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Chicken Gun is a shooting game (Apk) but with armed chickens to fight each other.

This video game was released by ChaloApps on Feb 19th of 2019, which you can use to play on Android and Apple iOS devices. This game is restricted to the teen category due to violence and blood content. Therefore, this Chicken Gun APK can only be played by those above 12 years of age. The game is completely free and ads are displayed while playing the game. You also have the opportunity to purchase the items you need in the game through In-App Purchases.

This Chicken Gun APK is a multiplayer game that belongs to the categories of action and shooter, so you can play it with your friends in a very entertaining way. Although the graphics here are not of high quality, many game players play this game because it is a game that can be played as an online multiplayer. If you want to install this Chicken Gun game on your Android, Apple iOS devices or Windows, or Apple macOS computers, now you can download the apk file of the game through our website.

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Chicken Gun APK Download for Android

Chicken Gun Apk Download

Google Play Download

If you want to download this Chicken Gun APK for free on your Android smartphone, follow the steps below and download it through our website.

  1. First, visit this web page from your Android phone.
  2. Click the download apk button here and give the download.
  3. Allow the download to complete.

After successfully downloading the Chicken Gun APK game, you need to install it on your Android device. But before doing that you should allow unknown sources. For that, go to device settings and allow unknown sources. Now you can install the game apk file on your device.

  1. Access My files on your Android device.
  2. Open the Downloads folder there.
  3. Click the Chicken Gun APK game apk file and launch it.
  4. Now the game will be installed on your phone.
  5. Wait until the installation is complete.

After installing the game you can play it.

What is Chicken Gun APK?

Chicken Gun APK is a multiplayer game. Here you have to play the game as a fighting rooster. Everyone who joins the game has to join the battles as roosters. After joining the game you can join one of two servers. The two modes are the 5 vs 5 modes and the battle with all players mode. You can fight with 5 players if you want. If not, you have the ability to fight and shoot and attack everything on the battlefield. Thus you have different guns and bombs to attack. Eggs can be used as bombs.

You can also customize your rooster’s weapons, beak, sneakers, and caps as needed. As you progress through the levels of the game, you can get different points and rewards. Because the game has different battle locations, you can always play the Chicken Gun APK game with a fresh feeling. Download the apk file from our website to play the game with your friends.

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Ability to play multiplayer

Here you have the opportunity to play this Chicken Gun APK game with your friends or with other game players from all over the world.

Having two modes in the game network

There are two game modes in Chicken Gun. One is 5vs5 and the other mode is battle with all players mode.

Ability to customize your rooster

You can customize your rooster by changing the beak, sneakers, and caps, etc. Weapons and egg bombs can also be used to attack.

Chicken Gun Download For PC

Although this game is a mobile game, you can also play it on your Windows or Apple computer if you want. For that, you have to download the Chicken Gun game apk file to the computer. It is very important to have emulator software on the computer. Otherwise, you will not be able to play android games on the computer. Therefore, you have to install any emulator available on the internet on your computer. Install an emulator and download the game as follows.

  1. First, access the emulator browser.
  2. Copy the link of this web page and paste it into the search bar.
  3. After that, click the download button on this download page and give the download.
  4. Wait until the Chicken Gun APK download is complete.

Now you have to install the downloaded game apk file. Follow these steps correctly for that.

  1. Access the downloads folder of the emulator.
  2. Click the Chicken Gun APK game apk file and install it.
  3. Wait until the installation on the PC is complete.

Now the game is installed on your computer through the emulator and the game can be played on the computer.

How To Play Chicken Gun APK?

After installing the Chicken Gun APK game on your mobile or computer, you can tap its shortcut and launch the game. Then you can start playing the game from the home screen of the game. The game is basically about shooting so you can play this very easily. But if you want to know the tips and tricks needed to succeed in the levels of the Chicken Gun game, you can watch the gameplay videos on YouTube.

Pros and Cons


  • The Chicken Gun game is available for free.
  • The game is available in many languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Catalan, and Chinese.
  • Having the opportunity to play with your friends in multiplayer.
  • The ability to obtain various items required for the game through In-App Purchases.
  • This is a very fun game.
  • This Chicken Gun APK game does not collect your data.
  • Being able to customize your game character, the rooster, as you like.
  • Not need high performances to play due to normal graphics quality.
  • Having multiple game modes to play.


  • A good internet connection is required to play multiplayer.
  • Due to violence and blood content in the game, players of any age cannot play.
  • The Chicken Gun game can be addictive to play.
  • There should be 1GB of space to install the game.
  • You can get these kinds of games apk from many websites on the internet, but through them, there is a risk of getting harmful malware into your devices. So always use only safe websites like our site to get apk of games.

Safety and Legality

Since we provide you this apk file with a guarantee, there is no possibility of any malware entering the apk file of this Chicken Gun APK game on your mobile or computer device. Since the game does not collect any of your data, it is not possible to share it with other parties. Therefore, the privacy of your data is protected.


Can I play this Chicken Gun APK on iOS 10 version?

No, you can not. You must have iOS 11.0 or later devices.

What is the size of the download file here?

The file size of iOS devices is 543.3 MB and the file size of Android is 250 MB.

Final Words

Chicken Gun APK is a multiplayer shooting and action game. Here you have to shoot the opponents as a Chicken. The more you attack your opponents, the more you level up and get different rewards. You can use different weapons to shoot here. Chicken eggs are also capable of making large attacks at once using them as bombs. Now you can get the game apk file for free from our website to play this game.