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Kingdom Rush is a defense game (Apk) available for smart devices. The game has already won the hearts of millions of players worldwide, and it’s about staying ready to raid and creating a solid defense to prevent getting attacked by enemies. The game was first launched in 2012 by the famous game developing company Ironhide Game Studio. Read on to know more details about Kingdom Rush Apk.

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Kingdom Rush Apk Download For Android

Kingdom Rush Apk Download

Google Play Download

Kingdom Rush Apk is an exciting game for users. The following steps will help you download this game on any mobile phone. 

  1. Download the apk by tapping on the download button below. 

Ensure you have a steady internet connection and enough storage, as the game requires more space than other games.

Awesome, now that you have downloaded this game on android, simply follow the following guidelines to install the game. 

  1. Installing third-party applications requires you to switch unknown resources on your android. Therefore head on to your settings and enable unknown resources. 
  2. After enabling unknown recourses, navigate to your My Files app. 
  3. Now tap on the downloads folder and get inside it. 
  4. Search for the downloads apk and tap on it. 
  5. Finally, click the install button. 

Wait until it completes, and you are good to start playing the game.

What is Kingdom Rush Apk

Kingdom Rush Apk is an excellent defense game in which you must protect your territory from enemy attacks. It is a solid strategic game in that you must implement many strategies and be competent to defend your region. To secure yourself from enemies, you have to build towers. The game comes with many towers, including protective, crossbow, and infantry. Not just towers, the game also comes with several heroes to protect your base. These heroes have unique strengths and aptitudes that make it easier to prevent enemy attacks and defend your base. 

Kingdom Rush Apk is divided into several parts to make it easy to draw attention and defense from orcs, goblins, and other animals. The final battle of Kingdom Rush Apk is to rival against the evil spirit lord. He is your main enemy, and you have to battle and defeat him to win the game. The game also comes with eye-catching outlooks for your heroes.

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Even though the game comes with a heavy file size, it is popular among teens and kids as it is designed similarly to a cartoon. You can complete missions to increase your ranking in the game. Following are some main characters of Robbery Bob Apk,

1. You can construct a kingdom for yourself

As we have already discussed, Kingdom Rush Apk allows you to develop your kingdom. A cool thing about developing your kingdom is that you have the right to decide everything about it. However, constructing your kingdom is not enough. You also have to take care of it and prevent it from getting attacked. You can also participate in missions to know if your kingdom is a good defense. 

2. There are a number of heroes in the game

You already know that towers and heroes are the way to protect your base from enemy attacks. Like varieties of towers, the game also has many heroes you can unlock by completing challenges. Doing so will increase your chance to defend your kingdom against enemies. 

3. It comes with stunning graphics

Kingdom Rush Apk lets you have the best possible views to keep you attracted to the screen throughout the game. It comes with clear 3D graphics, which is why many kids are attracted to this game. 

4. You have to beat the enemies

The game comes with about 100 enemies to fight against you. You have to defeat all these enemies in the game. Goblins are the easiest enemies to defeat. Most of the time, you will have to fight with goblins.

Kingdom Rush Download For PC

Kingdom Rush doesn’t come with a version for computers. Therefore there isn’t a way that we can directly download and install this game on computers. But don’t worry, we can use an android emulator to download Kingdom Rush on any PC. These are the instructions to download the game. 

  1. Do some research and download an android emulator according to the hardware specifications of your device. Bluestacks is a good android emulator if you have a device with good hardware specifications. Other than that, LD and NOX players are suitable for devices with low specifications. 
  2. Once you have downloaded the emulator, tap on the file and install it. 
  3. Launch the emulator, then tap on the browser of it. 
  4. Now copy the link to this website. 
  5. Paste that link on the search bar. 
  6. The next step is tapping on the search button to navigate this web page.
  7. Finally, find the downloaded button and click it to download Kingdom Rush Apk on your emulator.

Installing it on a PC is just as simple as installing it on android. Follow the following guide to install Kingdom Rush Apk on any PC, 

  1. First of all, go to the downloads folder. Most emulators have a downloads folder located in the My Files app. 
  2. Now just click on the downloaded apk. 
  3. Finally, start installing the game by tapping install.

Pros and Cons


  1. Kingdom Rush Apk comes with stunning graphics. 
  2. Not just graphics, the game also comes with audio suitable for the story. 
  3. You can install this game on any device. 
  4. The game also supports 32 and 64-bit architecture when you install the game. 


  1. Kingdom Rush Apk is addicting. If you are a teenager who wants to download and play the game, be careful not to get addicted. 
  2. Your device can get viruses when you download the apk from malicious websites. Always research and download the game from reputable websites like ours to avoid viruses. 

How To Play Kingdom Rush Apk?

Once you have downloaded and installed it, follow these tips for playing the game. 

  1. First of all, launch the application. 
  2. Then follow the instructions to get an idea of the primary gameplay. 
  3. Develop your kingdom with the instructions given. 
  4. If you don’t understand anything, just go to youtube and search for your questions. You will gain a bunch of videos with solutions for your questions. 
  5. Develop your kingdom, complete missions, and enjoy Kingdom Rush Apk. 

Safety & Legality

Kingdom Rush Apk is a game recommended for players over 10. It doesn’t have any other safety or legality issues. Therefore play Kingdom Rush Apk; if you meet the relevant age requirements to play the game. 


Is Kingdom Rush addicting?

Yes, this is a bit addicting for many teenagers. Therefore have to keep in mind to limit the amount of time you spend on the game if you ever get addicted. 

Can I play the game if I am a teen?

Yes, Kingdom Rush Apk is suitable for anyone over ten years old. 


Kingdom Rush Apk is an excellent defense game that a lot of players around the globe enjoy. It is about developing your base and protecting it from enemy attacks. The game also comes with many missions and challenges to complete. In this blog post, we have discussed many topics about the features, pros, and cons of downloading Kingdom Rush on different devices and the safety of the game.