Dragon Mania Legends Apk 7.0.2a Download | Latest (192.81MB)

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Dragon Mania Legends is a game (Apk) for players to breed, train, and battle dragons in a magical city.

This game, which was developed and released by Gameloft on January 8, 2015, was first released for Android and Apple iOS devices, and later on Windows and Apple macOS computers. Since this is a free game and can be played by anyone of any age, this Dragon Mania Legends APK game has become popular among many game players. By now, it has been downloaded more than 100 million times through the Google play store for Android phones.

The sounds of this game, which consists of cartoon-style high 3D graphics, are also of high quality. When you play the game, ads will display on the screen. But, if necessary, you can pay for the premium service through In-App Purchases to play the Dragon Mania Legends APK game without ads. You can also purchase other items for the game through In-App Purchases. This game is a single-player simulation game that you can now download for free to your mobile or computer device through our website.

dragon mania legends apk

Dragon Mania Legends APK Download for Android

Dragon Mania Legends Apk Download

Google Play Download

You can follow the steps given below to download the game to your Android or Apple iOS device.

  1. First, visit this download page from your smartphone.
  2. Click the download button there and download.
  3. Wait until the download is complete.

Now the game is downloaded on your Android device. Then it should be installed properly. Before installing it, you have to enable unknown sources so that your Android device can run other unknown files. To do that, go to your mobile device settings and enable the two options for unknown sources. After that, you can install the Dragon Mania Legends APK. For that follow the steps given now.

  1. Access the My files folder on your Android smartphone.
  2. Go to the downloads folder there and tap the apk file.
  3. Wait until the apk file is installed.

The Dragon Mania Legends game will install on your device. After that, you can play it.

What is Dragon Mania Legends APK?

Here you have to play on a secret magic island called Dragolandia where there are Vikings and dragons. There you have to work with different dragons as a dragon trainer. At the beginning of the game, you have to choose a Dargon that you like, breed it and train it properly. Your dragon should be prepared to match any dragon battle. As a dragon city, you have the ability to merge and collect, breed new dragons and make dragon pets. You should always train your dragons to be smart, powerful, and combative. Then you can join the dragon’s battles and get more wins. Through that, you can level up in the Dragon Mania Legends APK game and increase the chances of unlocking various rewards, and coins.

In the online mode of this game, you will be able to identify other dragon trainers around the world, see their pet islands, and exchange gifts. Because of this, you can also make new friends, and chat with them through the game. You can go on a tour of animal fantasy land with your dragons and join higher levels and leagues. Also, you have to fight against the bad Vikings and monsters that threaten your dragon city and establish the power of your city. In order to increase and upgrade your collection of dragons, you must successfully win the missions in the game. If you also want to play as a dragon trainer, download this Dragon Mania Legends APK game for free from our website.

dragon mania legends


Ability to create new dragons

Choose any dragons and mixup them up to breed new dragons in the game.

Ability to join battles with dragons

You can train your dragons well and use them to fight against Vikings and monsters that attack your dragon city and get various rewards.

Chance to play in online mode

You can play this Dragon Mania Legends APK game in single-player mode as well as an online mode with other players around the world. There you can go to their dragon city, share gifts and chat with them.

Dragon Mania Legends Download For PC

Just as you can play this Dragon Mania Legends game on Android devices, you can also play this game on a computer using a mouse and keyboard on a big screen. Windows or Apple macOS computers can install this, but you need an emulator for that. An emulator is software that helps run Android apps and games on other platforms. From the internet, you can get any emulator like Android Studio, GameLoop, ARChon, and Bliss OS for free. Then install an emulator and download the APK one by one to your computer as follows.

  1. First, open the emulator browser.
  2. Access the search bar there.
  3. Copy this web page.
  4. Paste it into the search bar.
  5. Click the download button and give the download.
  6. Wait until the Dragon Mania Legends APK download is complete.

Now the game has been successfully downloaded to your computer and it is mandatory to install it correctly. Follow these steps for that.

  1. Access the downloads folder of the emulator browser.
  2. Click and install the game apk.
  3. Wait until the installation is complete.

Now that the game is installed on your computer, you can play it.

How To Play Dragon Mania Legends APK?

After installing the Dragon Mania Legends game on your mobile or computer, you can launch it and start playing. You can enter the game with the intro video of the game and it contains all the settings and options required for the game. Before playing the game you can watch the gameplay videos from youtube if you want.

Pros and Cons


  • Ability to download and play the Dragon Mania Legends APK game for free.
  • Having attractive graphics and sounds in the game.
  • Having many dragon characters to choose from.
  • The facility to customize the game as you want.
  • Not needing the internet to play as a single player.
  • Unlocking new dragons when leveling up in the Dragon Mania Legends APK game.
  • Being able to get the items for the game including dragons, and food through In-App Purchases.
  • Ability to join online leagues and levels.


  • Addictiveness to the Dragon Mania Legends APK game.
  • A good internet connection is required to play online.
  • When downloading apk files of such games, there is a risk of malware entering your devices, so always use only safe websites like our website to download such files.

Safety and Legality

There is no risk of malware entering your devices when downloading the apk file of the Dragon Mania Legends APK game to your mobile or computer devices. A lot of your data such as Location, Personal info, Device or other IDs, App info, and performance is collected from this game and it is possible to share them with third parties.


What are available through In-App Purchases?

Many items such as Bucket of Gems, Pile of Gems, Diamond Card, and Sack of Gems can be purchased.

What are the requirements to play this on Windows PC?

Windows 8/10 or 11

At least 2GB RAM

5GB Hard Disk Space

AMD or Intel Processor

Final Words

In the Dragon Mania Legends APK game, you have to play as a dragon trainer in a dragon land. You have many dragons to choose from and you can unlock them and add them to your collection as the game levels up. Those dragons have to be trained to fight and you have to face battles using them. You can get this Dragon Mania Legends APK game now for free from our website.