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Shopping Mall Girl is a game (Apk) that you have to play as a girl who goes to stores. This is a slightly different game released on June 26 of 2016, by Coco Play By TabTale for Android devices. This game, which is made for the teen category, has become more popular among girls because it belongs to the Casual Genre. This is a free license game, so you can download this game for free without paying any money.

This whole gameplay is around a girl who likes to dress beautifully and fashion. That is why this game has become more popular among girls. If you want to play the game, you have to go to the fashion shops in the city and make different beautiful fashion with attractive clothes & more fashionable accessories. In this Shopping Mall Girl Apk game, you get the opportunity to do more fashion than you can in the real world.

shopping mall girl apk

Shopping Mall Girl APK Download Android

Shopping Mall Girl Apk Download

Google Play Download

You can download the Shopping Mall Girl apk for your android device with the following link on this page. To start downloading,  please click on the download button here.

  1. Then, it will start downloading automatically.

First of all, android device users require to enable unknown sources first on their device. Please go to your mobile device settings and click allow for unknown sources. After enabling this option, follow these steps correctly to install the full game.

  1. Go to my files folder on your device. Next, go to download and click on the Shopping Mall Girl Apk file.
  2. Then, tap on the apk and wait until it completes to install on your device. 

After successfully installing the game, you will be able to play it.

What is Shopping Mall Girl APK?

You get a girl who likes fashion as the main character of this game. Here you have to take this girl to the shopping mall in the city and dress her up in beautiful clothes & other accessories. For this, you have endless shops to go to and thousands of clothes to choose from. You can try different styles of dresses like frocks, skirts, pants, etc in Shopping Mall Girl Apk. And also there are a lot of fashionable sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, shoes & much more for your game character. This game includes fashion activities like real life, so you can gain many new experiences through it.

This Shopping Mall Girl Apk game also includes the ability to perform in fashion competitions by fashioning different designs. You can decorate your game character with the best designs and win those competitions. Then you can continue in the game by getting coins and bonuses. You also can give points to the characters of other players who have joined the game & fashion shows according to their styles. This will give your character more chances to get more points & offers. As you progress further in the Shopping Mall Girl Apk game, you can go to the salon to make your girl more beautiful with make-up & hairstyles.

It will bring you a lot of entertainment as it consists of such attractive activities. Therefore, if you also want to play this game, download Shopping Mall Girl Apk for free through our website.

shopping mall girl


1. Being able to get a great shopping experience just like in real life

It is possible to walk into large shopping malls and visit thousands of shops and try on different styles of clothes and accessories with this Shopping Mall Girl Apk game. You can get an experience similar to shopping by getting to try and style any outfit. Through this, you will also have the opportunity to share your shopping and fashion experiences with other players who have joined the game.

2. The game character can be changed with beautiful makeup and different hairstyles

You can make your girl more beautiful by using fashionable clothes as well as different hairstyles and make-up. For that, you have the opportunity to go to the salon in the Shopping Mall Girl Apk game and try different types of cosmetics. Another special thing is that those who play the game can go to the spa and get massage services to relax for their game characters.

3. Being able to make your game character as fashionable as you like

You can use the ones you like from thousands of clothing items in the Shopping Mall Girl Apk game. For that, you have a lot of accessories like dresses, pants, skirts, shoes, sandals, watches, and necklaces in different colors and sizes. Through this, you can make your game character unimaginably beautiful and change.

4. Being able to participate in modeling contests and win

This Shopping Mall Girl Apk game also provides an opportunity to make your game character a fashion model. You can dress up in different clothes and join fashion competitions and try to win them and it will help you to get points and various rewards to advance in the game.

5. Ability to play for free and without the internet

You can get this game for android devices for free without any payment. And you can use all the above-mentioned features even without an internet connection. Therefore, you can play the game at home as well as on the way without using mobile or Wi-fi data.

Lords Mobile Download For PC

This Shopping Mall Girl game, like most games, is made for Android devices, but if necessary, you can also install them on your Windows computer. But for that, you have to install a special program, called an emulator on your computer.

An emulator is a specific app that will make it possible to install any Android app on your Windows computer. There are various emulators on the internet like BlueStacks, Android Studio, ARChon, Bliss OS, GameLoop, and LDPlayer 9, and install the one you like. Then, to download the game for your Windows PC follow these steps.

  1. Firstly, download & install any emulator mentioned above. 
  2. Open your installed emulator > Open your emulator’s browser > Copy the link of this web page > Paste it into your emulator browser.
  3. After that, click on the search > Click the download button on this download page.
  4. After successfully completing the download Shopping Mall Girl apk, open your downloads folder of your emulator. 
  5. Click on the apk file and click the install button. 
  6. Wait until the game is completely installed on your PC. 

Pros and Cons


  1. It contains many fashionable features & accessories.
  2. You can get this file without any doubt as we will check it and give it to you.
  3. Supporting Android, Apple IOS & Windows operating systems.
  4. Having more fun & exciting activities to play.
  5. Being able to buy features in the Shopping Mall Girl game by paying.
  6. The game has attractive graphics and amazing sounds.
  7. Anyone can play because of the free license.
  8. You can play it with or without the Internet.


  1. Shopping Mall Girl game is an easily addictive game.
  2. Showing ads while playing the game as it is free.
  3. Malware can also come when downloading games from unknown websites. Therefore always get your favorite games from a trusted website like ours. 
  4. Spending your money on making payments without limits to advance faster in the game.

How To Play Shopping Mall Girl APK?

Download the apk file related to the game and install it correctly. Then the game will start with its landing page. If you want to learn about the game & gameplay, please check the videos on YouTube. Then you can start play this game easily.

Safety and Legality

This game has rated as teens, so any teen girl or boy can play the game.


Is it safe to download and install Shopping Mall Girl APK?

Yes. It’s 100% safe to download & install on your device. This is thoroughly tested by our experienced and skilled technical team. Therefore, we are responsible for the file we provided.

What are the differences between the mobile & PC versions of the game?

There is no specific difference between the PC and mobile versions. But you can get more resolution on PC.

How to collect accessories on the game?

You can buy them on game purchases.


Shopping Mall Girl Apk is a casual game with more fashionable features. The game is rated for teens, because of its form. It supports android, apple, and windows devices so it can be played on any platform. Now you can download this Shopping Mall Girl APK from our website.