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Dr Driving is a game (Apk) that allows you to drive around urban with different settings. It is a simple game that is available to anyone. There is no kind of hard controls included in the Dr Driving Apk game. Actually, this is a game that is appropriate for any age group. And it matches with various experience levels of the players too. The location of the game is set out in an urban location. The cars included in this racing game can be driven at an average speed. Not only this, dr driving Apk game but also there are many more similar types of games available for you. Euro truth and the simulator grand theft auto 2 are some similar types of games that are available for you.

Another opportunity via this gaming is the game is available for any device on any platform. The Dr driving Apk game is available for your android as well as iOS devices. The download procedure is stated in the following.

dr driving apk

Dr Driving Apk Download for Android

Dr Driving Apk Download

Google Play Download

The latest version of the Dr Driving apk is 1.69. and to use this game effectively, you are required to have android 4.1 or higher. Also currently there are over 100,000,000 downloads. Also, the android version given in above is essential for the gameplay. If not you are unable to play and complete the gameplay. Easily you can get this game downloaded from the Play Store. Let’s see how we can do that.

  • Tap on the google play store.
  • Then search the game name Dr driving Apk on the google play store search bar.
  • After choosing the correct app proceed with the game download and the installation.
  • Then after ending this procedure just open the game. Now you can start playing.
  • Have a nice gaming experience.

What is Dr Driving Apk?

As stated previously above, the game can be played by any player of any experience level. In order to play this game, you are not required with any previous experience or any prior knowledge about the Dr driving Apk gaming.  Just install the game into your device and then start gaming.  However, this Dr Driving Apk is a game included with rich graphics. It is working well on mobile device screens.  This Dr driving Apk is the best alternative for gamers that enjoy slower-paced traditional racing games.  I can suggest this Dr driving Apk as a perfect option for users who are continuously looking for an urban driving simulator game.

Dr Driving Apk is associated with online playing modes. This model is very beneficial for you when you want to play the game with your friends. However, while you are playing the game, the players are welcome to choose what is the most suitable match for you the online matches. Here the players are free to play with their friends or with the players that are having the same skill levels. In some cases in Dr Driving Apk game, there are some players that are willing to overcome many more challenges. So the players can develop their skills by playing against users having many more advanced skills.

dr driving

More About the App

Not only that, this Dr driving Apk game is available for you free of charge. So no extraordinary charges are allocated for the gaming. The game is consistent with free graphics and the fluid motions included on the screen. Another amazing feature is that this game is consistent with many more interesting avatars here. so the players are able to choose their own character and have unique gameplay via the Dr Driving Apk game. So the players can maintain their identity throughout the gaming with such unique features included in it. Likewise, the other characters in the game such as the policemen are also well designed to offer an advanced function.

Similar to all other games, this Dr Driving Apk is having advantages as well as disadvantages. Let’s see some of those.


  • Dr Driving Apk is the best alternative for the players who wish to enjoy with slower paced driving game
  • Best graphics and fluid motions
  • Dr Driving Apk game is with multiplayer modes
  • The game is suitable for all players that have various skill levels.


  • There are no continuous gaming updates.
  • No addition of new features to the Dr Driving Apk game.
  • No, any direct Dr Driving Apk PC version is available
  • The game is laggy at times but it is not common
  • Requires a lot of battery power during the gameplay.


  • Dr Driving Apk is a Slower paced driving game
  • Easy controls
  • The best alternative to the other driving games.
  • Availability of the multiplayer modes
  • Online gaming mode is available to play the game with your friends.

Dr Driving Download For iOS

If you are an iOS device user who is expecting to play this game, you are also invited to download the dr driving game via the official apple app store. Follow the points below for a successful installation.

  • Open the apple app store via your iOS device.
  • Then search the game name Dr driving on the apple app store search bar.
  • If you are willing to proceed with the game installation touch on the “Get” option.
  • Then wait a little time to complete the game installed on your device.
  • Then open and continue the gameplay.

Dr Driving Download for PC

The Dr Driving is not available for your PC directly. So that means there is no specific version of the game as a PC version. So you have to download the game onto the PC by using an android emulator. For that, you should have to download an android emulator first. In order to download an android emulator, you are required the windows 7 or an upwards version, and 5GB of free space in the HDD. It is better to get the android emulators such as bluestacks, nox player, or the memu player.

  • Open the android emulator you got.
  • Android Emulator has Google Play Store and open it.
  • Log in to the Google account options to start the downloading process.
  • Get Dr driving game via the google play store.
  • Then choose the right game and start the installation procedure.
  • Finally, you will end up with the successful installation of the game.
  • Grant all the necessary permissions that the game needs.
  • Finally, ready to play the game after the installation.

How To Play Dr Driving Apk?

You know that usually most of the games come with helpful tutorials. So by referring to those video tutorials the players can have an amazing gaming experience. But here Dr Driving Apk game is not offering any video tutorials for you. The game interface can be seen as a little tricky one. But later on, you will get used to the app interface within a short period of time. Here you have to understand something. That is, the Dr Driving Apk game is not so difficult as well as not too easy. The thing is the practice that you will receive while in the gameplay.

While in the gaming, you will have a chance to decide what car you are going to choose during the gameplay. And can improve your performance as well. Along with the performance, you will have a chance to get better cars while gaming. There are so many tips and tricks that you can use while gaming. All of those can’t be stated here. so just download the game and start gaming you’ll learn many more things.

Safety And Legality

Safety and legality are the most important factors that one should have to focus on when starting gameplay. So let us consider the safety and legality of the Dr driving Apk game. The initial measure that you can undergo is to always get the game installed via a safe source such as an official app store like the google play store or the apple app store. And when we consider the content of the game, that is safe enough for players in any age group.  Your device won’t be at a risk by downloading the game. When we consider the legality, there are no issues associated with the legality of the game. No restrictions. Just play the game effectively.


Q: Is Dr driving Apk a good game?

A: Yes. Dr driving Apk is a good game. There is no harm included in the gaming. It offers many more functions in order to enjoy gaming. Actually, for the ones who are searching for an urban driving simulator, this Dr Driving Apk is a perfect choice.

Q: Is Dr driving Apk an offline game?

A: The game is supported for both online and offline modes. If you desire to play the game online, you can have that chance. The players are able to play multiple missions and then are able to win the rewards via gaming.

Q: Is Dr Driving Apk available for PC?

A: No. There is no PC version of the Dr driving Apk game directly. You can get the game downloaded through an android emulator. That’s the way that you can get this amazing game onto your Pc.

Final Words

The above description is stating the details regarding the Dr driving Apk game. Here every fact required for you is mentioned. Now you just want to start gaming and enjoy it. Have a nice experience.