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Carrom Pool is a game (Apk) that can play the Disc game carrom on your smartphone. This is also a type of classic pool game for you. It includes many more challenges for you.  Here the players are free to introduce the same colored tiles in each and every hole on the board. Here the winner is appointed as the player who could get rid of all the tiles at the first wins the game.

So in that way any player would be capable of continuing the game. The gameplay of the carrom pool Apk is pretty simple as you assume. There are no kinds of complex behaviors included in gaming. But I have to tell you that if you have played a game once at least you will get addicted to it. There is a basic thing that you have to pay attention to while gaming. You should have to pay attention to the tiles. Check whether you have received the black ones or the white ones. After that, your mission should be to hit the tiles into the correct holes. Always choosing the correct holes is your target of yours. The score can be observed on the upper part of the screen.

carrom pool apk

Carrom Pool Apk Download for Android

Carrom Pool Apk Download

Google Play Download

If you are wishing to play the carrom pool apk with your android device, you can follow the below steps to install it successfully. The latest version of the carrom ball game is 6.0.8. always try to get the latest version of the game due to the latest features available with it.  And there is an OS requirement to play the game without any issue. In order to use the carrom pool Apk game, you are required to have a 4.4 or upwards version.  And currently, there are over 100,000,000+ users who have joined the game. Let’s start downloading the game with the google play store.

  • Open the google play store.
  • Then search for the name carrom pool Apk on the search bar.
  • You will get the search results within a few seconds.
  • Choose the correct game and check whether your device has completed the requirements for the game download and installation.
  • Tap on the download tab after getting the correct app and the game would be directed to the installation automatically.
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete the whole procedure.
  • Then allow for the necessary permissions requested by the game and start gaming with the carrom pool apk.

What is Carrom Pool Apk?

Easily find your score of yours at the upper part of the game screen. It will be displayed just under your picture of yours. When it considers the gaming controls, those gaming controls are much easier to control.  The gaming controls are made out by using a user-friendly way the gamers.  I can simply describe how you play Carrom Pool Apk. You are required to tap on the tile. Then throw the tile in order to locate it correctly. In Carrom Pool Apk game, you are able to slide your finger. By sliding a finger the player can trace the trajectory and let the player go wherever he wants to release the tile.

All players in this game can get rid of all titles that the players win at the first. While in gaming, you should have to win all the coins in each and every round. Here we are talking only about gaming. There are no extraordinary facts are included here.

carrom pool

More About The App

The carrom is an Indian game.  The game originated in India.  But the name of the game is varying from one country to another country.  But the carrom is the most popular game in Asian countries.  As you already know Carrom Pool Apk cannot be played by only a single player. This is a multiplayer game. Put all of the pieces in before the opponent.  If you have joined this amazing game, you will certainly get a chance to become the best player in the gaming world. However, gaming controls are playing an important role in gaming.  By using the carrom pool Apk game you can travel around the whole world. So then the players can have worthy opponents. If you are ready for the challenge this is the time to start.

There are huge varieties of unlockable items contained in the carrom pool Apk game.  You can customize all the pieces.  Show your skills and abilities,  by joining the carrom pool apk. in here the players can play the game with strangers or else with friends.


  • There are two game modes available the carrom and disc
  • Play with your friends and with strangers
  • Compete against the top-ranked players in the game
  • Try your luck by using the free daily golden shots
  • Availability of smooth controls and realistic physics
  • Supporting the offline play
  • Upgrade the strikers
  • Play all around the world in glorious arenas
  • Challenge any of your friends in one-to-one matches

Carrom Pool Download For iOS

The carrom pool is available for your iOS devices. if you are using an iOS device, easily you could get the game downloaded via the apple app store. Follow the below steps for assistance.

  • Open the apple app store via your device.
  • Then search for the carrom pool on the search bar of the ios app store.
  • After getting the correct app tap on the get option.
  • Wait for a few minutes until the installation process gets completed.
  • Then launch the game after providing the necessary permissions requested by the game.

Carrom Pool Download for PC

If you have a PC with windows OS, then you are able to proceed with the download and the installation here. But before that, you are required to have an android emulator. Initially get it downloaded onto your PC. The most suitable android emulator for this task is the bluestacks 5.

  • Open the android emulator.
  • Then open the google play store through the installed android emulator.
  • Then search for the name carrom pool game.
  • Proceed with the download and the installation procedure.
  • Before moving to the download process please complete the google sign-in options.
  • Then launch the game by clicking on the desktop icon and then allow for the necessary permissions requested by the game.

How To Play Carrom Pool Apk?

The carrom pool Apk is known to be a disc game and the multiplayer board game that is developed by Miniclip.  If you have started the game for the first time, you will get a quick tutorial. That will display the all basics included in the carrom pool Apk game. Just after the tutorial, you will have to start the first match.  This is an opportunity to show off your skills against another player.

Just after ending the tutorial and the initial match, it is better to save your account in the Carrom Pool Apk. That is very easy. Just you want to link your account with your Google, Facebook, or apple account. This is the most appropriate way to do that. By that, you will never lose your progress. Apart from that, you will gain access to many other features such as challenges and abilities by linking the account to your Facebook account.  Now you are free to play the game as a guest. But if you clear the device cache or res=install the game, all details would be erased.

There are 3 different gaming modes available. The disc pool, carrom, and freestyle are the basic gaming modes. On the left side of the screen here you will discover the option of a free rewards menu.  Daily you can collect the free coins. In order to get some extra coins and gems, the players have to watch the advertisements.  But you don’t have advertisements available to watch every time.  Therefore the players have to wait until the new ads appear.

Safety And Legality

 When we consider the safety of the carrom pool Apk game, that is safe in all ways. The players can ensure safety by installing the game via safe sources such as trusted android app stores such as the google play store and the apple app store. Don’t download the games from unsafe third-party sites. When we move to the game content, there is no harm from the game content. Just you have to enjoy it without harm. When it comes to the legality, there are no legal issues recorded over the carrom pool apk still. So you can continue gaming without any issues.


Q: Is the carrom pool Apk game an Indian one?

A: Yes. The carrom pool Apk game is of Indian origin. That is widely popular on the Indian subcontinent and the carrom pool Apk game is known by various names in different languages.

Q: Is this harmful?

A: No. This carrom pool Apk game is not harmful to anyone. The game content is also rated for anyone. Therefore you are totally free to get the game downloaded and play it without any issue.

Final Words

The above description clearly says about the carrom pool apk. Although it has an Indian origin, it is now widely popular all over the world. So now it is your chance to enjoy all these functions by yourselves.