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Hungry Shark Evolution is a game (Apk) and the object is to survive a shark under different oceanic circumstances.

Everyone, from teenagers to adults, has a smartphone these days. Due to this reason, a lot of gaming companies are developing games to provide entertainment to all people in all age groups. Among these gaming companies, Ubisoft is one of the most famous gaming companies that was founded in 1996. 

Ubisoft has launched over 100 games, and Hungry Shark Evolution is one of them. Since the launch of this game in 2013, it has gained more than 100 million downloads. It’s no wonder it is one of the best games out there. 

This blog post will review everything you need about Hungry Shark Evolution Apk.

hungry shark evolution apk

 Shark Evolution Apk Download For Android

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk Download

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Download the game by clicking the download button above.

You can install Hungry Shark Evolution Apk within a couple of minutes. These are the steps to install the game on your android, 

  1. First, navigate to your settings app and turn on your unknown sources. 

It’s essential to enable unknown sources before installing any third-party application. 

  1. The next step is to go to your My Files App. 
  2. Then, find your downloads folder and click on it. 
  3. Now, tap on your Hungry Shark Evolution Apk and click on install when the new pop-up appears.

What is Hungry Shark Evolution Apk?

First, as the name suggests, Hungry Shark Evolution Apk is a fishing game. A lot of animal lovers enjoy playing the game as it’s fun and entertaining. The goal of the game is to hunt and eat fish while traveling through the ocean alongside your shark. Another fact that has attracted a lot of players to the game is its simplicity. The game comes with an easy-to-understand interface allowing anyone from a teenager to understand the game procedure. 

There are also a lot of missions that you can complete to win numerous rewards like gems and coins. An important thing to remember while playing is to take care of your shark as a buddy. Otherwise, you will end up being the shark’s food. 

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk will probably entertain you if you are an animal lover.

hungry shark evolution


HSE game comes along with a lot of beautiful oceans, beautiful fishes, and a killer shark. There are a lot of unique features of the game. 

1. Hungry Shark Evolution Apk comes with many types of sharks in the game

When you are starting to play Hungry Shark Evolution Apk, you will get a reef shark to travel across the ocean and hunt fish. However, when you complete missions, you can earn coins and gems, which will eventually help you to unlock a lot of new sharks. Luminite, Megalodon shark, hammerhead, and moby dick are some famous sharks that you can unlock while moving further on the game. 

2. You can also equip your sharks with various gear

Not only can you choose different sharks, but you can also equip them with many cool gears. These gears include armors, explosive rockets, and jets to prevent getting attacked by other sharks. You can also buy quirky hats to increase the abilities of your shark. This will improve the power of the shark to bite and move faster. 

3. There are a lot of scenic locations in the ocean

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk has a lot of beautiful places which you can travel to. From hidden caves to tremendous seas, you can explore different places. Moreover, you can also go to the ocean floor to find rare creatures and exotic plants. 

4. The game is all about catching and eating your prey

As we discussed, there are many types of fish in the ocean. Seals, jellyfish, eels, and tropical fish are some common fish that you can find in a lot of places. You can consume them to gain points. Furthermore, you can also eat humans who are swimming and diving too. 

5. There are a lot of missions

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk comes with a lot of missions and events to make it enjoyable. Moreover, you can also earn a lot of coins when you complete missions. 

6. The game comes with easy controls

Unlike many other shark games, this comes with straightforward controls to play. There is an onscreen joystick that you can use to move to shark in any direction you need. And, you can use the boost button to increase the shark’s speed.

Hungry Shark Evolution Download For PC

This game doesn’t come with an application for PC. Therefore to play Hungry Shark Evolution on your PC, you need to use an android emulator. An android emulator is an application that allows you to play android games on a PC. 

  1. The first step to installing the game is downloading and installing an android emulator.
  2. Once you have installed an emulator, open it and go to your browser. 
  3. After that, simply copy-paste the link of this web page to your browser. Now just click on search. 
  4. Then, navigate and find the download button on the page.
  5. Now, tap the download button, and the Hungry Shark Evolution Apk will start downloading.
  6. First, go to your downloads folder and tap on the downloaded apk. 
  7. Now, click on the install button. The game will get installed on your emulator. 

Pros and Cons


  1. The shark has a lot of power to bite and hunt fish. 
  2. You can lift boats out of the water. 
  3. You can access a health meter and a booster to increase your health. 
  4. Your shark can eat a lot of fish in just a single bite. 
  5. Only a tiny amount of your health gets drained when you are attacked.
  6. A lot of missions in the game are not hard to complete. 


  1. One of the main cons of the game is that you get spawned in places with enemies who are challenging to kill. 
  2. No one can help your shark on land. 
  3. If you want to unlock things quickly, you must pay money. 
  4. There are also times when you get stuck between passages. 
  5. You cannot eat some types of jellyfish.

How To Play Hungry Shark Evolution Apk?

  1. First of all, you have to choose your control scheme. There are two types of control schemes: Tilt and touch. If you select the tilt mode, you can control your shark by tilting your phone, and if you choose touch, you will get a joystick on your screen to control the shark. 
  2. Your task of Hungry Shark Evolution Apk is to hunt and eat prey without getting killed. Your health will gradually reduce while traveling, but it will increase as soon as you eat a creature. Therefore eat as much as prey you can. 
  3. And you also have to look at your surrounding for any dangers and complete missions to get rewards. 

Safety and Legality

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk is suitable for players who are over the age of 12 years. You can play the game without worrying if you are over the required age. 


Is Hungry Shark Evolution Apk easy to play?

Considering other shark games, this is relatively easy to play. It comes with a lot of missions that you can play without having trouble. 

Is Hungry Shark Evolution Apk an online game?

No, this game is not an online game. Therefore you can play the game without an internet connection. 


There are hundreds and thousands of games on the internet now. Hungry Shark Evolution Apk has a special place among all animal lover games at the moment. Furthermore, we guarantee that this game would be a perfect game for most animal lovers. Therefore download this amazing game and start hunting with your shark.