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Angry Birds is a game (Apk) that is consistent with unhappy birds and with some nasty pigs. This is a familiar game to you all. The game began in 2009. The game is consistent with unhappy birds and with some nasty pigs. This is not a single game but it is a game series. The game is offered for the players by Rovio entertainment. Many years have passed since then. But the place for the game has remained unchanged as it’s popular these days.

The fun of this game never stopped for the game fans that were received by the traveling birds and by the evolved pigs.  Sometimes you are wondering about the number of games that you have played in the series of angry birds Apk. Here I think you would be able to know how many games you have played and how many are there to play in the future too.

angry birds apk

Angry Birds Apk Download for Android

Angry Birds Apk Download

Google Play Download

 The latest version of this game is 3.1.0. usually, you are required to have an android device with the android version of 5.0 and upwards to play the game effectively. Rovio entertainment corporation has offered this game for you. Currently, over 100,000,000+ players are playing the angry birds Apk game series. You can get the game by using the official app store. Follow the below steps for it.

  • Open the google play store on your android device.
  • Search for the name “Angry Birds Apk” on the search bar.
  • You will receive the matching results for your search.
  • Choose the most appropriate result.
  • Proceed with download and installation.
  • Launch the app by tapping on the app icon.

What is Angry Birds Apk?

As described above, Angry Birds Apk is a widely known game. That is available for your smartphones, tablets, and your PCs as well. That is being used by over 500 million users across the world. It is a very simple game and easy to learn. But it takes some time to practice and learn to game. I think if you are an enthusiast of angry birds Apk games, this is not a challenge for you. Let’s see.

angry birds

More About The Game

Let’s see some more details regarding the angry birds apk. In 2009 the game was introduced.  They’re also the players can observe birds and pigs.  Here the players should have to use their skills to slingshots and aim. The next franchise of angry Birds apk came in 2010. The game is with seasonal changes. The players should try to pass the levels, score big, and can earn stars. Easily you can play the games in different environments too. Then the next one is Angry Birds Apk from 2011.  The game is associated with the animated movie Rio. Here the game is looking different from the above two games.

The enemies in the previous games are pigs. So the pigs are replaced by the monkeys. Then in 2012 came the angry birds Apk friends. There are regular tournaments in this game. So here you can play against your Facebook friends too. After that, Space in 2012, Star Wars in 2012, Star Wars II in 2013, Angry Birds Apk Go in 2013, and Transformers in 2014 are the following games released. The latest one is the angry birds Apk AR: isle of pigs.  In this game, the players have to join with feathered pals. The purpose of it is to save their stolen eggs.

 So while playing the games, the players should have over 40 levels. Here you will see many more characters and games that are coming into your life within the living room. The player is capable of moving the structures around, figuring out angles, and searching for surprises with AR. You will enjoy the angry birds apk after joining it.


  • There are daily challenges for you. That is the best chance to get quick rewards
  • Level up your characters
  • Join a clan to be with your friends and strangers
  • ‘there are a lot of levels
  • Multi-stage levels
  • Free to download and play the game

Angry Birds Download For iOS

Currently, the angry birds game is available for your iOS devices as well. You can download it via the official iOS apple store. First, open the apple app store. Then search for this game. You will get the suggestions. Select the correct option. Then proceed with your download and installation process. After ending that download process click on the app icon displayed on the desktop to continue the gaming.

Angry Birds Download for PC

Since there are app versions for Android and iOS, many people are wondering if there are any app versions for PCs. So I have to tell you that, yes there is a method to download the Angry Birds game for your PC.

  • Get an android emulator for the Pc, if it is not on your PC.
  • Then launch the google play store.
  • Sign in to your Google account for downloading.
  • Search for the “Angry Bird” on the search bar.
  • After getting the correct app proceed to the installation process.
  • Give access to the necessary permissions requested by the app and proceed to the gaming.

How To Play Angry Birds Apk?

Initially download the game correctly. In this game, the main goal should be getting rid of pigs. Usually, the pigs are blocked by using stones, wood, glasses, or by other materials from the players. Those materials are arranged in a creative structure. The player should have to use angry birds Apk to get rid of these obstacles as well as pigs.

The game controls are easy. Simply you can move your finger upwards or downwards to determine the high or low that birds are flying.  If you are using your PC you can use the mouse instead of your fingers. The player should have to make the bird bump into the obstacles. Then it is causing damage to the obstacle. Repeat the same process until the pig hidden in the obstacle is gone. There are different kinds of birds such as red bird, blue bird, yellow bird, blackbird, etc. also they are creating different kinds of results when the player taps.

As an example when there is a bluebird, by tapping on the screen the bluebird is making three mini birds. So as stated here you have to proceed with gaming. You have to note that this is a very interesting game. Therefore if you have played the game once it is becoming much more addictive.

Safety And Legality

If you are an expected player of the angry birds Apk game, make sure to get the app from a trusted source always. Don’t try to use any third-party tools to get the game into your device. Google play store and the apple app store are the most trusted sources.  The game is especially for kids. Therefore it is safe for them. It is recorded that it included very mild cartoon violence. Therefore if your kid is also playing the angry birds apk, it is better to keep an eye on them.  There are no restrictions imposed on the game. Therefore it is legally allowed to be used by anyone in any region.


Q: Is the Angry Birds Apk game kid friendly?

A: The game is very colorful. Also, it is very easy to play. There are easy controls on it. Therefore it is a kid-friendly and angry birds game that is recommended to kids ages 5 and upwards.

Q: Why do the angry birds Apk request access to photos?

A: That is dependent on the device’s operating system. The game grants access to photos, media, and storage. But the app is only considering the storage part there. The reason hidden in that is the game is needed to access the storage of the device due to the size of the application.

Final Words

So the given above description is regarding an interesting game called the angry birds Apk.  Certainly, most of you have played this game. If not this is your chance to enjoy it with birds and pigs. Sometimes the pigs are replaced with monkeys. The game is consistent with many user-friendly features. Have a good experience with angry birds Apk.