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Vegas Crime Simulator is a game (Apk) which you have to control a criminal in vegas.

This game is bringing you to an amazing world with extraordinary features. The game is consistent with an amazing and large 3D world and beautiful 3D graphics.  The other required gaming mechanisms that are essential for gaming are also included.  However, the Vegas crime simulator Apk is consistent with many more fun game mechanisms. The various enemies, fights, and the all interesting tasks are letting the users have a funny experience.

The Vegas crime simulator Apk is a simulation game. That is offered for you by Naxeex LLC. After this game, the players can live out the questionable desire to become a dangerous criminal. Almost all the users are alerted about the graphics of this amazing game. The graphics of the game are quite acceptable. Those graphics are built up by using 3D while making it much more fun to commit virtual crimes.  The animations feel like cartoon images. But the explosions and the blood don’t seem as realistic.

vegas crime simulator apk

Vegas Crime Simulator Apk Download for Android

Vegas Crime Simulator Apk Download

Google Play Download

The latest version of the is 6.2.4. always get the latest version to experience all the latest features.  To get this you should have android version 4.4 and upwards. If not you are unable to install and work with the game. Currently, over 100,000,000 users are using the vegas crime simulator Apk.

Download from here

  • Click on the below-given download option.
  • The vegas crime simulator apk file will be started to download.
  • After downloading the file, allow the installs from unknown sources from your device settings since you are downloading from a third-party application.
  • Then click on the downloaded apk file, to begin with, the installation
  • It will take a few minutes to complete the installation and wait patiently.
  • Allow for the requesting permissions by the game.
  • Open the installed vegas crime simulator Apk game and start gaming.

Download from google play store

  • Open the google play store.
  • Search for the name vegas crime simulator on the search bar.
  • You will get relevant results as per your search.
  • Start installing the game after you have found the correct game
  • Wait till the installation process ended
  • Open and start gaming the Vegas crime simulator Apk.

What is the Vegas crime simulator apk?

When considering the background details, those are very sparse.  The graphics here are unequal when considering the other simulation games but those are acceptable when the players just require to go to the town by committing crimes.

  Sometimes the gaming atmosphere is not too high level. When developing the Vegas crime simulator Apk, the developers decided not to add a lot of music items. Therefore when you get used to games for a longer period of time it will feel boring because you are listening to repetitive music. When considering the objective of the game it seems to be unclear. It is said that the objective is to become a supervillain.

 Here also the players are able to create their customizable characters while gaming. The players can customize their character by the look as well as the clothes.  Then the players can start committing crimes as much as gamers could. Here the gamers can get and use a lot of options for weapons. You are available with many more kinds of guns that you could easily choose.

More About The App

If the player has the intention to destroy all the things then he could use the tanks. Gamers could use diverse types of vehicles to run over people if they wanted. Throughout the game, the users will find diverse places of interest such as the airfield with the airplane, a military base with a tank, and a platform for performing various tactics that can be done with motorcycles as well as by cars.  By playing this game, the players could earn success and fame easily by correcting their mistakes.

 The hero of yours is capable of choosing the side that he would be standing on. Here the player can be a good person or else a bad person the whole choice is up to you. Try out this exciting gangster simulator. The hero has to switch his life completely. so you have to face many challenges to get the popularity of the city. Before starting the fight with the criminals you have to rob cars or vehicles.

 The gamers can customize their character by using the available tools. Make the character unique. The Vegas crime simulator Apk game is included with an amazing clothing store. That store will allow you to customize your character stylishly and give extra features too.

 The game has good sound effects, but you always have to hear repetitive music. Availability of a lot of weapons. The players can play with the tanks. The gamer can create and customize their character. But no voice acting tools are available for you. Sometimes the controls are difficult.


  • One of the best simulation game
  • Allow creating your customized character
  • Availability of the clothing store
  • Presence of different types of vehicles
  • Store superhero items
  • The magic rope is allowing the player to move as a superhero. The magic rope makes it easier to go around the whole city.
  • Flight mode allows you to fly like a superhero.
  • The landing option is allowing the player to land from different heights without a damage
  • The robot skin is allowing you to transform your character into a robot

Vegas Crime Simulator Download For iOS

Currently, this vegas crime simulator is available for ios devices too. Any ios device user could get it from the official apple app store. Here the below steps are for you to start the game installation for your ios device.

  • Open the apple app store on your device.
  • Search for the game name
  • Start game installation after you get the correct game.
  • Wait till installation gets finished patiently.
  • Open it and start gaming.

Vegas Crime Simulator Download for PC

Since the vegas crime simulator is available on the google play store any pc user could get it with the help of an android emulator. Nox player, MEmu player, and bluestacks are widely available android emulators for you.

  • Open the android emulator on your pc.
  • Launch google play store
  • Complete google sign–in.
  • Search for the vegas crime simulator by the google play search option.
  • You will get matching results.
  • Choose the appropriate game and start the installation
  • Wait till it gets installed correctly.
  • Start gaming finally.

How To Play Vegas Crime Simulator Apk?

If you are willing to create virtual death and destruction, you could do that unlimitedly. The game will satisfy your needs. There are many options available for you. Choosing outfits from the clothing store and tools store is for getting the necessary tools. There are diverse kinds of guns available. Use all the customizable options available and choose a unique look for your character. Now you could go on with committing as many crimes as you can.

Safety And Legality

Always get the vegas crime simulator Apk from a safe source. Downloading it from an unsafe and untrusted place can lead to several issues. Always try to get it from the official app stores like the apple app store and the google play store. A bit of violence is included in the game. Therefore it is not recommended for kids. When considering the legal issues, there are no restrictions imposed.


Q: Can anyone play this game?

A: yes. Anyone can play the Vegas crime simulator Apk without any issues or restrictions.

Q: Is this game included violence?

A: Yes. The Vegas crime simulator Apk consisted of huge violent content. So playing it can be harmful to some peoples’ minds.

Final Words

The description above is well describing the Vegas crime simulator Apk. It is a game that consists of violating activities. However, if you are interested in the game you should try it now.