Open the game and start gaming. Make sure to redeem your code properly. Because one code is valid once. Don’t uninstall the app too.

Vive Le Football Download for PC

Since the vive le football apk is not currently available for the google play store, it is unable to install on the windows PC at this moment. But it will be available in the google play store very soon. Then you would be able to get it with the help of an android emulator. Until then be ready to install it by downloading an android emulator such as nox player, meu player or the bluestacks.

How To Play Vive Le Football Apk?

When you are playing the game first of all pay attention to the setting up of the team. Always pick the correct players. If you have selected a good player there is a higher possibility of winning the game. And keep in mind that running after the ball is not a good strategy that a player should practice. And creating one player from the opponent team is a good practice that you could take in the game. Practice more and more skilful movements. Usage of the map borders and the boundaries. Likewise, there are many more tips that would be helpful while gaming. Just practice them by starting to play the game.

Safety And Legality

The vive le football is a safe game. Always be protected to install it from a safe source. And don’t ever use your details via the app. there is no kind of legal restrictions imposed over the vive le football Apk game.


Q: Does the Vive Football apk offer an official license?

A: Yes. Vive le football Apk is offering an official license. That is the official license that is FIFPro authorization.  That authorization means that the players can enjoy playing with real players such as Messi and Neymar.  Plus some sports clubs have transferred their rights to the images too.

Q: This is a game that has been designed for android devices. Therefore can I get it onto my PC?

A: No worries. You could play the vive le football Apk by using your PCs as well. Even gamers can obtain a more realistic experience by using their PCs rather than on their mobile phones. Just get the latest version of the Vive Le Football apk. all controls will let you enjoy the game without any issues. The game will be available for PCs very soon.

Q: Is the game vive le football Apk too large?

A: Actually, no. It is not a very heavy game. So it is not a huge-sized game. The vive le football Apk is only about 800 MB in size.

Final Words

This is about the famous soccer game called the vive le football Apk game. Still, it is in the testing phase. So if you are interested you could try it out now and discover many more features of it.