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Pou is a game (Apk) about a small alien and the player has to take care of him to grow well.

Zakeh Ltd released the Pou APK game on August 05th, 2012. This is a free game that you can download, install and play. However, when you play the game, more ads will appear on the screen.  It is a cartoon-style game that has been downloaded over 500 million times from the Google Play store and this game is a very popular game that got 2nd place in the family games genre of the Apple App Store. The game is suitable for all ages and can be played by anyone. This Pou APK is compatible with iOS and Android devices, as well as Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computers.

In-App Purchases allow you to order many resources for the game at various prices that allow you to play quickly and easily at different gaming levels. The graphics in this game are simple but more impressive. It also takes up very small memory space on your device, like 25MB on Android and 50MB on iOS devices. It is not necessary to have an internet connection to play this game in single-player mode. You can now download Pou APK for free from our website if you wish to play this cartoon-based video game on your mobile or computer device.

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Pou APK Download for Android

Pou APK Download

Google Play Download

Visit our download page to get this game. To download the game, Use following the steps.

  1. To continue, use your smartphone to browse this download page.
  2. Then click the download and get the Pou APK.
  3. After that, the download will begin and wait for the completion.

After the Apk is downloaded completely to the smartphone and should install it. But first, go to the settings of your device and enable unknown sources. Then safely install the Pou APK game file that you downloaded from our website on your smart device.

  1. First, move to the file explorer on your device.
  2. Then choose the downloaded Apk.
  3. By double-clicking the apk file, you can install the game.
  4. Complete the installation process.

You can now play the game on your Android device because it has been installed.

What is Pou APK?

Pou APK is a single-player offline mobile game in cartoon style. Pou, the main avatar here is an alien pet. The graphics on this game are very attractive and colorful. This game also includes a series of mini-games and nearly a hundred different activities. You can earn coins and points by playing them. Then you have the chance to use those coins to buy Pou’s clothes, food, and other items. And with those coins, you can also customize Pou’s appearance with new clothes, hats, sunglasses, and skins.

It is your primary duty to keep your Pou looking beautiful and clean at all times. As a result, you must bathe him when he is dirty, feed him nutritious meals, and play with and exercise him. It will help in keeping Pou energetic and attractive. You can have fun playing this because of pou’s special ability to repeat what you say. You can now download the Pou APK game apk file to your device from this website.




The ability to customize the Alien Pet as desired

You can change the color, hairstyle, clothes, and accessories of your game character Pou.

There are several mini-games to play

You can play more mini-games to earn coins and pints with Pou Apk. Use that points and coins to buy various items for him.

There are various tasks to complete

You want to keep your Alien Pet Pou, happy at all times. You must do this by feeding Pou, bathing him, providing healthy food, exercising, and playing games.

Pou Download For PC

This Pou APK game was developed for Android devices, but it can also be allowed to play on Apple macOS or Windows computers. You should have a virtual machine known as an emulator on your PC. An emulator is a software program that allows you to run Android apps and games on other platforms such as Apple, Windows, or Linux. You can download any emulator, such as GameLoop, ARChon, LDPlayer 9, Android Studio, and BlueStacks, for free from the internet. Follow the steps below.

  1. Begin by launching your emulator browser.
  2. Come to this site using a web browser.
  3. You can now download it by visiting this website.
  4. Allow the game apk file to download completely.

Your computer has now been saved with the Pou APK file. The following step is to install it correctly. To complete this, do the following.

  1. To proceed, access the emulator downloads folder.
  2. Open the apk file there.
  3. Allow the installation wizard to perform installing the game.
  4. Enables the installation to finish successfully.

Finally, you have downloaded and installed the Pou APK game on your Windows or Mac computer. So you can then use the emulator to play it.

How To Play Pou APK?

After successfully installing the Pou APK game on a smart device or computer, a shortcut icon will be created. Start the game by accessing it. The game will then start with a brief intro. Then you can go to the game home page and play it. After watching gameplay videos on YouTube, you can get an idea about playing the game.

Pros and Cons


  • The Pou APK game can be downloaded free of charge.
  • If necessary, the ability to buy new game resources via In-App Purchases.
  • This game is suitable for anyone of any age.
  • You have the option of playing in single-player mode.
  • You can enhance the appearance of your alien pet character.
  • It includes simple graphics and sounds.
  • The game is available in many languages.
  • The game does not require much space to install.


  • With such game files, harmful malware can easily enter your device, so always download games from safe and trusted websites like ours.
  • This must be paid for through the Apple App Store for Apple iOS.
  • The Pou APK game can be addictive to play.

Safety and Legality

Our game testing team properly tested the game apk file before releasing it for download, so it does not contain any malware that will harm your device. And the Pou APK game developers collect a lot of information about you, such as App activity, Personal info, App information, and performance. However, they do not share that information with third parties for advertising or marketing purposes.


What are the system reqs for playing this on iOS devices?

iOS 12.0 or later.

Memory capacity of 50 MB.

What are the reqs for playing this on Android devices?

Android 4.4 and up.

Memory space of 25 MB.


Pou APK is a simple and even enjoyable cartoon-style game. As a player in this game, you must handle the Alien pet character, Pou. You would not need an internet connection to play this, and installing the game doesn’t cost a lot of data. If you really want to play this game, you can download its apk file for free from our website today and easily install it on your mobile or computer device.