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Spider-Man Unlimited is a video game (Apk) based on the world-famous Marvel comics hero Spider-Man. This was first released on September 10th, 2014 by Gameloft developers. This is an action and adventure game based on the characters from the comic book series of the Marvel Universe. This game is free to download for your Android and iOS devices. Since it contains violent content, it is rated as a teen game. Gameloft released various new updates with the chapters and story mode of this game.

This single-player game became popular among many game players because of the Spider-Man character. Therefore, the Spider-Man Unlimited APK game received 30 million downloads in a short time after its release of the game. But unfortunately, on March 2019, Gameloft decided to discontinue this game. It has been discovered that this game available on the Play Store is infected with some malware. But it is still possible to safely download the apk game file from our website for free to your mobile or PC.

spider man unlimited apk

Spider-Man Unlimited APK Download for Android

Spider-Man Unlimited APK Download

Google Play Download

To download this to your Android device from our website, follow the steps described below.

  1. First, open this website on your smartphone.
  2. Click the download apk button to start the downloading process.
  3. The game will now fully download to your Android device.
  4. Wait for the Spider-Man Unlimited APK download to complete.

You must install the game apk on your phone after downloading the game. But first, unknown sources must be allowed so that they can perform on your device. To provide it, go to your device’s settings and enable unknown sources. This game apk file can now be freely installed on your device. Therefore as a result,

  1. To continue, gain access to the device’s my files folder.
  2. Browse to the Downloads folder.
  3. Install the game by tapping the Spider-Man Unlimited Apk file.
  4. Wait until your smartphone’s installation is complete.

You can play the game on your Android device after properly installing this Spider-Man Unlimited APK.

What is Spider-Man Unlimited APK?

Here you have to play as Spider-Man, the superhero of Marvel Comics and cartoon series. This Spider-Man Unlimited APK is a free runner game where you have to play missions in the game by running through different places and buildings in New York City. You have the ability to team up with other heroes from these comics and fight against enemies with them.

In order to win battles, you need good fighting skills and you have the ability to get points and rewards by completing missions successfully. This Spider-Man Unlimited APK game also gives you the ability to join the daily and weekly events and rise in the global rankings. This game, which consists of 25 different story modes, can now be played on your Android, Apple iOS, Apple Mac, and Windows computers. For that, download the game apk file now for free from our website.

spider man unlimited


A chance to join the Marvel comic world

In this Spider-Man Unlimited APK game, you can play different missions as a spider man with other heroes like Nick Fury, Mary Jane, and Black Cat.

Being able to play as a free runner

Here you will be able to perform by running along the streets, and tunnels and jumping from building rooftops in New York City.

Having a large map to play

You get the opportunity to play missions in many iconic locations of the marvel series belonging to 7 different maps.

Spider-Man Unlimited Download For PC

This Spider-Man Unlimited game is available to play on mobile devices as well as computers running Windows or Apple macOS. However, because this is an Android-based game, you must have an emulator software installed on your computer. If you don’t have an emulator, you can get one for free on the internet. You can use any emulator for this, such as Bliss OS, LDPlayer 9, Android Studio, Emulator PC or BlueStacks. After installing any emulator, you can follow the instructions below to install this Spider-Man Unlimited game on your computer.

  1. To proceed, launch the emulator and navigate to the browser’s search bar.
  2. Copy the link from this page.
  3. Now copy and paste it into the search bar.
  4. Then, on the website page, click the download button.
  5. The game apk file will now be downloaded to your emulator.
  6. Wait until the fully complete the download on your PC.

We must now correctly install the downloaded game. To use it, follow these steps.

  1. Open the downloads folder in the emulator browser.
  2. Install the Spider-Man Unlimited APK by clicking on it.
  3. You now need to wait for the game to install.

The Spider-Man Unlimited game has now been installed on your emulator, and you can play it by clicking the shortcut icon.

How To Play Spider-Man Unlimited APK?

You can install and play the Spider-Man Unlimited game. Then, from the game’s main screen, you can select and customize your Spider-man character. Then you can enroll in the game’s battles. If you prefer to watch the gameplay and tips and tricks of the game, you can watch more game videos on YouTube.

Pros and Cons


  • The Spider-Man Unlimited Apk single-player game mode does not require the internet to play.
  • Chance to earn various points and rewards when the game missions are successful.
  • Getting to play with different characters that support spider man.
  • Being an interesting game to play.
  • Consuming only a small amount of space on the device to install.
  • Having a high sound and graphics quality.
  • You can get this Spider-Man Unlimited APK game freely.
  • Having many levels to play.
  • Being able to play with online gamers and win challenges and reach the top ranks.


  • The Spider-Man Unlimited APK game can easily be addictive to play.
  • When downloading these games’ apk from the internet, always use known, trusted, and secure websites, such as ours. Otherwise, malicious malware can easily enter your device via such apk files.
  • You need a good and fast internet connection to play online.
  • Not being able to play for everyone due to the contents of the game.

Safety and Legality

This Spider-Man Unlimited APK game setup file does not contain any malware or any other program that could harm your Android or iOS mobile or Apple macOS or Windows computer device. There is no mention of collecting or sharing your data by the developers of this game.


What are the system requirements to play Spider-Man Unlimited Apk on Windows PC?

Windows 7/8/10 or 11 OS

Any emulator software


Intel and AMD Processor

5GB of Hard Disk Space

How much of the installation file size of the Spider-Man Unlimited Apk game?

The full game Apk file is about 50MB.

On which platforms can Spider-Man Unlimited Apk be played?

You can play this on Android, Apple iOS, Windows phones, and macOS and Windows computers.


This Spider-Man Unlimited APK can be called an action and adventure game developed using spider man, a main hero character of the marvel comic and cartoon series. Here you get the opportunity to fight against enemies and villains together with the other heroes of this cartoon series. Now you can download this game from our website which has many missions and battles to play.