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Critical Ops is a game (Apk) that is a very popular multiplayer shooting video game by Critical Force Ltd. This was released for Android mobile devices with the name Open Alpha in September 2015 and then it was released with the new name Critical Ops in November 2018. This is restricted to the teen category due to fighting, blood, and violence. By now, this game has more than 50M+ downloads in the Google Play Store.

This Critical Ops APK game, which belongs to the action, adventure, and shooting categories, has become popular among many players due to its 3D and realistic nature. And because it can be played by anyone from anywhere in the world in multiplayer mode, you can play as a group with your friends. You can now download this Critical Ops APK game with many missions and levels from our website.

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Critical Ops APK Download for Android

Critical Ops Apk Download

Google Play Download

Now you have the chance to play this Critical Ops APK game. For that, first, you need to download the game apk file to your mobile device.

  1. First, click the download button on this page.
  2. Wait until the apk file is finished downloading.

Now you have to install the downloaded apk file on your mobile device. Before that, allow the unknown source files option on your android phone. To do that, go to the settings of the device and enable unknown sources. After doing that you can install the game properly.

  1. Open the My Files folder on the Android device and access the Downloads folder there.
  2. Click on the apk file saved there and install the Critical Ops APK game for your Android device.

What is Critical Ops APK?

This Critical Ops APK is a type of first-person shooting game where you have to fight with enemies according to the maps in the game. You have to join coalition teams and fight against rival enemies. For the victory of a team to be confirmed, either the fighting objective must win. Or all the soldiers in the partisan category should be eliminated.

This Critical Ops APK game has three modes namely Ranked Defuse, Team Deathmatch, and Event Modes, and if you want you can gather your friends and host a private room to play. Or you can join a game room hosted by other players. They are credits, tokens, and special event tokens. Using these, you can get weapons, unlock skins, etc. But to get these credits you have to play well in the Critical Ops game. Or you have to pay money under in-app purchases.

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Being able to split into two teams and play

In this Critical Ops APK game, you can play online in two groups. The team that is able to complete the goal as a team or attack and finishes off the opposing team can achieve victory here.

Ability to create host rooms

Here you can create host rooms so that only you and your friends can play and keep them private. If necessary, other people can be blocked from entering such private rooms by using a password.

Receive tokens and rewards.

You can get currency in this game in three ways. They are credits, tokens, and special event tokens. By using these you can get the necessary resources in the game.

Having several game modes to choose from.

You can play under several modes to win this Critical Ops APK game. In defuse mode, play as The Coalition and terrorist faction and attack the terrorist group or complete the main objective and win. The other way is Team Deathmatch. Here, points can be obtained by killing as many terrorists as possible near a specific target shown on the map. The last mode is Practice Mode. Here, your team should battle with a team of bots in the game and win. This is a good opportunity for game players to practice their skills.

Critical Ops APK Download For PC

When this game was first released, it was only possible to play it on Android devices. But later with the popularity of this game, it is also possible to play it on the computer.

Before installing this Critical Ops game on Windows or Apple macOS computers, you need to install emulator software on your computer. An emulator is special software that can be used to run any android game or app on computers. BlueStacks, Android Studio, ARChon, Bliss OS, GameLoop, and LDPlayer 9 are some such emulators.

Among these, you can install the Critical Ops game through any emulator as follows.

  1. First, install the emulator on the computer.
  2. Then open it and access its browser.
  3. Copy this web page and paste it on it.
  4. Now by clicking on the search bar and clicking on the download button here, you can get the game right on the PC.

Now let’s install the Critical Ops APK file in the following order.

  1. Access the download folder of the emulator browser.
  2. Click it and install it.
  3. Wait until the installation is complete.

Now you can play the installed game on your computer.

How To Play Critical Ops APK?

In the above ways, you can open and play the game after installing it on your mobile device or computer. Since this is a rather complex game with many operations, you can watch video tutorials on YouTube to understand its gameplay. Then you will be able to understand the tips and tricks needed to play the Critical Ops APK game successfully.

Pros and Cons


  • Being a game with good 3D graphics.
  • Ability to play online multiplayer mode with friends.
  • Critical Ops APK is a free game that can be downloaded and played for free.
  • The facility of purchasing weapons required for the game through the app.
  • Ability to play on Android, Apple ios as well as Windows and Apple macOS computers.
  • Ability to host games in private rooms using a password.
  • Having many missions and levels to play.


  • This game contains violent scenes.
  • Anyone of any age cannot play.
  • A very good and fast internet connection is required to play the Critical Ops APK game.
  • When apk files of such games are downloaded from the internet, harmful malware can enter your devices with that apk files. Therefore, use only websites that provide reliable services like ours to download games.
  • There is a risk of addiction to playing the game often.
  • Because the quality of the game is high, more space is required to install Critical Ops APK on your device.

Safety and Legality

Since this Critical Ops APK game is rated as a teen and restricted, it cannot be played by anyone of any age. We have thoroughly tested the game apk file and given it to you to download, so we can confirm that it does not contain any harmful malware.

When you install and play the Critical Ops game on your device, the game developers can obtain your user id, email address, phone number, user location, etc. data. They may share that data with other third parties.


Is this available for free?

Yes. You can download this for free from the play store as well as from our website.

Can I play this Critical Ops APK game in single-player mode?

No. This is a fully multiplayer game.

Do I need a good internet connection to play this Critical Ops APK?

Yes. Due to the multiplayer mode, you have to play through the online internet.

What are the minimum requirements for installing Critical Ops on the computer?

Microsoft Windows 7 or higher OS / Apple macOS

Intel or AMD Processor

RAM at least 4GB

at least 5GB of Free Disk Space

Final Words

Critical Ops APK is a first-person shooter game designed to be played on both mobile devices and computers. This is a game that has to be played online as a multi-player and is popular among many android game players. This Critical Ops APK game is most suitable for teens, due to its content. The game players are divided into two groups and have to fight here and can get various rewards during the victories. Now you can get this action and adventure first-person shooter game for free through our website.