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Tap Tap Breaking is a simulation game (Apk) in which you have to break the hardest things in the world. This is introduced by ODAAT studio in 2008. The latest update was released on 11th June 2022. There are more than 1 Million downloads from the google store. It is only in the size of 50.12MBs.

Similar to other simulation games, this Tap Tap Breaking APK also concentrates on one subject and attempts to make it as entertaining as possible. You only need to tap the screen repeatedly to smash various objects. One hit will result to reduce health.

You can start with breaking basic items and later will be moved with strong and different objects.  When breaks things and enjoy supernatural powers, your hands also take harm.

tap tap breaking apk

Tap Tap Breaking APK Download for Android

Tap Tap Breaking Apk Download

Google Play Download

This is supported by Android 4.1 and above. In addition, it is available for PC, iOS, and Android with different and advanced features.

  • It is available at the Play Store free of charge.
  • No harm in direct downloading.
  • Then Search Tap Tap Breaking on Google or i-Store.
  • Click on download.
  • Create a shortcut on the home screen.

What is Tap Tap Breaking APK?

If you are interested in playing the karate punch, Tap Tap Breaking APK is the ideal game for you to have fun with.  You will be able to try different items in Tap Tap Breaking APK in this game, there are many items that you may destroy than the typical objects like wooden blocks.

A practicing mode is available for the player to undertake training before the challenge, and a challenging mode is open which has many small play stages. The player will be given a time limit to perform the task. The last mode is the Golden Bar mode. At the Golden Bar, this mode is active while the character is in a Critical Power Time condition. In order to receive extra rewards.

tap tap breaking


  • High-quality animated graphics. The characters are animated characters.
  • Three different game modes.
  • There are several objects to destroy in this game rather than typical wood or bricks.
  • There are a lot of other items including jewels, meteorites, and skulls.
  • The 2D visuals in Tap Tap Breaking APK are brilliant.
  • Exciting background music and the sound made when the character tries to break the objects.
    The critical Power bar is located under the health bar. When you smash an object your score will increase
  • When the critical Power bar is full, the player becomes unbeatable, and his level of health condition is not deteriorating.
  • Continued play results in painting in hand. However, new the power plus HP feature address this issue.
  • Supporting options such as multiple-play hand power and hand-up are available at a cost.
  • You can upgrade the Tap Tap Breaking APK with more power, health, critical power, and chances.
  • Explore mode levels in the game, once you go through 10 levels you will entitle to a reward.
  • Upgrade your character with good energy and a high level of health.
  • You can experience auto-breaking with one hit on the app. The updated version of the game has several defects.

Tap Tap Breaking Download For PC

You can get Tap Tap Breaking downloaded to your PC from the Play store or gaming website. Once you click on the download icon, it will ask you to get download all the resource files. Then click on install. Create a shortcut on the desktop to remind you of the game in your free time.

How to play Tap Tap Breaking APK?

  1. All you have to do to play this game is tap everything.
  2. This game uses the karate chop, which you may be familiar with smashing basic and straightforward ones, like wood and bricks. But there are too ridiculous ones, like diamonds, dragon balls, large stones, rocky mountains, planets, the moon, and the sun
  3. Transforms it into something crazily entertaining.
  4. If players want a better gaming experience, they should seek the right balance in the game.
  5. You can find that the character has a variety of attributes in the upgrading area, such as strength, health, and health recovery speed per second. Once you break things that will affect those attributes. As an example, if you increase the power to break things, your level of health will deteriorate.  
  6. The default setting of the power is only doubled, however, if you improve it, this number might be multiplied by 3, 4, and more.
  7. The player may practice in the practice mode before the challenge. In the challenging mode of Tap Tap Breaking APK, numerous little play levels are included.
  8. The goal of each of these stages is to break one item. After each round, there will be less number of things. A prize will be awarded if all 10 rounds have been successfully completed. The player will be given a time limit to complete the break.
  9. Golden Bar mode is the last mode that is active in Critical Power Time condition in Tap Tap Breaking APK. In order to receive the most bonuses, you need to break things quickly.
  10. If you unlock all the modes, you never get tired of playing.
  11. You may access more remote adventure games in later stages.

Pros and Cons


  1. No cost to download Tap Tap Breaking APK.
  2. No subscription fee.
  3. The game installation provides a different experience.
  4. Players need incredible things rather than smash wooden plates.
  5. It is possible to change the number of attacks.
  6. The force of a hand blow can be changed.
  7. It is manageable with upgrading.
  8. The advertising will play only with the consent of the player.
  9. The 2D, simplistic gaming interface was maintained.
  10. Systemized reward scheme.


  1.     The game is disturbing with advertisements.
  2. Tap Tap Breaking APK game can only play online.
  3. Advanced help features are available at a price.
  4.    Boring background music and images
  5. You may need a google cloud facility to save and run the game.
  6. May encounter crashes and slow


Is the Tap Tap Breaking available for free?

Yes, it is available to download from the Google play store free of charge.

What can we get by successfully playing the game?

You will earn unlimited Gems and Golden coins. There are levels to be achieved by the system that awards gems and gold coins and breaks a certain amount of objects. You can also collect through advertisements.

Can we play Tap Tap Breaking APK using an Adobe flash player?

No. it is not available in Adobe flash player.


Tap Tap Breaking APK is a simple 2D game with a single focus. If the player unlocks all three modes, he can enjoy breaking new stuff rather than typical wooden pieces. You just need a basic android phone to get download the game. Attractive graphics and sounds will make you addicted to the game. You can impress the other players with a high score and rewards while
entertaining in your spare time.

You will enjoy a unique experience compared to other simulation games with the exclusive entertaining features of Tap Tap Breaking APK. Also can enjoy the game with simple and own modifications. You will end up being a master of smash things.